Catch basins are one of the most essential element of your property. It is the main component of the drainage system. It avoids the damage to your house that can be caused due to the rain, water and snowfall.

Catch basin are usually a big underground box having a grate at its opening. The excess water and solid gets drained into that big box. This box is directly connected to the drainage system which take the water to sewage and the rest solid materials set into the box.

When one–third of the box is filled, it’s the time to clean up. If not maintained it can cause problem. So, Catch basin maintenance is necessary.

We at Main Infrastructure specializes in catch basin installation, repair, cleaning, repaving, and resurfacing and provides all year round service.

Our qualified team is experienced to deal with any catch basin problem that you might be facing at short notices to bring your pavement to its watertight best.


Why Repairing Your Catch Basin Is Important?

catch basin repair

When catch basin are properly repaired and maintained, they provide adequate parking lot drainage and ultimately reduce costly asphalt repairs in the future.

We at Main Infrastructure guarantee that the pavement around the catch basin are properly repaired and maintained. Catch basins are important for:

  • No standing water can be in sight.
  • It saves you form disease and different kinds of illness, that can be caused from bacteria and insects multiplication due to the standing water.
  • It saves your plants from dying due to the accumulation of standing water in the lawn.
  • It saves our house from damages caused to the foundation of your property due to standing water other than the growth of molds and bacteria.

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Storm Drain & Catch Basin Cleaning

Only installation of the catch basin, is not going to solve your all standing water related problem, its maintenance is as necessary. The main work of catch basin is to collect all the debris and to keep the flow of collected water to the end sewer. It is more necessary in the rainy reasons due to storms.

catch basin repair

The function of a catch basin is not just to simplify in water drainage in your property, but also to sustain a stable flow of water from your yard to the drainage system. The water could directly flow to through the pipe to local water source but it can often come with debris and sediments in addition. And for this problem the solution is the bottom of the catch basin. If it is not maintained properly can cause problem for a long term.

Catch basin doesn’t only accumulated water over the ground except that it had to collect all the sand, leave, sediments and other debris. Over a time period these debris are going to fill the underground tank and create a massive problem for you. If the debris block the out the pipes. So, cleaning catch basin on a regular basis is necessary. Click here to know more about Catch Basin Cleaning Toronto.

How to Install a Catch Basin?

Before installation, first we determine the best location for your catch basin. A catch basin should sit in the lowest place where the water gets collected in the drainage field.

catch basin repair


#1: Mark the area: Mark the area where you need to install the catch basin or catch basins with the spray paint. You can also mark where pipes will be placed.

#2: Excavation: Next, contact power companies to locate buried utilities. Dig low and wide enough for the proper depth with the help of trencher or trenching shovel.

#3: Bedding: Use gravel or stone to add a layer at the bottom of the basin. The base must be firm and compacted to prevent settling of the heavy basins. You should follow the local specifications for depth and compaction of the catch basins.

#4: Clearance: Remove all the large rocks or other materials to create a minimum clearance of 3 inches around the catch basin.

#5: Installation: Install each piece of the precast separately. Check the alignment of the piece before adding the next piece.

#6: Place the lid: After the basin is installed, place the lid with inlet grate on top.

#7: Back-fill: Finish the installation by back filling.

Catch Basin Problem

Catch basin too needs to be repaired, if not maintained properly. Some common problems are listed below:

Sink Hole: These are usually formed near the pipeline attached to the basin. Due to which the asphalt can damage and water can directly erode to basic, and the hole can get bigger and can damage your property.

The other problem related to catch basin can be varying repairs based on the severity of damage: full catch basin rebuild, top-half rebuild, and concrete ring replacements.



Do You Need A Catch Basin Repair?

We at main infrastructure promises to deliver you all-in-one solutions to all your catch basin problems. We are bounded to achieve the need of your respective project that to in time and reasonable price accompanied with our high standards quality.

Why Main Infrastructure?

Main Infrastructure will provide you a full proof control drainage system that will strategically repair catch basin in most advantageous places to get the most efficient drainage control possible. Our professionally certified technicians provides various types of Catch basin Repairs in Toronto according to your need.

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