You can enhance the exterior of your property by the use of concrete curb as your pavement. Not only it’s an epitome of extreme strength, but when it comes to appealing, no pavement material can beat decorative concrete.

Concrete offers a variety of design meeting requirements of every property to look unique and lavish.

Form square cut to a rectangle, these are available in a number of different shapes. When it comes to color, the option is endless.

A decorative concrete curb offers numerous advantages while adding value to your property. With an exceptional number of textures and vibrancy, unimaginable options are available.

In fact, there are methods applicable for Concrete Curb Installation & enhancement. Moreover, there are feasible Concrete Curbing Repair & maintenance options to keep its durability intact.


#1: Integrally Colored Concrete

In this decorative concrete, the color is present in the material thoroughly. In case, the upper layer of the surface with time wears off or chips or scars, the color of concrete will still remain.

However, the Concrete Curb Installation has issues of fading. Moreover, batch to batch consistency reduces with the advent of the new color admixtures.


#2: Textured Finishes

The appearance of concrete may differ with a change in the texture of the surface. Well, to achieve texture, chemicals or sandblasting comes to use.

In fact, these processes deliver a variety of texture. On top of that, this can control deterioration due to traffic and sun exposer. Also with it, it provides a uniform appearance.

An example of such a technique is aggregate concrete. Well, installing an exposed aggregate finish, the color of the concrete work can be managed to match or contrast with the aggregate used.

More importantly, it has a slip-resistant finish result of the aggregate exposer. Eventually, this allows greater security for walkers in the locality is prone to inclement weather.


#3: Stamped Concrete

This concrete curb installation method replicates the pattern and texture of slate, brick, cobblestone, flagstone, stone, and even wood.

Typically, it receives its color from some kinds of shake on powder. These shakes on color results in concrete with an excessively firm and mar-resistant surface.

The perks coming with stamping is present in the saving during concrete driveway installation. Not only it’s a long term performing pavement but have lesser requirement concrete curbing repair.


#4: Stenciling/Staining

This method process offers another significant way to spice up the appeal of the property. Stenciling requires masking off a part of concrete pavement.

Further, performing sandblasting, coloring, or etching to the exposed area to offer a spectacular finish leaving a pattern or faux finish. Stains penetrate to the pavement surface is applied to get an exclusive mottled finish to the upper concrete pavement.

These were top ways to enhance the appeal and value of your property. Besides choosing the right decorative concrete, knowledge of the perfect concrete curbing repair.


Concrete Curbing Repair: Important Points To Look Out!

Weather change is often the reason behind the major disruption in the strength of the concrete pavement. After extreme winter, full of rain and severe snowfall, the pavement is likely to get cracks and potholes.

Evidently, this requires instant attention as well as concrete curbing repairs. However, a prior inspection of damages is mandatory. In fact, this allows you to identify the damages’ intensity also what Concrete Repair it requires.

This is the first step when it comes to pavement maintenance. To ensure its strength gets restored, picking the right concrete curbing repair is necessary. In case, analyzing the damage is not possible from your side, contact an expert Concrete Paving Contractor for helps.

They know exactly when and How Do You Repair A Concrete Curb. This includes How To Replace Concrete Curb too.


Top Concrete Curbing Repair Services In Toronto

Once the contractors identify the concrete for curb damage, it’s time to move for repairs. Performing the concrete curbing repair will reinforce the pavement while restoring its attractive appearances.

Here’s what primary concrete repairs and maintenance options are like

#1: Slab Jacking

In case, your concrete curb has sunk anywhere, slapjack is the best way to get it in the right space. In fact, this issue arises due to soil erosion or poor sub base. With raining and snowfall, this layer wears off; the concrete curbing repair is required. This process just puts fly ash, sand, and cement at the missing area to get it back in its initial appearance.

#2: Concrete Resurfacing

Has the upper layer of your decorative concrete worn out? Or, there are mini cracks and potholes? In such scenarios, the best concrete curb repair is resurfacing.

Not only it reduces deterioration of the pavement but also improves appeal as if it were installed now only. Moreover, it would seem as if no cracks ever existed there.

#3: Concrete Patching

Surprisingly, concrete patching is the best repairs when it comes to strengthening the pavement. In fact, the concrete repair can not only undo the damages but also delay further deterioration.

Well, the process includes removal of the damaged area and replacement of it a fresh concrete work. Obviously, it adds years to your pavement, but also make it look, as it was Concrete Curb Installation

#4: Add a Concrete Stain

The faded color of concrete is also damage. In fact, the deterioration has a specialized concrete driveway repair.

This method utilizes a color hardener, integral pigment, or other exclusive coloring improving medium. Obviously, it restores the color of the pavement while improving its appeal.


Get Specialized Concrete Curbing Repair & Maintenance Services!

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  • Monolithic Curbs
  • Concrete Parking Lots


  • Concrete Paving
  • Colored Concrete Pavements
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Interlocking brick installation & repairs
  • Concrete Sidewalks, Walkways & Paths
  • Curbs and Curbing Repair
  • Concrete Sawing / Cutting
  • Concrete Pads
  • Crack Repair; Epoxy Injection and Urethane Grout Injection
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • High Rise Facade and Curtainwall Repairs
  • Concrete Handicap Ramps
  • Landscape Curbing / Edging Installation

Don’t let the concrete work have more time to crack and degrade.

Whatever the project, whatever the timeline!

We will take all necessary measures to ensure maximum strength and durability to your pavement on budget.

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