Summer is the season of travelling with raised warmer temperatures. While you enjoy your journey, the high traffic and hike in temperature can cause advert effects on pavements.

The smaller pavement issues can emerge in a bigger one. However, taking the RIGHT STEP at the right time can SAVE you from these hassles.

Ignoring pavement damages can affect the life-span of your pavements. Getting potholes repaired from a professional asphalt patching company can resolve these issues completely.

Main infrastructure offer you the best asphalt paving services of the town. We ensemble proficient asphalt patching techniques for a professional paving finish. We maintain the standard quality of materials and mixture to provide an extended shelf-life to your pavement.

The various asphalt patching methods involve a lot of skill, knowledge, practice and experience to perform. These are the KEYS which give your driveway a prolonged shelf-life. We keep a regular check on the entire necessary factor to seek you the best you can get.

Here we are sharing best asphalt patching methods that will help you make your pavement last as long as possible.


Restore Your Pavement Beauty with Asphalt Patching Methods

Ever wonder why your asphalt keeps deteriorating? This can be possible only because you are not providing repair and maintenance services at the right time.

Pavements are something which has extensive utilities which cannot be ignored. Avoiding asphalt repairs cannot only increase the potholes and cracks but can cost your pocket enough.

Cost-effective asphalt patching techniques will not only repair your driveway but ascend its shelf life. With these efficacious methods, your entire paving problem will vanish.


#1: Throw-And-Roll Patching

asphalt patching methods

If you want a quick resolution for cracks and potholes, this can be a good option. The temporary patching method turn out to be a quick solution in advert weather condition.

The procedure is quite simple. The affected area is cleaned up to apply the liquid asphalt. Further, with a roller or a heavy vehicle, the patching is completed. This is not an effective asphalt repair method for a longer term. However, in the bad weather condition, it owns the ultimate solution.


#2: Spray Injection Patching

asphalt patching methods

The procedure involve spray injector machine with which the whole procedure is carried out. The method is cost effective and provides an easy solution.

The specialized process involves truck-mounted machine which execute the whole pothole repairing process. The mixture of crushed aggregate and hot asphalt emulsion is blown. The pothole spray patching is done at high pressure which doesn’t require compaction.

The asphalt patching technique provides long lasting results in several pavement problems for potholes, alligator cracking, depressions, utility cuts etc.


#3: Full-Depth Patching

asphalt patching methods

If your paving has an extensive level of problems, this is the best asphalt repair you can go for. Full-Depth Patching is a permanent methodology that can increase pavement life-span.

In the procedure, the entire affected area is removed and cleaned up. Now, the high-quality paving mixture of aggregate is placed. Next, asphalt patching is done with pothole patching machines. This process provides the ultimate support to the pavement. The most interesting thing about asphalt patching methods is that it recycles the old surface giving it a newer life.


#4: Semi-Permanent Patching

asphalt patching methods

A budget-friendly paving repair, semi-permanent offers an easy solution to your pavements. The affected area is cleaned with blowing air compressor and broom.

The next step involves the dispersion of asphalt paving material. The compaction is done with the help of vibratory roller or plate. The asphalt patching technique provides a refreshed appearance to the pavement. The method provides you with a durable pavement with a professional and smooth finish.


#5: Edge Seal Patching

asphalt patching methods

The edge sealing process is an improved form of throw and roll. The patching method is highly effective in resolving the different pavement glitches.

The procedure is similar to the throw and roll asphalt patching. The affected area is cleaned to place the asphalt paving material. Next, the patching area is rolled out with heavy roller or vehicle. After which a layer of sand is deposited on the repaired area to protect asphalt tack from wearing off. The process turns out to be a wonder in term of temporary to semi-permanent solutions.

These are the different asphalt patching methods that you can try out to give your pavement a completely new look. The asphalt road repair methods won’t only provide an enhanced makeover to the paving but it increases the durability of the pavement.


Get the best asphalt patching methods for your pavements!

Potholes, cracks, dispersion are common pavement problem that you encounter. However, with a high-quality paving material and right asphalt patching techniques, you can extend the lifespan of your pavement.

Main Infrastructure, the best asphalt patching company offer you asphalt patching repairs and maintenance. We maintain the quality of the material and standard of the service so that you receive a durable and revived pavement.

Our entire works revolve around our principal value to give our clients unbelievable and amazing services. Our principal values are:

  • Safety First: Our first priority is to ensure a safe & healthy work environment. Our efforts lie in a ‘zero injury’ culture.
  • Excellence: Excellence is an ongoing learning process. We believe in providing the best services by utilizing our skill, knowledge, practice and experience.
  • Quality: Quality comes first either it is pothole repair material or asphalt patching methods. We are accountable to maintain quality for brilliant and proficient paving services.
  • Durability: We provide our clients with durable and long-lasting pothole repairs with high standard paving materials.
  • Affordability: We understand  various budget and requirement of our customers. So, our services are available at a reasonable price with high-quality measures.

Get your pavement repair with our advanced pothole patching machine!

If you are looking for an assistance, then call us, our expert will recommend the right paving service for your job.



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