Do You Often Face Asphalt Pavement Defects?

Protecting your asphalt pavement defects against deterioration is vital to keep a good looking driveway or parking lot. In order to protect your asphalt pavement against deterioration, you need to identify the right maintenance solution for your pavement problem.

There are some pavement distress that require proper maintenance and regular checks which will ensure to extend the lifespan of your pavement.

Some of the typical causes of pavement deterioration include: traffic loading, weather changes, drainage deficiencies, construction deficiencies and external contributors such as utility cuts.

By doing so, you will ensure that your investment is protected and your pavement remains valuable asset to your property. Neglecting these early warning signs will lead to costly repair tasks down the road.

Here we are Sharing 4 Commons Problems of Asphalt Pavement And Solutions


Asphalt Pavement Defects

As the surface of your asphalt oils oxidize, the oils or binders begin to dissolve and the surface starts fading giving a whitish gray appearance.

This discoloration of the asphalt surface is considered one of the most noticeable signs and is termed as “Fading.”

As the oils of the surface dry out, the asphalt loses its flexibility and cracking and raveling start beginning.

However, in order to maintain your property, add an extra layer of protection against the damage elements which provides the best asphalt solution. Seal coating is the cost effective method that can be used to makes your asphalt pavement strong. Click Here to Know More About Asphalt Crack Repair.


Asphalt Pavement Defects

Cracks are needed to be repaired as soon as possible or else they can expand and lead to expensive and costlier repairs.

Larger cracks if left untreated can lead to more cracks and exponential damage after that.  When your asphalt surface oxidizes, then asphalt pavement loses its ductility and becomes hard and stiff.

Due to traffic load and other sources of damage elements, crack begin which should be treated right away. Once cracks are formed, water can enter into your pavement and cause serious damage resulting in alligator cracks, potholes, and depressions in your pavement.


Asphalt Pavement Defects

Potholes are bowl-shaped holes or deterioration that are caused by the localized disintegration of the pavement surface.

These types of potholes failures typically result from the continued deterioration or depressions or poor mixtures and weak spots in the base or sub-grade.

Potholes are formed when the water seeps through the surface area, freezes and causes the pavement to expand.

As the traffic load over these area continues, potholes are formed. If these are not fixed right away, they can grow from a few inches wide and deep to a few feet wide and several inches deep.

So, if your asphalt surface has too many potholes, it might be time for a complete repaving projects. Read More about Our Asphalt Paving Toronto Services to Fix out Your Pothole Problems.


Asphalt Pavement Defects

If your asphalt is excessively stained from oil, dirt, grease, trash and leaves, then it will lead to deteriorate your asphalt pavement.

To keep your pavement surface area clean and fresh, you need to remove those oil stains which is an easy DIY job.

You can remove oil stains with the help of routine sweeping in order to prevent more staining from occurring and then use quality OTC asphalt pavement cleaners or power washer to clear away oil and debris stains.

But, unfortunately, if you come across a stain that cannot be remove easily, then asphalt sealer may be the best option.

What You Should Do?

If you are going notice these four signs of early pavement distress, consider asphalt maintenance and repair methods in order to prevent from further degrading.

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Asphalt Pavement Defect

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that having measures to prevent potholes from forming should be considered when getting asphalt repair services. I’d like to get my driveway repaired soon because the cracks on it could be considered tripping hazards already. I don’t want my children having accidents in my own property.

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