New Asphalt Patching Techniques Lead To Repairs That Last Longer!!

In Toronto, the combination of traffic and extreme weather can turn a small pavement problems into big potholes. In order to repair, durable patches for potholes or cracks are designed that are quick to apply and are less costly for maintenance budgets.

There are many asphalt patching techniques for filling cracks, asphalt repairs, pothole repairs in roads, pavements and parking lots etc. When these patching method is done in RIGHT way, it can prevent further deterioration, damage, liability and avoid huge repair expenses.  Potholes create serious liability issues and can be formed during any season. Therefore, it should be repaired immediately before causing unreasonable injury settlements or damage.

At Main Infrastructure, we use the best asphalt patching techniques and top quality materials with special blends that will help you to extend the life of surface pavement.  Our proven asphalt patching techniques will allow you to repair potholes and cracks in an effective way.

Toronto trusted pavement repair companies provide quality asphalt repair services to commercial, municipal and residential sectors.

Long Lasting Asphalt Patching Techniques For Pothole Repairs

#1: A Quick Pothole solution: Throw-and-Roll Method

Throw and Roll patching is much more effective technique that is used to repair potholes in which liquid asphalt is filled into a hole and then rolled over. This type of patching is typically done in winter or adverse weather conditions when you require an “Emergency patch”.

asphalt patching techniques

As it is one of the common methods for asphalt patching which involves low upfront costs. But, Sometimes, this method of patching costs more because it has short lifespan and requires additional equipment, resources, and labor for repair.

Failure rate of this method is pretty high as compared to other methods and may cost as much as five times more than the cost of repairs done with superior methods and quality materials.

In order to improve the survival rate even more, spend a bit more for the patch that leads to tighter patch and increased longevity of the surface. It is the least expensive and least labor intensive method for patching a pothole and consist of the following steps:

  • Place the patching mixture into the pothole with or without cleaning or drying the hole.
  • Fill the hole using hand tool such as shovel so that there is crown in the center.
  • Compact the material using the maintenance truck tires.
  • The finished patch should be ¼” to ½” above the pavement surface. If the patch is lo, you can repeat the patching steps again.

The extra 1 to 2 minutes for compaction provides a tighter patch without creating any kind of depressions and will produce a significantly better patch.

#2: A Better Solution: Semi-Permanent Pothole Repair

Semi-permanent patching is the best-known asphalt patching method that is typically used during summer months when the weather is warmer.

asphalt patching techniques

This method is considered the most time-consuming method as compared from all the pothole patching methods. The steps of this method are summarized as follows:

  • Completely remove the water and debris from the pothole using broom, compressed air or whatever is available.
  • Side edges of the potholes are squared to a depth where the pavement is sound.
  • Apply a tack coat of asphalt emulsion to the sides and bottom of the hole at a rate of approximately 0.2 gal/yd2.
  • Place the asphaltic patch material into the pothole. The hole should be overfilled by 20 to 25 percent of its depth to provide adequate material for compaction.
  • Compact the patch material with a hand device or a small vibratory roller.

Although this method of patching requires special equipment and more labors, but it provides better compaction which allows a quick and long lasting repair.

In conclusion, the semi-permanent repair is one of the most reliable and popular pothole patching method as compared to other patching techniques. Although it is time-consuming method, but it is built-to-last.

If you’re looking for more information on asphalt road repair methods, check out this video:

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