When you’re a homeowner, you need to account for the maintenance of your driveway. Having questions while getting a driveway paved is not an uncommon scenario.

Whether an old or a new house, a properly done driveway is always the focus of attention for visitors. It definitely makes you and your house look good.

With the advent in construction industry, there are a range of surface options for your driveway. And what you ultimately choose should depend on your budget and the durability of the material.

Asphalt happens to fulfill both the criteria. That’s why it’s one of the most common choice of homeowners for paving.

In fact, you might be walking on an asphalt paved driveway more often than you notice.

So, what exactly can you expect with an Asphalt Driveway Paving?

Check out this guide to find everything you should know about asphalt Driveway Paving. Along with this you get to know all your paving related questions answered.


What is Asphalt Driveway Paving?

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Asphalt Driveway Paving is essentially getting a worn-out driveway newly paved with asphalt to maintain its appearance and lifetime.

Contractors usually use hot mix asphalt to repair or renew the surface.

Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) is an aggregate of stone and sand with a slurry of asphalt. There are other asphalt materials too, though the heating and curing conditions vary.

Different Types of Driveway Paving have their own pros and cons. That’s why it’s important for you to evaluate what you want out of the paving job so that the final outcome always meets your expectations.

There can be many practical reasons to choose one over the other. Some of the factors for driveway paving choice may include:

  • Compatibility of the driveway paving with other landscaping elements
  • The investment required for installing the driveway
  • Maintenance issues and the time required to maintain the driveway paving
  • Durability of the paving work

After weighing in these factors, we do find asphalt to be the Best Driveway Paving choice. However, there are other common alternatives for driveway paving.

Experienced and Best Paving Contractor can help you determine the most compatible driveway paving type based on a thorough assessment.

To make your choice easier, here are the two most common Driveway Paving Types with their unique attributes.


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Concrete vs Asphalt Driveway Paving

Concrete and Asphalt are two of the Best Driveway Paving Materials. Well, that’s not to say you can choose any one of them without careful evaluation.

In fact, both of these have their own value propositions. And the one you choose will depend on your personal preference.

Check out the key differences in Concrete Driveway Paving and Asphalt Driveway Paving below:

Concrete Driveway Paving

Asphalt Driveway Paving


Installing a concrete driveway is expensive Installation of an asphalt driveway paving costs much less when compared to concrete

Setting Time

Takes a long time to set properly Sets fairly quickly as it hardens by cooling

Repair Cost

Requires a substantial investment for repairs if the surface gets damaged Repairs are affordable and easier to accomplish

Resale Value

Perceived as better value by home-buyers Adds value to your property in the long run

Durability in Winters

Prone to damage by snow and ice melt Less likely to get damaged by ice melt or rock salt

Considering the above comparative table, it’s quite apparent asphalt offers better value-for-money in the longer run.

While you may choose to install a concrete driveway, keep in mind that you may have to face complications when it comes to future repairs.

If you do want to opt for Asphalt Driveway Paving, you need to know the different paving options.

Asphalt Driveway Paving Process entails choosing the right base to maintain the integrity of the structure for years to come.


Asphalt Paving Base Options

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The base determines the lifespan of your driveway. Well, you’ve different base options to choose from when you’re asphalt paving.

Below are the most common types:

#1. Paving over Existing Driveway

This is the best option when your driveway is already in a good condition. In such a scenario, asphalt contractors usually lay hot mix asphalt over the existing surface.

This extends the life time of the driveway and the final surface looks as good as new. However, you should pay attention that the garage floor is not affected by the height of the new surface.

#2. Paving on Aggregate Base

Under this asphalt paving method, an aggregate stone base is installed over which hot mix asphalt is laid. Usually, the thickness of the aggregate base is around 8 inches with 3 inches of asphalt layer over it.

#3. Paving Directly on the Soil

This method doesn’t necessarily requires you to have an existing driveway. Even if you’ve a driveway, that’s completely removed. And then the contractors lay 4 to 6 inches of hot mix asphalt directly on the soil.

It’s important to decide the paving option earlier in the process for correct estimation of Asphalt Driveway  Cost.

Now that we’re done with the foundation, the main part of the job is already complete. However, the contractors also have to focus on proper installation of the drainage systems. This is done so that the foundation of the paving work remains intact for years.


Driveway Paving Installation

After your initial choice of the paving base, the supportive structures of the asphalt surface are installed. But the final finishing of the paving job may take time depending on the compaction and curing of the asphalt.

Usually, after laying the asphalt layer, the paving contractor compacts the whole surface with a roller truck. This ensures there are no stones poking through the surface.

NOTE: You should be able to drive on the surface within 2-3 days after hardening of the asphalt. However, it can take up to 30 days for the asphalt layer to fully cure. 

One important thing is prohibiting the parking of any heavy duty commercial vehicle on the surface for that time period. Plus, also see that you don’t scratch the surface with car tires. Avoiding other damages will also prove useful to maintain the surface until it cures completely.

Driveway Paving in Cold Weather

Undoubtedly, summers and springs offer the Best Temperature for Driveway Paving. That’s because hot mix asphalt needs warmer temperature to maintain work-ability.

Asphalt paving contractors usually need time to smooth the asphalt across the entire driveway surface.

Though, due to a colder climate and early sunset, they may not have enough time for that. This may lead to a less than ideal paving.

However, consulting with the right Asphalt Repair Company may help you out. These contractors have years of experience in working with asphalt irrespective of the weather conditions.

In areas like Toronto where the climate is colder for majority of the year, an expert asphalt installer may come in handy.

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  • Vacuum/Hydrovac
  • Sweeping Services
  • Pavement Management Planning

The wide range of asphalt solutions ensures you get everything you need to maintain your driveway without any delay. Furthermore, hiring us guarantees workplace safety while protecting our clients from harm.

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  2. It’s great to know that asphalt driveways won’t be harmed by snowy conditions very much. Reading this makes me very confident that we can remodel and rearrange our front yard to handle the winter conditions better. As soon as I find an asphalt paving expert in the area, I’ll hire them for a driveway installation job.

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