Your driveway is the marks the reputation of the property while increasing its value. However, to achieve both, Driveway Paving Cost is the main concern.

With different types of pavement installation, the budget is likely to fluctuate. Moreover, whether selecting concrete, stone, asphalt, or choosing the colors, size, shape, and style have equal impact.

Having inadequate knowledge about asphalt paving installation would expand your expenses.

Fortunately, we’ve created this detailed guide to help you determine the right pavers driveway cost.

The vital role in determining Asphalt Road Paving Cost is of the most crucial factors. So, let’s start with them to get you a clearer idea.


What Are The Main Factors That Affects Driveway Paving Cost?

driveway paving cost

Materials and labor cost have a direct impact on you Asphalt Paving Cost. However, underlying factors often go unnoticed. Ultimately, these end up spiking the final expenses.

You won’t be able to adjust them once the asphalt-paving installation begins.

Still, begin aware of these factors will help you cut down the unnecessary expenses. Meanwhile, you will have an Estimated Asphalt Driveway Cost.

#1: Filling Materials

For the asphalt paving process, fill materials are the top requirement. You might have to buy the fill material including mortar, sand, or gravel. Depending on your project size, the filling material can add up heavy additional charges.

#2: Asphalt Pavement Installation

Installing pavement on sloppy land is a challenging task. Well, these sloppy pavement installations require greater time. Thus, the final expenses are going to go up.

#3: Design of Pavement

Mostly asphalt driveway pavements are simple and go straight. On the contrary, some pavements are curved and even circular. The second type of pavement requires additional care and attention to detail. Again, raising the Asphalt Driveway Cost.

#4: Prior Preparation

Some pavement requires the least preparation. Eventually, they require fewer equipment and materials. In contrast, other driveway or parking lots might demand more. In case you’re resurfacing it or replacing it, it would add additional expenses. Just don’t forget to consider Driveway Resurfacing Cost.

#5: Labor Cost

One of the most underestimated factors is labor cost. Depending on your project size or its demand, it might require more workforces. Certainly, this would add unexpected expenses to your project.

#6: Equipment & Other Materials

There are several materials required for the asphalt paving process. It’s not just asphalt and roller for completing the process. Professional Asphalt company usage:

  • Fillers
  • Mortar
  • Saws
  • Cutting tools
  • Compactors
  • Grinding tools
  • Huge, specialty equipment

However, this won’t cost you much. In fact, some company even includes the expenses on the final cost of asphalt installation.

Still, it’s better to have a clear conversation in this respect with your company to avoid unexpected expenses.

These were a few factors often going unnoticed. However, taking them into an account can get you a brief budget idea. Thus, you won’t be wasting any money.

Other Factors Raising Final Expenses Are:

  • Your local weather can add to the expenses on maintenance. In some climates, pavement requires seal coating frequently for preserving it. In fact, some driveway requires sealing every 3-5 years. On the other hand, in harsh climates, it must be done every year.
  • Oftentimes, the project site needs land clearing. Site preparation can begin after the removal of trees, shrubs, stumps, and boulders in the paving area. Obviously, this would increase your budget but won’t stress it out.
  • For different physical features, the driveway paving cost is likely to raise. In other words, each slope, angle, or curve in your pavement would add to expenses. Moreover, this might include the involvement of an engineer to develop appropriate draining.


But, How Much Does It Cost To Pave A Driveway?

driveway paving cost

Well, the above factors have direct or indirect influences on the final expenses. Mentioning an exact amount would be difficult.

Certainly, it won’t imply different projects with distinct specifications. However, several asphalt paving contractors charge per square foot.

To minimalize any surprises, get an accurate asphalt paving cost. Ask for a free quote from Main Infrastructure, the leading asphalt paving company.

We provide top-notch and quality asphalt paving installation and other services while ensuring longevity and durability.

You can also browse through our different paving and maintenance services to know more.

Apart from the above factors, before going onward with asphalt paving installation, some other considerations can impact your project.

Actually, in certain areas, a permit is required to begin the process. This permit ensures your pavement meets all the guidelines of the municipality. For further information, consult your local authority or your town or city hall before initiating.

Also, you have to understand that Cost To Resurface Asphalt Driveway will vary from the cost of installing new pavement. An on-line Driveway Paving Cost Calculator can get you an estimation of expenses. Still, we suggest you consult with a specialized installer for précised expenses.


Driveway Paving Cost | FAQs

Homeowners are often in doubt when it comes to installing new pavement. They aren’t aware of the different aspects of the procedure.

Henceforth, we’ve taken such confusing queries in this segment and answered them.

#1: Which is cheaper a concrete or asphalt driveway?

Pricewise, an asphalt driveway is likely to cost less in comparison to concrete. However, they don’t offer the same durability and longevity in similar conditions. Thus, you should select your paving material local climate not Concrete vs asphalt, which is cheaper.

#2: What is the cheapest way to pave a driveway?

Technically, gravels are the cheapest way to pave for low load capacity. On the other hand, for hardwearing pavement, asphalt emerges as lesser expensive. Nonetheless, choosing the paving material is your individual preference. Still, considering the one complementing your weather and locality is suitable.

#3: Does a paved driveway add value?​

Undoubtedly, it does. Compared to an empty ground, a paved driveway not only increases the beauty of the exterior but also increases property value. Whether you chose concrete work or asphalt parking lot either offer similar features.

#4: How long does a driveway last?​

This entirely depends on the pavement you chose. Usually, different pavement materials last from 20 to 50 years. Asphalt pavement can last from 15-20 years whereas a concrete driveway lasts for 20-25 years.

#5: Is 2 inches of asphalt enough for a driveway?

Ideally, an asphalt pavement requires a second layer to make it sturdy and long-wearing. In fact, the initial two inches serve as the bottom layer. In other words, only 2 inches of asphalt won’t be enough for getting a stronger and long-lasting pavement.

#6: How thick should an asphalt driveway be?​

A long-lasting pavement should be at least 3 to 4-inches thick. Actually, this is an ideal thickness for durable and high load-bearing pavement. You should never install a pavement with a thickness lesser than this.


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Asphalt Driveway Paving cost is the main concern of every client.

A little distraction from the details can end up increase your expenses. In such a scenario, it’s best to consult the best asphalt driveway installer.

Whether a new pavement or resurfacing the old one, with our top-notch installing techniques, we would provide the best final finish and quality.

For a detailed consultation on asphalt installation and maintenance services, feel free to ring up the team @+1 (416) 514 0809.

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