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We are here to solve your problems regarding Catch basin repairs in Toronto. Lets discuss what exactly catch basin is..and what are the reasons behind it causes….Let’s Start!!

What do you understand by “CATCH BASIN”?

Catch Basins are commonly known as Storm basins or Storm sewers by most people. A Catch basin is an integral part of storm water management and Drainage Control System. A catch basin is a curbside drain with sole function of collecting rainwater and transport it to local waterways through a system of underground piping, culverts or drainage ditches when a rainstorm comes through.

It is really an important function for any urban area. If it is not done, Water would pool on the streets and sidewalks causing serious and excess runoff that would lead to cause flooding.

These catch basins are usually installed curbside and act like large traps that collect debris, dirt, trash, and other miscellaneous items that may clog or inhibit drainage pipes from directing overflow storm water. Catch basins are effective in both large scale and small scale uses.

It is really important to maintain regular catch basin repair to prevent larger repairs and liabilities. few potential defects that you should not avoid while you are on routine inspections and cleaning of catch basins.

Few Potential Defects You Should Avoid While Cleaning Catch Basins Are:

1. The Catch Basin is Higher than the Surrounding Asphalt

This situation causes standing water around the basin due to which sub-base underneath the surrounding asphalt settles over time. This makes the pavement lower than the concrete basin.

2. Sinkholes Are Developing Adjacent To The Basin

This is the outcome of two things. Firstly, when the water erodes the stone sub-base in the surrounding asphalt.  Secondly, when the stone base adjacent to the basin has settled and cannot support the surrounding asphalt.  It may be possible to remove and replace the surrounding asphalt, or to replace the entire catch basin structure due to the damage.

3. The Frame Of The Basin Has Shifted On An Angle

This situation occurs when the concrete rings become unstable or completely eroded on one or all sides.  To prevent this situation, you need to replace the rings using a proper bonding agent.

It is beneficial to deal with the problem at the early stages so that you don’t need to face any situation at last  minute.

The Main Infrastructure uses latest technologies and offer many different options for any catch basin repair.

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Causes of Manhole/ Catch Basin Deterioration

Some of the Causes of manhole/Catch Basin are:

  • Cover and Seal                                                         
  • Root penetration
  • Under Frame/casting                                                 
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion
  • Joints, Cracks and holes                                             
  • Groundwater Level
  • Pipe Seals                                                                         
  • Traffic loading/impact
  • Freeze/thaw cycles

Catch Basin repair in Toronto

Benefits Of Catch Basin Installation For Your Control Drainage Efforts Include:

  • Significant support for drainage control systems through clogging prevention of   underground drainage pipes
  • Protects property and landscaping from flooding
  • Prevention of sewer clogging
  • Effective water filtration
  • Reduces foul odors
  • Successful in solving a variety of drainage problems


Process Involved in Removal of Manhole Frame


Firstly, a speed plate locks in to the frame of the manhole and allows the machine typically a skid loader or a backhoe that controls the cutter to be positioned at the appropriate points around the manhole frame. Attaching the cutter to a machine such as a skid loader generally uses a standard auger drive and requires no modification to the hydraulic system of the machine.


Secondly, The cutting system has an adjustable cutting diameter of 28 in. up to 72 in. and can cut through asphalt and concrete.  It takes less than 10-20 minutes. Once the manhole frame and surrounding road material is cut down to the cone level, it is removed from the road with no need of jack hammer any asphalt our concrete.


We developed and applied the integrated height control device together with an innovative form-work which can setup a Manhole our catch basin frame in minutes ready to pour concrete.

Third, By Using a fast Setting Concrete Mixture,Catch basin will be ready for the asphalt layer in less than 30 minutes. Using this concrete mixture it will eliminate any cracks our water penetration.

Step 4 

The final Step, involves Applying sealant to seal the interface between the outer edges of the asphalt finish and the pavement to prevent water from penetrating the structure.

Our qualified team is experienced with installing, repairing and replacing manholes and catch basins at short notices to bring your pavement to its watertight best.

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If You are still confused, you need to take the advice of our experts & we’re sure you’re going to take the best decision according to your circumstances.


The Main Infrastructure will provide you a full proof control drainage system that will strategically repair catch basin in most advantageous places to get the most efficient drainage control possible.

It provides various types of Manhole/Catch basin Repairs in Toronto according to your need. We have a team of professionally certified technicians who can perform most maintenance and repairs at your location.

We provide:

  • Annual inspections and certifications
  • On-site service repairs
  • Customized periodic maintenance schedules
  • Safety First
  • 24/7 service commitment
  • Fully trained operators

If you are looking for Manhole/Catch basin Repairs in Toronto, The Main Infrastructure offers safe, innovative and reliable services.

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Catch Basin repair in Toronto

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