Seal The Longevity Of Your Pavement With Crack Seal Maintenance!

Cracking is a normal part of the life-cycle of asphalt which prolongs the life of your pavement. However, if the cracks are not timely maintained or dealt properly, then this would lead to expose your pavement to accelerated deterioration.

For this reason, it is very important that the cracks on your asphalt should be timely sealed. The success of pavement maintenance systems combined with the generally low cost, make asphalt crack sealing a desired maintenance program. Asphalt Crack Sealing is considered one of the most cost-conscious and effective forms of pavement maintenance.

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4 Steps Required For Asphalt Crack Sealing

In order to have a successful asphalt crack sealing, there are some considerations that you need to ensure your pavement long-lasting lifespan.

Asphalt Crack Sealing


Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealing is a preventative maintenance activity that should be done before your pavement begins to degrade. In order to provide proper pavement maintenance, pavement selection should be given careful consideration to ensure the preservation and extension of the life of the pavement.

If the road is having high density multiple cracking or sub-base drainage problems, then crack sealing will not solve the problem because the damages are too severe. So, if you try to save also, you will be surely disappointed with your efforts. Crack sealing is effective for newer pavements that are formed in the beginning to your pavement.

The main objective of crack sealing will prevent water to seep under the surface, which is damaging to the base beneath and further roads. Asphalt crack sealing will help you to save time and money by delaying the expense of major reconstructive pavement work.


It is extremely important to choose an appropriate sealant to understand the components and performance required for your pavement. If you are going to select proper material for your pavement maintenance, it will produce a life-long pavement.

If the wrong type of sealant is used for pavement maintenance, it will not provide the desired effectiveness and will end up costing more in the long term. When selecting material, these properties should be taken into considerations which include:

  • Preparation time
  • Standard application equipment
  • Adhesion to remain bonded to asphalt.
  • Resistance to softening and flow.
  • Flexibility to remain bonded to asphalt crack faces.
  • Elasticity to restrict the entrance of non-compressible materials.
  • Resistance to degradation from weather.
  • Low cure time.

In order to achieve high quality effectiveness and performance, different circumstances require different material characteristics.

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Preparation of asphalt crack sealing is a crucial part of the process. Before installation, Cracks are needed to be prepared with a router or saw which will create a smoother and deeper reservoir for sealant installation.  The better preparation is done, the better chance chances that the sealant will last and perform.

For crack preparation, the area should be cleaned and dry for the sealant material. Surface preparation can be done with compressed air so that all dirt and debris can removed.  The sealant material should be heated at a temperature that ranges between 350-400 °F.

The hot sealant material is then forced out of the hot pot using a pressurized pump leading up to a hose and wand that apply the sealant to the cracks. The wand used for crack sealing is specially pointed on the end to fill the cracks as much as possible with the sealant. This process will allow you the cracks to retain less moisture.


Crack sealant application can be achieved in a variety of ways. The methods in which materials are applied to the cracks plays an important role in ultimate success or failure of crack sealing program.

Repairing cracks early is the best way that will help you to prevent the expensive and costly future repairs. If you are sealing your cracks correctly, then it will help you to minimize the future cracks that are going to form by preventing moisture and fine aggregates from entering the cracks.

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