Property owners wanting to get asphalt paving services often here to get it done in summer. This is why we receive frequent queries about Why You Should Lay Asphalt in the Summer?

Well, at an instance the weather seems nothing to do with asphalt paving and maintenance. However, somehow the temperature and weather for a short term can impact the pavement.

Asphalt requires heat to bind. Of course, the paving gets complete in a few days. Still, for a significantly short period, it requires to unite resulting in the long-lasting durable pavement.

So, the same question remains—does timing and temperature impact asphalt paving?

Well, it’s vital to use asphalt paving techniques properly to get the job done right.

At an instant, it doesn’t matter what season it. Still, the specific recommendation for spring or summer season is dubious.

Here’s an argument…


The Ideal Temperature for Paving Matters

The optimal temperature for asphalt paving services and maintenance is around 50 degrees F.

In some situations, the temperature as low as 40 degrees F is acceptable. However, for best durability, strength, and results, you need to wait for the warmers side of the weather’s spectrum.

Given that, summer wins this aspect. This is why the season is the best time to install asphalt pavement. Not only there is less rain but also the season has high precipitation getting perfectly installed asphalt.

Another reason making summer an excellent period for getting asphalt driveway installation is vacant neighborhoods.

With the summer vacation on run, empty streets make it easier to get asphalt job done right.

Obviously, taking benefit of this would diminish potential delays and inconvenience occurring due to neighborhood congestion.


Asphalt Driveway Installation in Warm Weather, Why?

Asphalt pavement no less function as a powerful liquid glue. In fact, it is a stone combined with liquid asphalt giving it a dark black look.

Well, liquid asphalt is a petroleum product. A paving expert can work with this malleable liquid when it is in a warmer state. Eventually, getting you amazing pavement.

Of course, a parking lot or driveway needs to beautifully pave. For deriving such results, warmer asphalt should be used with apt and superb precision.

Contrarily, when it gets cold, it instantly starts to solidify. This makes it harder to use asphalt paving techniques to get sturdy pavement.

This is where asphalt production plants come in use. It heats asphalt on-site instantly loading into the truck to the paving site. Further, job accomplishment requires speed and the right climate condition.

Basically, asphalt requests to be hot because:

  • Hot or warmer asphalt is easy to work with allowing a smooth and even texture of the pavement upper layer.
  • Hot asphalt provides a way to get tighter conjunction or joints. The joints or seams in the pavement are a very fragile parts. In fact, if they don’t have adequate strength and correctly landscaped, the driveway can deteriorate easily. With hot mix and proper asphalt paving techniques, it’s easier to get joints together.
  • For suitable compaction, asphalt job requires a specific temperature and timing. In fact, in terms of the total lifespan of pavement, appropriate compaction is highly important. Eventually, nothing is better than summer for this purpose.

Of course, with the above mentioned key reason, the necessity for asphalt job completion in specific time can be understood.

Not only, it keeps your remarkable investment in best use, but also it gives longevity to the pavement.

 Whether you require asphalt patching techniques for minor tasks or installation, getting it done in summer or spring is best. 


Paving the Right Time

asphalt paving techniques

Paving the driveway or parking lot, when the temperature is above 50 degrees F is the ideal time.

In fact, summer, fall, or spring season is even at the top in terms of asphalt paving recommendation.

Also, this is timing when the asphalt paving company is highly busy.

Warmer weather makes it easier to get a smoother and clean looking pavement. Not only it gives longevity to your asphalt but lessens chances of deterioration.

Also, correct compaction and smooth seams result in the long-lasting durable pavement. Of course, you would like to have a pavement with similar attributes.

 Paving your driveway requires skill, makes sure the Asphalt Driveway Paving Process is done by expert professional. 


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  • Use of eco-friendly approaches while getting your stunning asphalt pavement
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Apart from our unvarying commitment, we take every minute measure to maintain durability.

By the use of topnotch asphalt paving materials and apt asphalt paving techniques, we know to get most of the available resources.

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  • Infrared Asphalt Patching
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Manhole/Catch Basin Repair
  • Vacuum/Hydrovac Services
  • Sweeping Services
  • Pavement Management Planning

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asphalt paving techniques

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