The changing weather and climate have raised serious environmental concern. As a result, the eco-friendly alternatives for every kind of works are high in demand. Paving industry has introduced all new Eco-Friendly Asphalt Repairs.

Basically, the methods have the aims to solve the pavement issue from the root as similar to the other asphalt repairs. However, the methods are designed in a way to form less harm to the environment.

The eco-friendly asphalt repairs are not just environment savior but are handy and available at a reasonable price. The methods would get you the same benefit as any other pavement repair.

You might be searching for options that can make your business more greener and more socially responsible institution.

Green asphalt pavements repairs will help you to solve your paving issues. Furthermore, the green alternative would be also financially functional and good for your bottom line.

Here in this article we are sharing about the different ways we are ‘thinking green’ and the tremendous benefits that come with it. Keep reading to learn more!


GREEN” Paving Techniques to Make Asphalt Environmentally Responsible!

#1: Perpetual Pavement

One of the best ways to make asphalt environmentally responsible is by paving with “perpetual pavement.”  This durable method lasts longer than the traditional one. Moreover, it requires less maintenance and less waste.

Generally, such pavement has many layers- some of which uses recycled materials making it an ecofriendly asphalt repair. Consequently, when the pavement wears off, only the top layer needs to be replaced. As on average, Eco Friendly Road Pavements last as long as 20 years.

Pulverization The term “pulverization” is a synonym of ecofriendly asphalt repair. In the process, the old layers of asphalt road are broken up in several smaller pieces. Furthermore, these are used to create the inner layer for new pavement. The ecological method uses old pavement material which reduced the overall cost. This doesn’t emerge only as an environmental friendly option but adds more strength to the road.

#2: Porous Asphalt

As the name suggests, Porous asphalt lets water penetrated through it.  This is one of the Best Greener Asphalt Alternatives.  Usually, this method allows water to infiltrate the surface of the asphalt and steep into the ground.

This is a kind of green asphalt which lets earth maintain its natural water cycle. Furthermore, this reduces water run-off and refills groundwater supplies.  The most interesting thing is that this kind of pavement can be made from recycled materials as like perpetual asphalt.

#3: Warm & Cold Mix Asphalt

This type of asphalt mixtures is laid on the pavement at low temperatures.  Consequently, this in turn, reduced the production of greenhouse gases and fuel consumption too. As a result, the green asphalt contributes to the ecosystem.

Though the ecological benefits of warm mix asphalt are clear, most of the people consider this method due to its several advantages.  For example, the required low temperature to lay asphalt can extend the paving season noticeably in colder northern climates.


This was all about the different green alternative to asphalt. There are several other benefits you can get with this green asphalt patching techniques.


Let’s Check Out Some of the Benefits of Eco-friendly Asphalt Repairs

#1: Energy Conservation

In a report, it was found that the ecofriendly asphalt uses less energy than the traditional one.  This is because the process recycles the old material for the new pavement.  It is estimated that it saves up 20% of energy in comparison to both the production process and repair services on the roads.

#2: Can Be Reusable

Asphalt turns out to one of the green pavement options as it recycles 95% of its initial material.  That’s why asphalt manufacturers are voted as the leading recycling company in America. In most of the cases, they repair the road by using the damaged materials.

#3: Easy to Maintain

As long the asphalt roads are handled by an experienced engineer, it becomes quite easy to maintain it. According to research, asphalt roads go for decades without undergoing any repair.  Even if any replacement is required, only the topmost layer needs to be replaced.

#4: Cost Efficient

A good quality asphalt pavement doesn’t require repair service for over the years. Even, if it requires any repairs or maintenance only the top layer is removed. If you want to replace the pavement, the older asphalt can be recycled as paving material. This makes asphalt a cost-effective option.

So, this was all about the different eco-friendly asphalt  road repair methods and its several benefits. If you are looking for an eco-friendly asphalt repairs service in Toronto, scroll down!


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