Catch basin is an integral part of storm drain maintenance that helps to prevent debris such as trash and other floatable material from entering the drainage system. To maintain your catch basin that is functioning properly is the best thing in order to keep surface water flowing and keep water from pooling on your property.

Catch basin are typically installed to collect water from low –lying areas to prevent flooding or other water damage. Their maintenance is necessary to ensure proper working of the storm sewers. If maintenance of catch basin is neglected, water can begin leaking into your homes through pressure cracks promoting standing water. This can cause the development and growth of bacteria and insects putting your family at risk.

Standing water occurs due to excessive rain falls or severe storms. This is often caused because the ground is oversaturated with water and can no longer soak any more of it up. To prevent this, catch basin cleaning is very important in keeping the city clean, safe and running efficiently.

3 Reasons a Catch Basin Is Important

catch basin importance

A catch basin is important to your city in the following ways.

#1. Prevent Street Flooding

The purpose of catch basin is to keep the streets from being overrun with rainwater by keeping storm drains free from blockages. Catch Basins are set lower than the actual street and follow a downward slope which allows water naturally runs towards the drain and follows its path.

Most of the roads are filled with flooded water that causes accidents due to too much water present. Thus, a catch basin protects your streets and your safety. Rebuilding a catch basin is an important part of regular curb maintenance in order to prevent sewer blockages.

#2. Prevent Home Flooding

Rainstorm not only create chaos on the roads but also in your home. If standing water is found in your front yard without any proper drainage, it can damaged your yard while excessive water can drown your plants. Therefore, you need to maintain a catch basin to prevent buildup by guiding any standing water underground.

Standing water is a huge threat as it can damage the structure of your house. Basement flooding is a major problem, if rainfall is allowed to sit for too long. Because this will cause the growth of too much moisture which creates a breeding ground for mold.

If these problems are not treated on time, this may lead to weakening in your foundation which eventually allow it to penetrate in your home. The best way to prevent damage and contamination to the environment is to have your catch basin cleaned before it reaches to costly repairs.

#3. Collect Trash

 Catch basin covers are designed with multiple slits which allow only liquids to pass through sewers. All debris including leaves, rocks and dirt are stopped from going underground. This is really important task to collect the trash or leftovers in the sewage system because it can create a blockage.

When the sewer backs up and cannot drain efficiently, the wastewater must find somewhere new to go, which often includes nearby residencies. A catch basin keeps the drains clear and working efficiently.

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