Concrete and Asphalt are the two popular option that one looks for. Usually, People have lots of confusion while picking a material for paving their driveway or sidewalks.

Asphalt attracts folks for its dark blackish finish whereas concrete entices for its firm texture. The two paving materials are used for a number of paving projects both domestic and commercial.

Mostly, people go with asphalt because of its several convenient features.  It’s the most durable, cost-effective, come for reasonable costing & most importantly, it’s handy to maintain and repair.

Still, there are few who stuck with concrete and regret it onward. It’s because it needs a lot of maintenance and repair which has a huge effect on the pocket.

Moreover, removing concrete paving and replacing it with asphalt is difficult and cost a huge bunch. If you are stuck in this situation, then you need not worry.

We have got a midway, that’s not an easy option but will save you from the huge investment. Resurfacing Concrete with Asphalt is the best way to replace your concrete pavement with asphalt.

Well, if you are still skeptical- Why you should resurface your concrete pavement, jump to the below segment to know the reasons.


Resurfacing Concrete With Asphalt 

asphalt resurface over concrete

Typically, Concrete is regarded as one of the best and inexpensive building material. Henceforth, it’s utilized for several domestic and industrial purposes.

More often, driveways, sidewalks, floors, and even parking lots have concrete foundations. However, only a few informed and knowledgeable people in this matter specifically are aware that concrete has limitations.

Well, the issues with concrete pavement won’t show at random. Nonetheless, the overtime it would show up over time or with the changing weathers:

#1: Unsightly Staining

Staining occurs due to a variety of reasons and factors. Mostly, this ranges from spilled garage chemicals to mold to simple weather conditions which eventually make it look dull.

#2: Cracks

Concrete cracks arise due to impacts of heavy vehicles, extreme temperatures, or water. Well, they start out small, but, if not tackled, will spread and worsen.

#3: Surface Pitting

These kinds of issues arise due to several reasons which mainly include sources as chemical contact or weather. This makes the concrete pavement more susceptible to cracking. Moreover, it’s also unappealing.

#4: Potholes

These problems appear due to the weak drainage system and lead to bigger pavement glitches. Further, these develop and worsen if the pavement is continued to use.

#5: Bulges

Usually, they may emerge after winter and points at potential drainage damage. Bulges also strain and deteriorate the concrete in the affected areas.

#6: Erosion

Well, if you see erosion beneath the edges of the concrete, this is an evident sign of water flowing down there. This can disturb the quality and strength of the entire pavements.

So, these were the major issues you gonna encounter with concrete pavement. However, what will be your first step after bumping into these problems?

Repairs services or preventing these issues?

Well, this can be done with the most cost-effective and brilliant technique of asphalt resurfacing.

What can you do if you notice these issues? Can you prevent trouble before it develops? In both cases, you may want to resurface your concrete with asphalt.

So, you might be thinking what exactly Asphalt Resurfacing is? Don’t worry!! We have done the work for you!! In the next below section you will get details about asphalt resurfacing over concrete.


What is Asphalt Resurfacing?

Asphalt Resurfacing Process involves the application of a solid asphalt layer over the already existing concrete pavement.

Most importantly, the process doesn’t include the removable of concrete or random patching issues.

Moreover, resurface lefts the road with smoother, durable and strengthen pedestal which is pedestrian and vehicle-friendly. Interestingly, the process eradicates all the weak point from where water seeps in and causes damages.

Well, the asphalt overlay on concrete has numerous other advantages too. Let’s check them out in the next given section.


What Are The Main Benefits of Asphalt?

Asphalt is the #1 paving material which is popularly used for several commercial and household projects. Well, the application of Asphalt over Concrete Roads has a huge number of advantages.

However, here we have shared few benefits of asphalt repairs. Let’ have a check…

#1: Price

Asphalts are more cost-effective and more budget-friendly solution than investing in concrete pavement. It comes for half a price than later.

#2: Durability

Due to its natural characteristic, asphalt tends to stay in better condition even in harsh weather. Hence, if you locate at a place with intense winters, we will suggest you go for asphalt.

#3: Easy Maintenance

Most importantly, asphalt pavements are handy and easy to maintain. Removal of Snow and ice from the asphalt surface is easy.  Moreover, they melt faster on this surface. Most importantly, the black color hides out stains as much.

#4: Easy Repair

When concrete gets deteriorate, you will usually require replacing or resurfacing it. However, asphalts problems like cracks, potholes can be repaired easily at cost-effective pricing.

#5: Quick Installation

Interestingly, asphalt has a noteworthy quicker time for installation. This makes it a grand fit for businesses and trades that can’t be shut for very long.

#6: Repaving is Easy

Asphalt is made of several layers. Hence, it’s easier to remove and replace with another layer to strengthen.

Well, these impeccable advantages of asphalt resurfacing which might have impressed you. If you are fed up of the continuous problems and damages arising in your concrete overlay, you just need to hire the best asphalt repair company that can fix all your asphalt related issues.


Get The Best Asphalt Repair Services For Your Pavements

The charges to detach and replace concrete are normally 75% more expensive than asphalt!

Well, if you are looking for a cost-effective asphalt patching methods, contact the Best Asphalt Paving Company Toronto, Main Infrastructure!

We’ll inspect for your concrete pavement, parking lot or driveway to provide you with the best cost-effective resurfacing solution. We have the most advanced technology and equipment to provide our clients with a satisfactory service.

Moreover, our expert and certified team ensure to provide you with top-notch and cutting edge service experiences. We make sure to deliver you affordable services without affecting the integrity and strength of the pavement,

Besides Asphalt Resurfacing, we have a range of different asphalt service which includes:

  • Pothole Spray Patching
  • Infrared Asphalt Patching
  • Manhole/Catch Basin Repair
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Vacuum/Hydrovac
  • Sweeping Services
  • Pavement Management Planning

Well, if you require any asphalt paving service, contact us today. Our representatives are always there to offer you the best consultation and services option for your pavement.


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  1. I appreciate you for helping me understand the importance of asphalt resurfacing over concrete. After seeing cracks on my driveway, I thought about hiring a contractor to apply another layer of asphalt. I like what you said that it leaves the surface smoother and durable. With that said, I shall then look for a reliable company that offers repaving.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that I wouldn’t need to worry about staining when it comes to asphalt paving. I’m interested in getting asphalt for my driveway soon in order to make the surface smoother. It’s also not that warm where I live so I think I will not have to worry about warping any time soon.

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