Evidently, there’s no such thing like the average cost of installing a new driveway. This entirely depends on the specific asphalt projects of the client. There are various aspects which help in determining the price of the asphalt pavement project.

For the cost of asphalt driveway, you need to contact the best Asphalt Repair Company which would examine the various facets of your project and tell you the exact cost to pave driveway.

Main Infrastructure is the leading local providers of asphalt paving, asphalt crack sealing, and pothole repair maintenance services near you in the region. We help you to determine the exact expenditure on your specific project.

There are a few primary factors that determine how much does it cost to pave your driveway. Here we are sharing few factors that are responsible for the cost of asphalt driveway.



What Are The Factors Responsible For Asphalt Paving Cost?

Cost of Asphalt Driveway

Usually, homeowners and business owners select asphalt paving when it’s about installing driveway and parking lots. This is because of the exceptional durability and impressively affordable price. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and safe which is an equally an enticing factor.

In Toronto, asphalt is the standard paving material due to its several features. Most importantly, it has the ability to endure colder temperatures and its forbearance to the usage of salt for melting snow and ice.

#1: Excavation

If you are replacing your asphalt driveway pavement, it’s gonna add some dollar to your budget. Installing a new asphalt driveway will cost you for excavating and clearing off the required area.

#2: Foundation

An appropriate foundation of gravel is essential when you are installing an asphalt driveway. This will support your drainage system which is necessary for a long-lasting asphalt pavement. Also, 8-10 inches of gravel beneath asphalt is ideal.

#3: Tonnage

The term tonnage refers to the quantity of asphalt you would require. For a larger amount, the rate might be a little lessen.

#4: Transportation

For paving asphalt on the road, it needs to be transported from the nearest plant to the project location. Here, transportation cost adds in the Cost of Asphalt Driveway.

#5: Type of Material

Well, the price of material and transportation varies between the types of asphalt material. The major varieties include warm mix, hot mix, recycled and porous. A reliable and reputed asphalt paving company will guide you in selecting the best paving material for your project.

#6: Base Coat

Normally, you will require at least two coats for any kind of asphalt projects. For which the Asphalt Driveway Cost will change according to the quality of material and time taken for applying the coats.

#6: Drainage and Use of Geo-textiles

Installing an appropriate measure for drainage will add to your driveway paving cost. However, for longer-term, the money spent will be extending the shelf life of your pavement.

#7: Market Factors

There a few market factors which also affect the cost of paving a driveway. This includes environmental regulations, construction activity, permit requirements, and oil cost. Eventually, these all can impact the cost of asphalt driveway installation.

Here are few other factors that also determine driveway paving cost.

Besides the above-mentioned major facets that determine the cost of an asphalt driveway, there are a few more. Let’s have a glance over these factors:

#1: Mostly people think that the entire square footage area determines the complete cost of materials. However, the depth of the paved asphalt is equally important. Usually, the depth of which is determined according to the surrounding of a special location.

#2: Most of the asphalt paving process uses extensive and innovative equipment. This speeds up the entire procedure of paving reducing the labor cost. However, in certain area heavy equipment can’t be utilized. In that scenario, the crew have to pave the road manually, which results in increasing the labor cost.

#3: Before paving asphalt, the required area needs to be prepared. Debris needs to be removed, prepared base and good drainage must be confirmed. Without, inspecting the site one cannot clarify about the preparation required. Some site might need extensive excavation, on the other hand for some little is enough.

#4: Reputable contractors will not provide a firm estimate without seeing your site although some may be willing to offer a “ballpark” range, depending on your answers to their questions. Be aware that the actual cost of asphalt driveway could be less or more than the figures provided. The best approach is to request or contact the best paving contractor before quoting the job.


Resurface Your Asphalt Pavement at Reasonable Price

Cost of Asphalt Driveway

There are ways that you can use to extend the life of your asphalt pavement. For this particular purpose, you need to take regular and preventative maintenance measures. It’s better to get required asphalt services to your asphalt pavement in a year of installation. You can repeat the inspection and maintenance services when the pavement requires one.

With regular maintenance, your asphalt pavements can go up to 20 years and more. Even though you might require more maintenance for asphalt, its upfront cost is still lesser than concrete. Additionally, asphalt repair services are less costly.

Moreover, if your driveway or parking lost require a replacement, only replacing the top asphalt layer is enough to restore the durability and new look. Asphalt paving is a very cost-effective and excellent solution for driveways and parking lots. This paving solution ensures the durability and long life of the pavement.

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