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When it comes to driveway whether it is paving or repair, it takes a huge investment. Hence, you should make sure the paving company assures you of the best service along with long lasting results. Besides that, choosing the right asphalt repair service is also accountable for the durability of a road.

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Detection of damaged asphalt and potholes is considered to be important for extending the life of your pavement.  So, you must be aware of different asphalt patching techniques available to mitigate the problem of the pavement. This will help you to choose the best possible asphalt repair service for your pavement.

Here we are sharing different types of asphalt pothole repair methods that provide complete solution for crack repairs, pothole repairs and asphalt maintenance in Mississauga, Toronto.



The repairing process deals with the common pothole problems on road. The process involves hot asphalt emulsion and crushed aggregate with which puddles are spray patched. The mixture is applied to the damaged area using forced air.

The process uses exclusive equipment to execute the whole asphalt repair procedure. This is a versatile asphalt repair technique which can solve your asphalt problems.

Well, this method helps you to repair potholes but can work out in numerous other paving glitches. You can try it for repairing alligator cracks, cupped cracks, areas that are raveling, utility cuts and any other type of repairs.


This method is the most efficient way to repair the pavement in adverse conditions. The procedure utilizes equipment which immerses infrared wave to patch the distressed area. This saves the extra time taken in the proper finish and final compaction.

The machine heats the required area using infrared to remove the damaged asphalt parts. After the area is cleaned, the worker applies rejuvenator, further it is placed with the asphalt repair materials. Lastly, the worker mark the asphalt layers and compacts the road with a vibrating roller or plate.

The method yields a durable and amazing finish while extending the life span of the pavement. Moreover, it is cost effective and time-saving asphalt repair option to try out!


Sealing cracks in proper time can limit the problems arise in the pavement as left for a longer term can create lots of hassles.

The procedure involves the cleaning of the repairing area. Meanwhile, in a reservoir, the sealer material heats up at 185°C (185°F). Further, the responsible person applies the heated sealer in the required area using specific equipment. Once it cools and contacts with the pavement, it’s ready to drive!

The method is an as easy way to get rid of the different cracks easily and quickly. However, if your pavements have extensive cracks, we would suggest you to go for asphalt paving than cracked pavement repair.


The reason behind numerous pavement problems is majorly the improper maintenance of the drainage system. So, whether it is the maintenance or repair of the catch basin, it should be done appropriately.

First of all, the cutter- extractor removes out the manhole frame. Further, the crew removes interior damaged parts after which the grate is reset and other steps are executed in order to get the best durability to the drainage system.

Catch basin repair is a complicated procedure to give a sustainable result. Only an experienced and innovative asphalt repair company can give you such a result.


One of the most popular asphalt repair services is paving. Whether you want to get your asphalt driveway repair or entirely repave, you need to choose the best company in the town.

Distressed road materials are removed and the initial layers are applied according to the required depth. Further, the crew applies the layers of stones and other aggregates. Lastly, asphalt is applied and compaction is done with a roller.

The smooth finish in asphalt pavements are amazing and they are durable which can last up to 15 years. However, the durability of the pavement depends upon the majorly on the asphalt services. So, Hire the Best Asphalt Paving & Pothole Repair Company!!


Cleaning up the catch basin and culvert at the right time is necessary. Accumulated access water in these places can overflow to the upper pavement. If the water is sustained for a longer time period in such situation, it can cause several asphalt pavements distress.

So, taking precautions at an early stage is quite essential. In the process, particular equipment is employed to take off the water, debris, dirt etc. out with high pressure. The whole culver, catch basin is cleared out in this order.


It is quite tough to clean up the larger pavement areas. However, with the specified sweeping machine made to clean up the road, the procedure becomes quick and easy.

The sweeping service include two steps:
• power lot cleaning
• power lot scrubbing

The two steps ensure the overall cleaning of the pavement.

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