Getting asphalt pavement isn’t one time job.

For a long-lasting and durable pavement, you require proper maintenance. In fact, in a cold-weather climate, annual freeze-thaw cycles, it is a must to take additional care.

Besides, the torment of weather, the daily fluctuating weight of vehicle also puts pressure over it. all of these lead to deterioration of the asphalt pavement if the maintenance isn’t proper. 

Cracks, potholes, and some other minors issues are consistent.

However, to keep pavement in top-notch condition, its best to take preventive measures.

Depending on the deterioration, there are several Asphalt repair services you can go for. 

Let’s find out more…


Best Asphalt Repair Services & Maintenance Solution’s

With several asphalt repair maintenance services available, we have picked out some top solutions.

Well, depending on the intensity and condition go for these services.

#1: Asphalt Sealing to Fill Small Cracks

Small issues like hairline on the upper layer of an asphalt driveway are comparatively easy and really inexpensive to fix. Well, on those affected area, the responsible person applies a mixture of hot asphalt.

Eventually, this blocks the way to the inner layer of asphalt. Hence, further deterioration prevents from occurring.

Besides, you need to inspect your pavement on a regular basis for once or twice a month. Asphalt sealing repels water and slows down the fading and oxidation issues from the sun.


#2: Asphalt Patching to Fill Large Cracks and Holes

Potholes and extensive cracks are bigger issues for asphalt paving.

Only using a sealant for this damage is not enough, the pavement needs something extra. So, the best option here is to go with asphalt pothole patching.

Well, asphalt repair service involves the usage of patching material prior to the application of the asphalt layer.

Not only it resolves the pavement issues but it also restores its durability and elasticity. Also, it delays the requirement of asphalt resurfacing or replacing.

The process requires the removal of the damaged parts along with the minor debris and issues.

Sometimes it also needs removal and reapplication of the base layer. Lastly, the base and repair material need to tamp down.

However, patching may resolve the asphalt driveway issue at an affordable prices. Still, it’s a temporary fix to the pavement.

In fact, new crack and hole can develop around the former affected area. Mostly, the reason behind can be the water sipping underneath.


#3: Surfacing to Create a New Appearance

With time when your driveway gets older, it needs some renovation for restoring its strength and durability.

Well, the best way to achieve this goal is through asphalt resurfacing surfaces.

The process involves reapplication of the asphalt over the previous layer. Not only the service provide the pavement with a refreshing look but it also updates to asphalts’ strength.

Moreover, Asphalt resurfacing is the best tool to get your pavement in better condition.

The top of the line service is available at an affordable price making it more preferable. However, the price might vary depending upon your location.

The asphalt repair service is best for an aging driveway with minor issues.

Well, this includes

  • hairline,
  • small potholes, and
  • minor cracks.
 In case, your pavement is highly damaged, the asphalt repairs services won’t be helpful. 


#4: Asphalt Replacing to Guarantee Stability and Support

Of course, asphalt replacing is more expensive in comparison of resurfacing. However, it is the only solution if the foundation layer of your pavement has failed.

In such scenarios, water seeps down through the cracks and potholes deteriorating to the inner layer.

The best possible method to resolve these issues is by replacing the entire pavement. Also, look at the drainage system if it needs any refurbishments. Get it done altogether to lessen the chaos.

The Asphalt Driveway Cost will depend on the length and width of the driveway.

The process involves the removal of the entire deteriorated part and application of the entire new base layer and asphalt. For reducing your expenses, you can recycle the extracted older layer.

Although the budget for the repair option is a significant one, it results in high-quality pavement lasting for decades.

Also going for asphalt replacement requires an additional charge for removal of the older layer. However, this is a minor charge after which further process carries on.


More On Asphalt Repair Services

An asphalt driveway can begin to break apart or wear off with time.

Usually, this happened due to exposure to the sun, rains, ice, water-logging, chemical, and changing weather.

The pavement with continuous exposure to this element starts losing natural resistance to the weather. Eventually, water penetrates its layer and reaches underneath leading to cracking, potholes, and deterioration.

However, with asphalt repair services and solutions, we can fight off these issues.

Reasons that Require Asphalt Crack Repair

  • Poor foundation & base layer
  • The asphalt layer is too thick
  • The asphalt layer is not thick enough
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Earth movement
  • Constant flooding of low-lying areas
  • Roots from trees

With Main Infrastructure,  you can get restore the condition of asphalt with proper asphalt maintenance services.

Our highly designed and intricate asphalt repair services stabilize, mend, and extend the lifespan and longevity of your pavement.

We have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to repair all asphalt issues.


Looking For Asphalt Repair Services In Toronto?

For all your minor to major asphalt issues give a ring to Main Infrastructure, the Best Asphalt Repair Company.

We are one way to get easy, quick, and affordable asphalt repair services.. From minor defect to an extensive one, we resolve them with adept.

We ensure the durability, strength, and appearance while adding to the longevity of the pavement. 

Also, we offer complete asphalt repair services, including:

  • Asphalt Crack repair
  • Pothole repair
  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Asphalt Patching

By involving the latest technology and techniques, we provide excellent service quality. Our services minimize the further occurrence of damages.

From small projects to larger ones, we maintain the same quality and standard.

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