Is Your Asphalt Surface Getting Damaged Quickly?

Asphalt is considered to be long lasting and durable material but its longevity depends on the preventative measures to repair the problems. We all know that Asphalt paving provides excellent appearance and strength to the asphalt pavement surface.

But if not maintained properly, this asphalt surface may get damaged quickly which ultimately creates more maintenance expenses and problems for you.

There are several environmental measures that are responsible for the asphalt deterioration such as UV rays, rain, ice and snow, along with the weight from vehicles. Due to the exposure of asphalt to such elements, wear and tear breaks down the asphalt‘s chemical bonds which are key to the pavement‘s strength.

So, if your asphalt pavement is maintained or repaired on time, you can easily protect your asphalt to extent its life and alleviate the need for pricier repairs.

Here We Provide 5 Effective Tips To Help Your Asphalt Increase The Life-Span

We are providing you 5 effective tips to give your asphalt surface long-lasting durability. So, if you’re facing such type of problems in your area, you’ll definitely be able to solve out!


#1. Remove Debris from the Asphalt

Proper removal of debris and rocks is an important factor which can help you in providing long durability to your asphalt surface. Removing debris on regular basis will help you to extend the life of you pavement along with keeping it clean.

Cleaning up any debris that can freeze to the asphalt will prevent further wear during freezing temperatures.  Rocks can cause creation of holes due to extreme pressure of vehicles.


#2. Give It Time to Harden When Still New

When your asphalt surface is paved, leave your surface to harden properly. This will provide great strength to your pavement which will ultimately results for lasting much longer periods. If it is not left to harden, asphalt surface may get damaged soon due to overload of traffic.

However, if you walk over it before it gets the opportunity to harden; you might damage its surface. During summer, 2 to 3 days are recommended to allow it to settle. During spring, 1 to 2 days are good enough.


#3. Regular Seal Coat Your Asphalt

Regular Seal-coating your asphalt is a good way to refresh the appearance of your pavement. So it is necessary to give your asphalt surface regular seal coat as it adds to its longevity and acts as a layer of protection.

Seal coatings provide strength to your asphalt and reduces possible chances of deterioration. It provides good appearance to your asphalt surface as small cracks and imperfections are sealed during this process.


#4. Install Proper Drainage

Water is considered to be the most damaging element to your asphalt pavement. If you notice any standing pools of water around your surface area, then there is a drainage problem that needs to be addressed. Water pooling will accelerate the ageing of your asphalt as it will prevent smaller cracks to become bigger that can cause erosion under the asphalt.

Standing water can cause extensive damages to the new asphalt surface. This may lead to the formation of several types of unwanted cracks and holes which would ultimately damage the surface.Proper installation of drainage is more affordable and convenient than replacing your asphalt surfaces.


#5. Fix Cracks And Holes

Fix all cracks and holes present on your asphalt surface on time. If not fixed on time, cracks and holes can cause huge damage to the asphalt pavements because water may enter these cracks and holes which will cause their expanding and ultimately weaken your asphalt surface.

Filling smaller cracks and hole can make your asphalt pavement last longer. If you properly maintain or repair your surface area on a regular basis, it will surely last for a longer period.

We hope you find these tips helpful and are confident that if you maintain your asphalt pavement on time it will last for many years.

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