Summer is ready to say goodbye and fall is approaching us. Have you made your asphalt ready to cope with weather change?

Fall is meant to be outing and travel… and for an asphalt owner, this means more traffic to your asphalt which leads to cracks, potholes and other paving problem. Again, this would make your winter problematic with deterioration.

However, if you kept your asphalt this fall, your winter is gonna be hassle-free. With top-notch and correctly maintained asphalt, get ready to make your business look more tempting to customer.

Here, we are sharing some top Asphalt Pavement Patching and Repair Methods that gonna make your pavement long lasting.

Best Asphalt Pavement Patching and Repair Methods

asphalt pavement repair methods

Quality and regularly maintained asphalt can last for up to more than 25 years. Well, this fall you have the chance to prepare your pavement from the damages of winter.

Whether it is a commercial parking lot or a residential driveway, maintenance helps the asphalt stand in even the most adverse scenarios.

Here, we are mentioning some of the major asphalt patching methods that will help you to make long lasting repairs to damaged pavements.


Looking for Pothole Repairs Toronto? This asphalt pavement patching and repair method is the most suitable for your damaged pavement.

In this process, the Pothole Patching Machine restores the durability and strength of the road. Well, the hot mix asphalt emulsion is present in the machine which is sprayed on the deteriorated area. After which it is left to dry.

Leaving a pothole as it is can result in much larger asphalt issues. Getting it repaired right away eradicated the extended expense in the near future. This is a Permanent Asphalt Repair Methods means your pavement is gonna be strengthened and restored with the asphalt durability.


Cracks are one of worst pavement issues you gonna encounter, this doesn’t only ruin the appearance of your pavement but worsen its strength for a base layer.

This lead the asphalt to become brittle and cracks are apparently more visible. If left for more time, the cracks gonna expand and make the asphalt weaken and deteriorated. Again this gonna make your huge part of pavement damaged but raise the repair cost.

Asphalt crack sealing is permanent and most suitable repair for this issue. In this repair, cracks are filled with hot asphalt emulsion and let it dry out. Its flexibility changes with temperature which makes the pavement more durable.


Well, you can seek out minor issues with different Asphalt Pavement Patching and Repair Methods. However, huge cracks and large potholes can be repaired completely from these paving options available.

As the pavement in that particular area gets damaged entirely, in such a scenario, only one thing is possible – asphalt replacement. Asphalt paving removes out the entire deteriorated area and replaces it with complete new asphalt and other layers that may or may not be recycled by the old asphalt.

This is the one stop solution that permanently removes your problem from your pavement which makes your road strong, durable and long-lasting.

Well, these were some asphalt pavement patching and repair methods that you can go for repairing your damaged pavement.


Get Your Asphalt Maintenance Done This Fall Season!!

Fall is the time to get set go for maintenance for the asphalt to avoid issues for the future. Contact a professional asphalt paving company who can provide you with asphalt paving services.

Main Infrastructure, the best asphalt repair company offer you asphalt patching repairs and maintenance. We maintain the quality of the material and standard of the service so that you receive a durable and revived pavement.

Moreover, we have a team of certified and highly experienced engineers and technician which makes it possible for it. We handle it all with our unique designed asphalt pavement patching and repairs methods.

Our Asphalt Services Includes:

  • Pothole Patching Repair
  • Infrared Asphalt Patching
  • Manhole/Catch Basin Repair
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Vacuum/ Hydrovac Services
  • Sweeping Services
  • Pavement Management Planning

Get your pavement repair with our advanced pothole patching machine!

If you are looking for an assistance, then call us, our expert will recommend the right paving service for your job.

infrared pothole repair

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