Does Your Catch Basin Need Repair?

At MAIN INFRASTRUCTURE we are always looking to save your money. Maintaining and repairing asphalt around catch basin and manhole is a best way to prevent future costly repairs.

Here we look forward towards your need and provide you the best solution ever! We specialize in all types of catch basins and manhole installation and repairs around your drain. Our services are available all year around.

Catch Basin repair is very important part to maintain the drainage system and blockage. When they are not properly repaired or maintained, they can fail to work properly leading to cause flooding.

What Is Manhole/Catch Basin Repair?

Catch basin are a very important element in parking lots and are easy to overlook.  Catch basin (or storm basins) are used to catch water that runs on the pavement and acts as a junction for a storm drain system. Catch basin are build that way that even a high volume of water enter drainage pipes with minimal overflow.

To keep your home or business drainage system running its best and properly maintained, repairing of catch basin is required that will prevent parking lot flooding, backups and hazards.

Main Infrastructure can provide catch basin repair service for both commercial and residential customers.


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Catch Basin And Manhole repair

Here Are 6 Steps For Repairing Catch Basin/ Manhole

  1. Saw cut and remove damaged asphalt / concrete around upper lever perimeter of drain.
  2. Remove & replace damaged interior block and mortar.
  3. Reset grate in repaired basin.
  4. Install minimum 18 inch – 6 ½ bag mix concrete drain collar & broom finish.
  5. Clean up and remove debris.
  6. Provide barricades to close off area until ready for traffic.

Step 1. We saw cut around the catch basin and dispose the asphalt off site. We then excavate down words and expose the foundation and drain system to insure there are no leaks running through it.

Step 2. Then we will inspect all the catch basin risers to see if any are cracked or have come apart. This mainly happens from the freeze and thaw cycles. Also in some cases they sift and collapse from lack of water draining (Standing water). If any catch basin risers are needed, we will supply and install, replace any broken catch basin rings and adjust to proper levels to insure a proper drain flow.

Step 3. Once the catch basin is adjusted to proper elevations, we then backfill excavated areas with new clean 3/4 crushed stone and compacted to 4″ below existing grade.

Step 4. Then we will pave area(s) with heavy duty specifications, 4″ of compacted asphalt with road grade asphalt. (2″ HL8 – 2″HL3) area(s) to be paved into stages.

Step 5. Once our repairs are completed, we then rout and seal the edges of asphalt repairs and apply a hot rubber Joint Seal as you would see on the city roads. This will add many years of a maintenance free catch basin.

Keep Catch Basins and Drains Working to Extend Life of Asphalt


Here Are 8 Steps For Proper Catch Basin Installation

Installing a catch basin can solve many drainage problems whether in your residential or in a commercial parking lot. This can also help to keep debris such as trash and branches from clogging your sewer and prevents drainage problems.


First of all, we will choose the best location where water collects easily and insert a stake in the center to mark the location for the installation of catch basin. After choosing locations for your catch basin, the best piping routes will be determined that will slope downward slightly.


Secondly, we will start digging trenches for the pipes. It can be done with the use of a trencher and a trenching shovel. With a trenching hoe, dig low and wide enough for your pipes at least an 8-inch deep trench, dumping the soil on the tarp. The outlet should line up perfectly with the trench.


Next, as soon as the trenches have been dug, you can begin to start the installation of piping and basin. Before you start placing the basin in the hole, make sure that you have installed the adapter or plug that will connect it to pipes.


There are various options for securing your catch basin: gravel stone/ concrete. Concrete offers better protection from distortion and generally it helps to extend the life of your basin. These are usually more expensive basins. You will difficult to work if you do not have experienced or professional people. Concrete techniques include pouring into a mold before lowering the basin and then pouring the concrete around the basin will create longer and better longevity.


When using gravel or stone, add a layer in the bottom of the hole, before placing the basin on the ground. Attach the grate using the correct screwdriver.


Once the basin installation of catch basin is completed, we connect the pipes to the basin’s inlet and outlet. If using PVC pipes they will be press fitted while corrugated pipes will snap and screw in. Complete the pipe network, securing them with glue or tape where it’s needed.


Before back-filling begins you will need to test the system to ensure there are no holes, no leaks, holes or any other problems. This procedure can easily be done by pouring water directly into the basin or pipes.


The last step in the process is backfilling the trench and holes. The soil must be compacted perfectly because any voids will cause the system to sink, and result in drainage problems around your surface.

Your landscape drainage system can be improved exponentially with the use of catch basins. A properly installed and cleaned catch basin is a huge asset to any property.


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Need a Catch Basin Installed or Repaired?

If your property requires a catch basin installed or repaired, then turn to the paving experts at Main Infrastructure Services. Our team is fully trained and experienced, and we can handle any problems related to catch basins with utmost professionalism and efficiency.



The Main Infrastructure will provide you a full proof control drainage system that will strategically repair catch basin in most advantageous places to get the most efficient drainage control possible.

It provides various types of Catch basin Repair in Toronto according to your need. We have a team of professionally certified technicians who can perform most maintenance and repairs at your location.

We provide:

  • Annual inspections and certifications
  • On-site service repairs
  • 24/7 service commitment
  • Fully trained operators
  • Catch basin repairs and maintenance
  • Commercial & residential catch basin specialists
  • Super-fast emergency service calls
  • Fully licensed, bonded & insured
  • Highly satisfied NY customers & clients!

If you are looking for Manhole/Catch basin Repairs in Toronto, The Main Infrastructure offers safe, innovative and reliable services to deal with any catch basin problem that you might be facing.

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