Being the owner of a property, it becomes your responsibility to maintain its beauty and elegance over the years.

Well, nothing beats the classic look of concrete when it comes to the exterior aesthetics. When maintained in the right way, concrete could potentially offer lasting architectural strength and support.

Fortunately, you’ve already made things radically easier for you on the maintenance part by investing in concrete as your construction material.

Concrete, being one of the most sturdy and durable paving materials, seldom requires extensive upkeep. Having said that, no paving material can be completely maintenance-free.

Moreover, some looking after from time to time could actually save you a lot of money and headache on Concrete Repair in the long run.

So, today we have come up with some basic tips and tricks for concrete maintenance and repair. Taking care of these fundamentals ensures your concrete structure continues to look its best.


Most Essential Concrete Maintenance and Repair Tips

Maintenance of concrete could vary widely based on the nature of the concrete application. For instance, your driveway may require more upkeep and looking after than the interiors.

Thus, the first step to maintaining the concrete elements of your property is to inspect them individually. This way you can easily single out any problem areas and evaluate the expected costs.

Well, most homeowners dread up-front heavy investments. But there are some things you can also do yourself in advance to avoid ever reaching that stage.

Couple that with small investments on Concrete Work at regular intervals and you’ve got yourself a budget-friendly concrete maintenance plan.

Consider these other recommendations as well for proper concrete maintenance and repair:


#1. Regular Cleaning and Stain Removal

This is the first step you should take to increase the aesthetic value of your property. Moreover, cleaning doesn’t require you to hire any professional help and can easily be taken care of within a few minutes.

A broom or a leaf blower is just enough for regular cleaning of leaves, dirt, and debris. Though, how often you clean your driveway will also depend on the kind of traffic it is exposed to and the weather conditions.

A commercial driveway may require cleaning more often than a residential one. Further, you may also have to pressure wash the area to remove oil stains right away as these tend to penetrate the surface.

In the case of heavy discoloration, using certain cleaning chemicals to remove the grease should suffice.

Removing grass and weeds and sweeping away the dirt can dramatically increase the Concrete Curb Appeal.


#2. Resealing the Concrete  

Resealing is often overlooked but is very important to keep your concrete surface in its prime condition. In fact, it can extend the pavement’s life and protect your initial investment for years down the line.

Resealing your driveway becomes all the more important because of the consistent traffic abuse it has to endure.

Usually, it is recommended to reseal the concrete surface every two years or when it starts to show the signs of wear and tear.

This helps to maintain the color and looks of the surface while the contractors can also inspect any other minor damage. This will, of course, cost you far less than what an extensive repair process might cost.

There are many good sealers available in the market for proper concrete maintenance and repair. You may also ask your Concrete Paving Contractor for recommendations.

 Make sure to get the resealing work done on a warm day to assist the drying and curing process. 


#3. Minimize the Use of Deicing Chemicals

If you reside in an area prone to snow and freezing temperatures, the idea of using a deicer can be tempting. However, it will cause more harm than good, especially during the first year of concrete installation.

Deicers with ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulfates are specifically harsh and react chemically with the surface leading to scaling. Using strong salts for removing ice is also not safe for decorative concrete. These salts can cause severe damage to the surface by perpetuating the thaw-freeze cycles.

While sodium and calcium chloride is often associated with less damage, overuse of snow-melt products can show up as cracks. This eventually increases the incidences for Concrete Curbing Repair and related extra expenses.

Thus, it is far better to stay away from any kind of salts for deicing, especially for new concrete structures. Because they tend to be more susceptible to the damage.

The best course of action would be to consult a professional contractor about the products you may use to maintain the look of the surface.


#4. Take Heed and Exercise Caution

As previously mentioned, concrete maintenance and repair also depend on the type of structure. To that end, you cannot use a residential driveway like you would a commercial one.

In fact, parking heavy vehicles or heavy-duty trucks on a concrete surface that’s not made for it is a sure-fire way to early pavement failure. Taking care of these small and often overlooked things can actually help you increase the lifespan of your concrete.

Everyday steps and vigilance go a long way to avoid intensive Concrete Driveway Repair.

Henceforth, experts recommend taking care of the driveway on a consistent basis. Simplest things like avoiding the use of metal shovels for snow removal help avoid scratches and prolong the look of the surface.

In fact, our contractors can implement routine maintenance and regular check-ups to keep your concrete in its top shape.

Our long-term pavement management planning reduces potential financial liabilities before the damage is actually done.


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  • Concrete Handicap Ramps
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  • Concrete Driveways and Parking Lots

Combining our extreme diligence with the use of cutting-edge equipment enables us to offer you a finish that lasts for years.

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