Concrete is the trendy paving material of today’s time. From its usages in the top construction material, it can get you a sturdy long-lasting pavement.

The best part is that it adds colors and a greater appearance to your property. In fact, the leading paving material is available in a number of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Well, these were a few factors making the concrete emerge as a top paving material. Still, people cling to plenty of concrete myths.

Here we have tried to debunk some of the famous concrete myths.


10 Untrue Concrete Myths You Should Never Believe

Concrete is a sturdy versatile material having extensive usage in different paving requirements. Still, after having a pivotal role in the construction industry, there are some myths that still roll in.

#1: Concrete Is Of A Gray Color Only

Undoubtedly, the first form of concrete has a grey color, but it doesn’t remain the same way. In fact, to make it more attractive and to add looks to the property, mineral colors are mixed in them. Eventually, a colorful hardened form of concrete is available.

#2: Use Acid To Strip A Concrete Sealant

Well, this isn’t completely true. Actually, acid can extensively deteriorate concrete. It shouldn’t be used to band any sort of sealant. Instead, a contractor goes for the application of a sealant stripper or solvent.

#3: Concrete and Cement Are the Same?

Oftentimes people use these two terms interchangeably. In fact, cement is an ingredient in the concrete used to make concrete paving. The other constituents of the concrete include water, aggregates (like sand and crushed gravel), paste, and additives.

#4: The Higher the Compressive Strength, the More Durable the Concrete

The compressive strength ranges between 2,500 psi – 10,000 psi. You might consider, the higher the concrete psi is the more durable it is. Right? However, that’s not completely true.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the primary characteristics of concrete pavement. However, durability depends on factors leading to a concrete breakdown. This major includes freeze-thaw cycles or sulfate reaction.

For most durable, you don’t require excessive concrete psi in terms of specification but reducing permeability can work.

#5: Higher Impermeability

Concrete is a porous material. This characteristic is present in the denser type of concrete too. Obviously, this indicates the flow of water and other substances (liquid or vapor form) can occur.

However, this characteristic to function depends on the density of the material. Hence, for denser concrete work, water can take months to seep in.

For low-quality Exterior Concrete Mix, it may seep in a few minutes. Henceforth, leading to frequent requirements of concrete repairs.



#6: You Can Pave Concrete At Any Time Of Year

Undoubtedly, concrete is the most durable paving material available. However, it doesn’t get dry just after pouring unless the right condition is available.

Of course, the application of concrete in low temperatures or hot can lead to improved hardening of the concrete mixtures. Henceforth, the best suggested season for High Strength Concrete installation is spring or fall.

#7: There Are Dead Bodies In The Concrete Of The Hoover Dam

So, you have heard the same story where a dam worker falls into pouring concrete, and he is unable to get out. The pouring continues and he dies. However, this is entirely true!

Yes, it is true that more than 100 people died during the construction of the Hoover Dam. However, none of them was part of the concrete structure. Of course, doing so can lead to structural issues once the body begins decaying.

#8: Add Tons of Water to the Concrete Mix — it’ll Be Better!

Most people think the more water the better concrete mixtures will be. However, this entirely depends upon the water to cement ratio you add.

Here, concrete rules play a pivotal role. Obviously, adding excessive water in the mix isn’t good in any case.

The chances of the cracks in such cases increased dramatically. Hence, sticking to the primary concrete mix specifications is necessary.

#9: All Concrete Will Crack

Not at all!

A properly installed concrete pavement won’t require Concrete Paving Services. In fact, these pavements won’t encounter cracks or any other pavement issues. This only happens when the contractor utilizes proper Understanding Concrete Mixes.

In case, the concrete mix specifications aren’t adhered to, cracks can appear as common issues. Still, strategic concrete applications can get you a sturdy and attractive pavement.

#10: No Maintenance Required

Usually, homeowners have the perception that no concrete equipment requires maintenance. This doesn’t only restrict to the concrete pavement but applies in the concrete fire pit, concrete outdoor kitchen, and even concrete counter tops.

Undoubtedly, concrete is a highly durable material. However, regular maintenance safeguards it from further damage. Also, it adds to its durability and goes for a long while preventing major concrete issues.

This was all about concrete myths.


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