Asphalt may seem you ordinary, but they have limitless facts that can make you wonder. It is considered the top paving choice for the commercial and municipal properties.

Asphalt is not the discovery of modern age. You will be surprised to know that it backs a long history. The paving material is being from the ancient era. With the upgrading technology and science, the asphalt is used 90% as a paving material. The reasons behind its popularity lie in cost-effectiveness, durability and unbeatable finish.


Asphalt Pavement Facts That You Didn’t Know About

Asphalt Pavement

The pavement you walk on or you drive your car every day; you don’t know lots of thing about it. It’s just not a modern discovery to increase the durability and enhance the finish of the pavement. There are lots of things that make it awesome.

Outside the Box: It’s estimated that asphalt covers approx. 94% of all the roadways of the nation’s 2.65 million miles of paved roads because it is considered one of the most durable, reliable and long-lasting paving material.

If you are looking to pave your roadways or parking lots, here we are sharing some of the interesting asphalt pavement facts that you must know about.


#1. Long Daunting History

If you think that asphalt is the discovery of the tech era of the 20th century, then dear you have a misconception. The popular paving option has a vast history. Its first use is found around 625 B.C. in the reign of NABOPOLASSAR, the Babylonian king.

It has used for waterproofing by Ancient Romans for their aqueducts, baths and reservoirs. Liquid asphalt was used in the mummification process by the ancient Egyptians. Relatively, Canada was a latecomer in the world of asphalt roads. Till 1825, Scotland had approximately 1000 miles of asphalt road.

Doesn’t this amaze you? Keep reading!

#2. Eco-Friendly Properties

In this world, we are practically moving towards the products which are environment-friendly. Asphalt is one of the best paving materials as it is 100-percent recyclable. Eco-friendly properties depend on the reusable or recycle the quality of a product.

In Canada, it is estimated that 80% of the asphalt pavements are recycled every year. This is a huge quantitative percentage more than any other paving material. Apart from that, it doesn’t dissolve in water to contaminate it, again making it a nature-friendly asset. 


#3. Quick & Easy Maintenance

Ever wonder, how road construction ahead signs bothers you? Meanwhile, it causes a lot of traffic congestion and your delay travel a wanted fluctuation. However, with asphalt pavement, you might not encounter this.

This paving material can be maintained easily and quick. Whatever asphalt repair services or asphalt patching techniques  are to be executed or even pavement replacement, it can be completed overnight. The next day you can travel to work on new pavement. Isn’t that cool?


#4. Versatile Uses

Asphalt possesses incredible versatility which can meet the need of any paving project. It can be used for different pavements construction from thickness ¾” to 12” and more. This makes it a popular material and prior option used for building any kind of roads.

Each of the layers in the pavement is bounded to the underlying to form one homogenous structure-road. Each succeeding layer significantly elevates the load carrying capacity and pavement life. So, this makes asphalt appropriate for all your pavement requirements.


#5. An Unbeatable Constructability

Constructability can be simply explained as the property of a material that permits different advantage which makes the whole construction process uncomplicated and accessible. For example, with asphalt, you have different design availability, rapid paving, traffic maintenance, and extend safety level.

These properties present it as the best constructional material for asphalt paving. Again lending it has the best accessible option for restoring urban thoroughfares. However, there are other facts that add to its quality too.


#6. Unmatchable Smoothness

In a study, it was found that smoother roads decrease fuel consumption by upto 4.5 percent. Asphalt came out as a hero here; provide an unmatchable smooth finish than any other paving option. Whether we talk about this particular parameter at the initial phase or over its average life, it wins.

Even in the International Roughness Index (IRI) scale, it has the lowest roughness measure. This means it’s the smoothest material among all other pavement types. Asphalt is a synonym of smoothness and roughness-a stranger to it.


#7. Longer lifespan 

Typically, asphalt pavement has an average shelf life of 15 -30 years. However, it depends upon partially on the paving material used and the service provider. If you have taken both factors as a priority, you can receive an inexhaustible life for your road. Although, there were asphalt driveways which exceeded their lives, without any major replacement.

Comparatively, no any other paving material can stand with asphalt in terms of life span. A deep strength and professionally build up asphalt road can serve you for long years.

Don’t forget to tell us how these facts were? Do you also have any unnoticed asphalt pavement  facts? If so, you can share with us in the comment box.


Is Asphalt Your Paving Option?

Asphalt Pavement

Do you have any paving project or need a replacement? Our suggestion lies with the best paving material- Asphalt. The facts mentioned above have already acknowledged its long history and numerous advantages.

Asphalt is the perfect material for pavements if you want to withstand with durability, standard, and constructability. It’s not just select of the pavement type but hiring the best service provider too. If you misshaped in selecting your paving company, your whole investment is going to be wasted. Lastly, you would find your pavement deteriorated within a few years.

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