Every homeowner knows the appeal of a smooth and well-built driveway.

It not only accentuates the look of the property but also adds to the overall landscaping. However, there are many new trends emerging in the construction field for driveway paving.

The color and style of the driveway pavers along with the styling of the surrounding foliage factor in when paving your driveway. Plus, there are many designs for layout and you need to pick the one that’s most compatible with the look of your property.

In fact, many paving contractors will advise you to also consider the styling of roof or building to select the driveway paving design. But lack of knowledge of latest industry trends can result in a not-so-satisfying work.

Just to keep things easier for you, here are the top driveway paving trends popular in 2020. Take a look at the listing and choose the one to upgrade the look of your driveway.

So, without any more delay, let’s take a look at the top Driveway Paving trends.


Driveway Paving Trends to Improve Your Driveway

There are actually many ways to emphasize the look of your driveway area.

The best method is using different driveway paving patterns and textures. Plus, you can also put effort into landscaping elements to add to the beauty of the driveway paving layout.

Moreover, there are different kinds of Driveway Paving Materials to create a wide variety of textures and structures.

Choosing the right paving design may seem a hard nut to crack at first. In such a scenario, hiring a paving contractor is usually your best bet.

Now, let’s take a look at the latest trends for paving your driveway in the home improvement industry.

#1. Decorative Textures

driveway paving trends

Homeowners can always go for unadorned smooth driveways. However, opting for some kind of decorative surfaces adds a zing factor to the driveway.

They enhance the look of your home. Plus, when you pick the texture that goes with the home’s exterior design, it also creates a cohesive look. Most in-demand decorative texture include interlocking pavers.

Because of the shape of the pavers, interlocking pavers usually create an even look. Plus, if the pavers are installed properly, there will be no movement in them. This guarantees a strongly bound Residential Driveway Paving. You can also choose to go for contrasting colors and textures.

Furthermore, you can mix and match and create different looks that go well with the landscaping and foliage.


#2. Natural Stone Pavers

driveway paving trends

Natural stone pavers find its use in a wide variety of projects that requires an ageless yet contemporary look.

They are usually used for informal walkways, patios, and outdoor fireplaces. Further, you’ve the option to choose from a wide range of colors including charcoal, black, red, pink, peach, chocolate, beige, blue, and gold.

If you do choose to install natural stone pavers, make sure you pick the shapes according to the area. You can tell your paving contractor to lay these pavers in irregular shapes to create a more informal look.

However, go for rectangular or square shapes for a more defined surface.


#3. Color and Border Options for Pavers

driveway paving trends

It’s imperative to look for color and border compatibility of the paving area with the overall exterior of the property.

By this we mean pick the paver color according to the color tones of your home’s roof. Plus, pay attention to how the vegetation around the parking area looks with the chosen colors.

IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER: Either the border color or the color of the primary paver field should go with the home’s exterior. However, you can go creative with the border style and pick different shapes and textures for it.


#4. Inlaid Lighting

driveway paving trends

Lighting the walkway area is one of the few ways to draw attention to the different elements in your driveway. Inlaid lighting not only illuminates your garden and patio area but also offers more safety. Perhaps these are the reasons it’s one of the top trends for styling driveways in 2020.

Furthermore, there are many options to install this kind of lighting. You can either install it within the paving or beneath the roof. Depending on your choice, it will either cast the light downwards or upwards.

 Only install inlaid lighting after thorough evaluation of your options as many homeowners also choose side lamps for lighting the area. 


#5. Landscaping Elements

driveway paving trends

Are you going for a more seamless and natural look to your entire walkway area?

Add more foliage and gardening pieces, such as flowering vines, ferns, and deep green grasses.

In fact, many people pay special attention to pick only those color tones for pavers that can bring out the vegetation more profoundly. Planting vegetation around the driveway area also creates the impression that the paving is integrated into the exteriors of your home.

IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER: Interlocking pavers and natural stone installation are some of the best options to incorporate greenery into your driveway paving.

So, did you enjoy reading about these latest trends for designing your driveway in creative ways?

While many of these can be implemented on your own, some of these will require the help of a paving installer.

Moreover, there is no other better material than asphalt to use for implementing these driveway paving trends. As a matter of fact, asphalt is one of the most affordable and durable material to create different types of driveway surface textures.

Consulting with an Asphalt Paving Company ensures you get expert advice on using asphalt materials for driveway paving.

NOTE: Do you often wonder how much will it cost you to get your driveway asphalt paved?

Directly get in touch with the best paving contractor or read up on the most important factors to determine the Estimated Asphalt Driveway Cost.


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