Asphalt Paving is regarded as the best way to fix any and all issues you might be facing with an aging asphalt driveway or pavement. Top asphalt paving services are the most cost-efficient way to correct asphalt issues.

The success rate is even higher when the work is done during summertime. Read on to find out why.

Whether for residential or commercial use, asphalt paving is one of the best ways to renovate the look of your entire driveway or pathway.

Well, like any other construction material, asphalt also needs ideal weather conditions for proper setting. Summers offer the warm weather conditions and long working hours to allow the required setting and drying time for asphalt.

At Main Infrastructure, we’ve the required expertise and labor to accomplish the desired work even in changing climate conditions. Though, here we’ll tell you why we recommend asphalt paving services during summers.


Benefits of Hiring Asphalt Paving Services During Summer

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Well, to be honest, asphalt is a pretty sturdy material when it comes to varying climate conditions.

In fact, it has the flexibility to expand and contract according to the freeze and thaw cycles. This makes it endure colder temperatures as well. However, the fact of the matter is Asphalt Driveway Paving is inherently more compatible with warmer temperatures.

Summer provides the conditions needed for the asphalt mix to stabilize and stay intact until the application.

Besides, there are other perks to Asphalt Paving Driveway Services during summers. Some of the advantages are listed below.

#1. More Time for Application

Summers offer longer daytime duration and short nights. This enables our paving contractors to work for longer duration, which allows more time for asphalt application.

This naturally means asphalt paving specialists have more time to understand your paving requirements. Plus, they have more freedom to implement and complete the task on time.

Another advantage is the reduced labor cost as more time is available to finish the paving job.

#2. Asphalt Mix Remains Stable

Asphalt needs consistent warm temperatures to remain stable and maintain its texture. Quick cooling or delayed application can greatly impact the quality of the final work.

Unfortunately, colder climates don’t offer the time for asphalt to setup properly. That’s the reason we use heaters to maintain the temperature of the asphalt mix during wintertime.

So, summer is actually the best time to ensure the best asphalt paving services.

#3. Quick Drying Time of Asphalt Sealant

Professional asphalt contractors usually apply top-quality sealants after the asphalt layer sets properly. And it’s important the sealant bonds correctly with the asphalt layer.

But the bad news is winters may interfere with the drying time of asphalt. This will ultimately yield itself in the form of weak bonding between the asphalt layer and sealant.

On the other hand, summer temperatures enable the hot asphalt to soak up the sealant more effectively.

#4. Less Probability of Rain Destroying the Product

Summer offers the conditions that are required for the asphalt to set properly. Plus, there is low risk of rains interrupting the drying process.

As a matter of fact, rain cools the asphalt. Thus, making it hard to solidify the asphalt application on time. This impacts the bonding between the layers and may compromise the structural integrity of your driveway.

Apart from new paving installation, summer is also considered the best time for other Asphalt Paving Repair Services.

#5. Minimizes the Amount of Downtime

During summers, even the nighttime temperatures don’t slip below the required levels for the asphalt to cure.

This allows the asphalt to dry throughout the night without any interruptions. What this means for you is you can expect using your driveway sooner than what would have been possible during wintertime.

The less downtime is ideal for anyone who needs the paving work ready by morning.

#6. Better Preparation for Winters

Well, the best part about hiring asphalt paving services during summer is it enables your pathway to be in a better condition when winter arrives.

Not sealing existing cracks in the asphalt surface before winter means it’s more exposed to further damage.

So, ensure you get the required paving done during summer. This confirms asphalt withstands the snow and freezing temperatures of winters without falling apart.

Well, these were some of the advantages of opting for Asphalt Driveway Paving during summer. But what if you’ve a newly paved driveway and winter is just around the corner?

In such a scenario, there are some precautions you can take to ensure the asphalt paving stays in shape when the summer comes back.


Tips to Care for a Newly Paved Driveway During Winters

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With winter comes the frigid cold temperatures and snow, which is actually not an ideal condition for asphalt paving. However, utilizing some tips can help in maintaining the structural integrity even during the freeze-thaw cycles.

Below we are listing some helpful tips for you to maintain the condition of the asphalt paving in a colder climate.

  • Avoid Using Metal Shovels

You may be tempted to use a metal-edged shovel to break the ice formation on your driveway. However, this can damage the surface layer pretty fast. That’s why we recommend using a plastic shovel to clear the snow and ice build-up on the surface.

  • Don’t Use Rock Salt for De-Icing

Well, there are low chances that you’ll have to use a de-icer to melt the ice on the asphalt surface. But if you do use one, make sure you don’t make use of rock salt.

Instead, make use of magnesium chloride to prevent any damage to the asphalt.

  • Look for Signs of Damage

You probably will not notice any signs of damage when your asphalt layer is newly laid. But there are chances the colder temperatures will begin to take a toll on your asphalt driveway.

In such a scenario, it’s paramount that you immediately get in touch with an experienced asphalt paving contractor. They will have the expertise to fix the damage irrespective of the weather conditions.

Further, keep in mind the above recommendations to maintain the pristine condition of the asphalt paving.

Getting the best asphalt paving services during any time of the year is easier with a professional asphalt contractor.

You need a contractor who knows how to handle asphalt paving even if the temperatures are not in favor of the paving work. Skilled Asphalt Paving Contractors usually make use of heaters and blankets to cope with the colder weather.


Main Infrastructure Offers the Best Asphalt Paving Services.

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We take care of each and every step that may impact the final quality of asphalt paving. In fact, the most important considerations for the best asphalt paving services include sewer and drainage cleaning.  Our Toronto Hydrovac Services offer safe drainage cleaning solutions for low clearance parking garages.

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  • Pavement Management Planning

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  2. You made a good point that cost-effective options should be assessed carefully when looking for paving services. I’m interested in looking for such services soon because I’m thinking about getting my driveway redesigned in the summer. I’d like to really get it redone from the ground up.

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