Hiring a concrete paving contractor can be complicated for first-timers. However, having a list of queries and a firsthand knowledge helps when it’s about getting Concrete Paving Services.

Hence, if you are going ahead with you concrete paving projects, before calling for quotes, plan out a questionnaire. This would help you decide which concrete paving company meets your project requirement.

In fact, pre-decided criteria helps your shortlist the right company. All you just require to filter through the information or sales pitches offered.

Checkout our prominent tips that are going to help you select the right concrete paving company.

#1: Be Prepared and Confident

The more confident and well-informed you remain beforehand, you exactly acknowledge what you are looking for. Eventually, this makes it easier to evaluate the competency and experience of a concrete paving company.

#2: Find Several Options and Narrow the Field

Compare the different quotes you have received, go through each concrete paving contractor, and narrow your choice.

Of course, talking to a different companies will get you even more enhanced grasp of what you are looking for. Henceforth, helping to make the final choice among the top picks.

#3: Flexible Scheduling Options

Mostly, Concrete Contractors with extensive experience with success usually have a busy schedule. Thus, if they are unavailable on your dates, then you require to be flexible and ask for any substitute timelines.

Moreover, be skeptical of the contractor completely available on any date.

#4: Factor in Drying Time for Your Deadline

Whatever deadline it be, even after concrete pavement installation, you can’t still access the driveway for a week. In fact, several contractors recommend leaving it for 2-4 weeks for ensuring proper strength and longevity.

Preparing for an important event at your residence? Or require shipping of some heavy equipment? In such a case, maintain the deadline several weeks before the completion date.

#5: Ask What Permitting Will Be Necessary

Most importantly, you require to have knowledge of what kind of permits are required beforehand. Obviously, this is a great way to self-educate with the suggestions of professionals.

Also, it’s a brilliant way to determine the knowledge and experience of the concrete paving contractor.

In case, they are unaware of the necessary permit or puts this load over your shoulder, you get alert. This simply indicates they are inexperienced or are incapable of providing quality services.

#6: Be Prepared To Turn Down Upsells

The finishing touch on concrete gives a lavishing appearance. In fact, stamping or scoring patterns into your concrete pavement deliver a stunning decorative flair. Meanwhile, it elevates the curb appeal of the property.

However, this can fluctuate your budget to a great extent. Hence, get prepared to inquire about price prior and deny extra concrete paving services if budgets are tight

#7: Just Get Cost Quotes, Get Technical

Inspection of the worksite can get you more clearly and a better sense of specific, if you aren’t beforehand acknowledging.

Obviously, gather different aspect of material requirements and specifications is helpful. It can ease up filtering your choices.

#8: Make Sure Projects Come With Written Contracts

Writing contracts are mandatory for any work you are going ahead with.

Hence, before you hire concrete paving contractor get a written contract signs. Also, ask if the company follows such protocols. Further, keep a copy of the signed contracts.

#9: Ask What Is Included In The Contract

The contract should be precisely technical and specific including the cost and schedule ensuring an opimum quality guarantee and clear expectations.

Obviously, before signing any document, go through it thoroughly and confirm about suspicious element.

Of course, being sure beforehand averts complications once the concrete paving service completes. Further, you can include the thickness of pavement as well as compaction of the subgrade and base.

#10: Ask Questions to Test the Contractor’s Knowledge and Skill

Shortlists contractors by assessing the technical questions. This would help you acknowledge in the company acquires the skill and knowledge to accomplish your projects.

In fact, concrete crack prevention is a sound topic to ask. Of course, their response will provide a clearer objective of their skill and knowledge.

#11: Portfolio

Selecting the concrete contractor can further be easier by checking their portfolio. In fact, the best concrete paving companies maintain a gallery of their recent project.

Well, the sole reason behind this is to get clients a clearer idea of their services. Obviously, this helps visualizes what the residence will look like once concrete work is done.

#12: Experience

As a typical rule of thumb, a company with 5 years of minimum experience is good to go with. These companies demonstrate reliability and consistency in delivering quality work.

In fact, experienced contractors willingly provide insight and recommendations to deliver the best results possible. For instance, they will discuss which concrete type will be more complimentary to your backyard over others.

#13: Reputation

Is your concrete paving contractor friendly?

What about their reputation in the market?

The evaluation requires going through their clients’ testimonials and reviews. Also, checking reviews on social media including Yelp, Houzz, Facebook, and Angie’s List is best.

Also, go through poor reviews and watch, if they have responded to such complaints professionally. If someone in your acquaintance has recently got concrete repair services from them, ask their experience.

#14: Insurance

In case, there’s a mishap at the worksite, you should be sure it doesn’t go in your hand. Ask about their insurance policies cover particularly, how it protects you and your property from on-the-job accidents and damages.

Professional concrete paving contractor have general liability coverage as well as worker’s competition in place.

Also, contacting the insurance company for verifying coverage and timeframe is possible.

#15: Concrete Paving Price

Before you hire a concrete paving company, an estimation of expenses over the project is a must. Actually, the budget includes the cost of the base material, reinforcement, sealer, concrete thickness, coloring, and down payment.

Not only it provide a précised idea of overall expenses but cross-comparing the price provides a more comprehensive outlook here.

Make sure what you pay for the quality of work is up to that. Paying less will of course lead to poor workmanship.


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  • Colored Concrete Pavements
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  • Concrete Sidewalks, Walkways & Paths
  • Curbs and Curbing Repair
  • Concrete Sawing / Cutting
  • Concrete Pads
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  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • High Rise Facade and Curtainwall Repairs
  • Concrete Handicap Ramps
  • Landscape Curbing / Edging Installation

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