You walk or drive on the asphalt pavement so many times to complete for the daily course. But, have you ever wonder what lies with the black upper layer?

The smooth blackish finish you see has many different layers beneath. They altogether get you strong and durable pavement with the superb class finish.

The construction of the road is completed after several paving steps. From cleaning the required area to applying the final asphalt layer, there are a lot more things to know about asphalt pavement.

The surface pavement consists of different layers which withstand together. Every layer is made up of unique paving ingredients. These altogether provide with durable and resilient pavements.

You might don’t know, it’s not the upper layer of asphalt which strengthens the whole pavement. It the perfect paving design of different sheet of materials which provides with the final reinforced road.

If you need any paving services in the near future, you need to know asphalt pavement facts. Here, we are sharing adequate information about the different types of asphalt layers. So, the next time you have any paving requirements, you get the best road.

Asphalt Road Construction may seem you not a curious thing to know. However, asphalt is designed to combat the weathers, heavy traffics and other pavement problems.

Different Types Of Asphalt Layers For Surface Pavement

Read our detailed information about the different asphalt layers that are basically used for different road repairs.

#1: The Upper Asphalt Layer [Approx. 4 cm]

The topmost layer of the pavement is of course completely asphalt. The ideal suggested thickness of the upper layer is approx. 4 cm by a professional paving company. However, you can fluctuate the thickness according to your suitability and budget.

The upper layer is directly exposed to traffic and weather. So, the layer must have the standard quality for a longer lifespan.  Although with the heavy use and climate stress, asphalt need to be replaced after 12-15 years. Sometimes a sheet of wear resistant aggregates are applied on it to ascend its durability.


#2: Asphalt Binder Layer [Approx. 8 cm]

This is the second layer of the whole asphalt paving, which is present just below the upper asphalt sheet. As the name suggests, it acts as a binder between the uppermost and the lower surfaces. The ideal thickness of this mid-surface pavement is approx. 8 cm. Although, you can alter it conferring to your appropriateness.

The main function is to rapidly and effectively derive the traffic, load and vibration from the upper road to the lower overlay. Thus, the layer prevents from distortion and any paving issues.


#3: Asphalt Base Layer [Approx. 22 cm]

The third layer from the upper asphalt surface has its own role in strengthening the pavements. It doesn’t only help in distributing the loads and traffic to the underlay but has other roles too. This inner surface of pavement provides a uniform and stable layer for other consequent upper layers asphalt sheet.

This lowermost underlay has its own important role in the pavement. It is a coarse-grained rock mix which ensures the even distribution of load, results as an ascend burden capacity of the paving. If Asphalt Pavement Maintenance is done appropriately, the layer can hold a shelf life of 50 years.


#4: Asphalt Frost Protection Layer [Approx. 34 cm]

The innermost layer of the asphalt pavement prevent from the damages due to frost. As the name suggests, this inner layer is applied to protect from the frost. It has unbounded gravels, chipping and sand which are extremely heat resistant. The Base Course prevents from frost rising to upper layers and emerging as different paving problems.

So, the significance of this inner surface is quite necessary to avoid any future damage. However, the minimum suggested thickness of this layer is 34 cm.

These were the different asphalt layers of the pavement which has their own essentially in strengthening and durability of roads. This was a brief detail of Asphalt Ingredients and its different layers.

The advantage and disadvantages of asphalt will alter according to your selected pavement type. Now, you have understood the importance of the thickness of different asphalt underlays.

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