Cracks, potholes and pavement distress can turn hazardous to anyone becoming life threat to the driver and pedestrian. If it is not timely repaired or maintained, distresses are compounded. There are many factors that is responsible for an unprotected surface pavement which can deteriorate quickly due to:

  • UV rays
  • Oxidation
  • Acid rain
  • Freeze thaw cycles
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • De-icing salts

These harmful elements have a bad effect on the pavement texture, appearance, integrity and color of the asphalt. Overtime, this will lead to asphalt deterioration and further damages.

We at Main Infrastructure offer asphalt road repair methods in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our asphalt services ranges from asphalt repairs to parking lot maintenance and paving.

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Here we are sharing asphalt patching techniques which are quick and easy asphalt road repair methods that will help you to establish strong bond with the asphalt and reduce maintenance costs.

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Different Asphalt Road Repair Methods

asphalt road repair methods


The only way of keeping your road far from these pavement issues is prevention, repair and maintenance. Prevention can protect your pavement from getting prone to these pavement issues, repair can resolve all the encountered problems and maintenance can keep the entire repair for a long term.

Further, pothole repair methods for repairing surface pavement issues can be distinguished in two major categories: First – Temporary to a Semi-Permanent Method and Second – Permanent Method. The initial one can be used in unfavorable weather condition and for temporary refurbishment of pavement smoothness. You should seek the later one if you are looking for a longer-term solution. These solutions can turn out to be the best choice in term of future failure and cost.


#1: Throw & Roll Method

One of the conventional but traditional methods; in this process, the affected area is cleared for debris, and hot or cold asphalt mix is placed in it. Afterward, the required area is compacted by rolling with something heavy like truck tire or backside of the shovel.

Throw & roll is one of the most common methods being used, because of its low cost. However, this method fails in a longer run, having a short life span, causing more expenses in future.


#2: All-In-One Patcher

The process involves the taking out the distressed part, removing debris and application of tack coat to seal out moisture and bounding of material. The required patching material (usually placed at the rear of the machine) is placed in the required area and compaction is done with a roller.

All-in-one patcher, being a semi- permanent to permanent method, can get you rid of different asphalt, leaving only rigorous materials. To get your affected area patch and have a new look, contact the best asphalt paving company.


#3: Pothole Spray Injection

In this process, the damaged area is blown out with compressed air and asphalt emulsion is sprayed in order to bind and seal it. After which the affected area is filled with a blend of asphalt emulsion and aggregate.

This semi-permanent to permanent method is quick and simple, can be completed within minutes. The repair minimizes the disturbances to traffic flow, making it the best choice for quick and efficient repair.


QPR Asphalt Patch – [An Easy Asphalt Repair Solution]

QPR stands for Quality Pavement Repair. It is one of the READY-MADE permanent solutions to all your pavement worries. Whether your driveway or asphalt has lots of cracks, potholes, edge breaks or any type of asphalt issue, with QPR asphalt patch each of them will be put to an end. You may be now questioned, “What makes it different from other pavement solutions?” the reason lies in the effectiveness, unlike other products available in the market of pavement distress which wear offs; this one stays on the affected area and doesn’t come out.


Advantages of the QPR Asphalt Patch

QPR pothole solution has a number of explicit benefits which are mentioned below:

  • It is ready to use
  • Quick solution can be Opened to traffic immediately
  • Appropriate in any climates
  • Stick to steel and concrete
  • Can be used even in water-filled potholes
  • Non-hazardous
  • Won’t leach into storm water

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Do You Have Any Pavement Issue?

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