Asphalt care is year round process. It is porous in nature, it absorbs water from the environment. Once water seeps inside the asphalt surface it can cause cracks and other pavement defects. The more water it absorbs, the more cracks your parking lot would likely to have.

Nothing lasts forever, and the asphalt is no exception. Time comes for every parking lot when you need to repair it or replace it altogether.

Leaving your parking lot unrepaired can lead small cracks and potholes that can lead to major damage to your pavement.

When the time comes to prepare your parking lot for the coming winter, there is a lot to do. Asphalt parking lot needs maintenance and repairs during winter season. However, these preparations are so much important for many safety reason.

You parking lot isn’t likely to be the most glamorous aspect for your business but it will help you to create a great first impression. Having a plan to repair your parking lot don’t only save you from costly damage but can also save many lives.


“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”


Usually, asphalt can last years but overweight vehicles and extreme weather condition doesn’t give it an expected life. So, your parking lot is most likely to be prepared and maintained so that it can withstand the pressure.

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Asphalt Winter Care Tips Protect Your Parking Lot 


asphalt winter care tips


Several asphalt winter care tips are there that must be taken while maintenance, and each tip is equally important to give your parking lot the life expectancy.

There are plenty of ways to keep your asphalt parking lot in excellent condition during winter.These asphalt winter care tips will help you to undertake successful winter maintenance of your asphalt surface.


Tip #1: Protect Your Asphalt from Snow Plows 

Even though your intention is to clear the snow from parking lot and help in parking, there are chances that will cause damage, especially if the driver is inexperienced.

Your parking lot should be cleaned for the snow and debris. You should put a visible markers along the curbs to make sure snow plow doesn’t affect your parking lot.


Tip #2: Shovel often and correctly 

As you already would be knowing that freezing, thawing, and re-freezing can cause your parking lot an extensive damage.

This is exactly why it is important to shovel your parking lot to decrease the amount of freezing cycle on the parking lot. You can always take the expert advice on how and what kind of shovel would be good for your parking lot.


Tip #3: Check your De-icer 

De-icing agents can be the rough for your parking lot so before using it on your parking lot take advice from the expert on what kind of de-icing agent will often be good for the parking lot.

For example, rock salt can damage porous material like asphalt and cement. Instead, use a milder product such as potassium chloride which is considered good de-icing agent and will help your asphalt to survive the harsh winter with minimal damage.


Tip #4: Fill Cracks and Repair Puddles 

Make sure you have filled all the cracks and potholes before winter to avoid extensive damage. If any water puddles is there on the surface then you may likely to consult to the asphalt crack repair professionals.

Professionals can help you to find smaller cracks and preliminary signs of cracking & fix them before they become the major problem. This will protect your asphalt parking lot longevity.


Tip #5: Repair Potholes 

Repairing potholes as soon as it appears can help you prevent extensive damage to your parking lot.

If potholes appear in your parking lot this winter then fix them as soon as possible. You can use the pothole patching machine to repair potholes quickly and seamlessly so that you can use your parking lot soon after its repair.

Repairing Potholes in parking lot on time can relieve your worries of losing customers, and will help your business to continue.


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If you are still confused, you need to take the advice of our experts & we’re sure you’re going to have a smoother drive!

By analysing the above details provided by our specialists, you will be able to take the best decision according to your circumstances.

But don’t forget to hire an asphalt paving company that is pro at doing these works otherwise you’ll fall making major damage to your pocket.

If you are looking for quality pothole/asphalt repairs, Main Infrastructure provides high quality, economical pothole and Asphalt Paving Toronto services. These asphalt maintenance tips will help you to ensure that your parking lot or other asphalt surfaces are in great working condition year round.


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Asphalt winter care tips

2 thoughts on “5 Winter Care Tips to Minimize Damage to Your Asphalt Parking Lot

  1. During winter, I have noticed people constantly shoveling ice off their roads and wondered why they do this. I never knew that this was one of the ways to prevent a freezing cycle that can do extensive damage to the asphalt. I had previously assumed that leaving the ice there wouldn’t make much of a difference. If ever these types of ice damages would happen to the asphalt at my home or driveway, I’d have for expert care after taking these tips into account. Thank you!

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