A cracked driveway needs to be fixed as early as possible for safety reasons.

Even a minor crack in your pavement can be the reason behind a whole nasty problem which you would definitely regret later.

But if you fix or replace the damaged concrete of your pavement, you might be lucky to dodge away all the upcoming problems ranging from a minor slip to a major accident.

Now, there are two ways with which you can follow up your concrete repair!

One is fixing it all by yourself and the other one is getting a team of experienced professionals to handle the concrete maintenance and repair.

While the former would save you some money but will certainly not provide you with smooth results, the latter would cost you some money but provide you a smooth finish.

In the following blog, we bring you a detailed guide on both the options, thus leaving you with a choice!

Make sure you choose the right option as your decision will decide the outcome of the concrete work.


How To Repair Pavement?

asphalt pavement

Your pavement has a pivotal role in shaping up the look of your exterior property.

But can you ignore little cracks in your pavements?

Well, of course, you can but what if these cracks take a whole new form and become a buckled walkway?

Now that’s a serious problem which needs attention.

To understand how to repair these pavements  or walkways, let us understand what causes these pavements to crackdown?

Reasons Behind Buckling Of The Driveway!

Cracks in Concrete pavement are quite common. After all a daily usage of anything causes wear and tear with some decent amount of fractures.

In cases of pavements, usage of heavy vehicles and many such reasons bring about different cracks and damages resulting in buckling of asphalt driveway.

#1. Surface Cracks

If you see very fine cracks on the surface of your pavement, it might indicate that the concrete dried off too quickly when it was poured.

Thus, if you just move onto a new property and see some fine lines they might not be structural damage.

As long as you find the rest of the concrete firm, you can opt for a self-Concrete driveway repair.

#2. Weather Damage

The constant exposure to environmental stress such as dirt, air, and water can work on the cracks and make them wider.

Like the water that has seeped into the crack early summer might just freeze in early winter causing a widening of the cracks.

In no time you will your driveway all buckled up!

The same thing can be with the dirt and temperature that might just widen the small cracks. Thus don’t wait for long before filling up those cracks.

You can either try filling them on your own or contact some professional help for the concrete paving services.

#3. Underground Disturbances

If your walkway already seems to be collapsing, its root might go beneath the ground. For example, the roots of the nearby tree might be pushing your concrete. For that, a mere slab replacement won’t work.

Our recommendation is to go for a concrete paving contractor.

Since you now have an idea about what might be the causes behind your pavement collapsing, let us start with our guide on how to repair your pavement.


What All Do You Need For Repairing Cracks In Your Driveway?

Hairline cracks can be easily treated and don’t need much effort and money. But for that, you need the right list of tools that you need and a step by step guide.

Here is a list of some essential tools that you would need for carrying out Pavement repair methods.

#1. Protective equipment

There are many protective pieces of equipment that you must keep handy like heat resistant gloves, hard-soled boots, eye protection, safety vests and most importantly eye protection.

#2. Asphalt sealant

There are many types of asphalt sealants available in the market, but make sure you go for one that provides flexibility.

This is because concrete expands and contracts during the weather changes, thus a flexible sealant will prevent from pulling away from the edges of the crack.

#3. Hammer and chisel

The cracks need to be widened for a perfect filling, for which you would require a hammer and chisel.

#4. Gauging trowel

It is used for applying the asphalt sealants

#5. Finishing trowel

You would need this to smooth down the surface and level it up.

Next, we look at the steps you need to carry out for the perfect finish of pavement patching and repair.


Repairing Your Pavement – The Complete Step By Step Process

The following steps will help you get the right idea about pavement repair processes and methods.

#1. Analyzing what type of damage is troubling your pavement

how to repair pavement

Before you get in touch with a team of professionals for your concrete driveway services, it is important to inspect your pavement.

Some questions which you can ask yourself to analyze your pavement:

  • Are there any hairline cracks or structural deformity?
  • How deep the crack is?

The severity of the damage will decide whether you just need a sealant or a full pavement replacement.

  • Hairline cracks

Hairline cracks are the ones that are small than ¼ inch. They might not pose a serious threat unless water seeps into them and freezes.

The cracks might grow wider and can cause problems.

However, you can just get it mended with a repair compound.

  • Structural deformity

Deep cracks which are usually wider than ¼ inch usually pose serious troubles.

They can be easily filled but that’s usually a temporary fix. Thus you can go for long-lasting asphalt patching techniques.

However, if you have numerous deep dangerous cracks, we suggest you go for the professional team expertise in asphalt pavement repair specifications.


#2. How to repair a concrete walkway?

paving damaged sidewalks

A damaged walkway not only lowers your property’s look but also poses threat to walkers and drivers.

You can follow the below tips:

  • While repairing the pavement, make sure you consider thinking about joining the new concrete with the old one.
  • Make sure you mix the concrete correctly
  • Breakaway a larger area than the crack to work on the root cause
  • Make sure that the substance is solid and compacted
  • Once you have poured the concrete have a check on giving it a smooth end
  • Check for a suitable membrane
  • Take your time to cure the driveway before driving on it

However, these are the tips for the cracks which are not causing structural deformity. For structural damage follow the below tips.

Repairing structural damage in the pavement

  • Preparing the concrete

It is very important to break out any old concrete materials with a hammer before applying any filler. You can use a chisel to remove the debris from the cracks.

  • Preparing driveway

All the weeds, plants, debris must be removed from the cracks before making any changes. You can use a leaf blower or pressure washer to remove any stains, molds, or debris from the driveway.

Let the surface dry before moving further.

  • Preparing the sealant

Using a flexible sealant will help you move the old concrete. For smaller cracks, you can use rubberized asphalt emulsion crack filler.

  • Applying a sealant to cracks

Carefully applying the filler using a gauging or bucket trowel. Make sure you don’t let any of the sealants spills on unaffected areas as sealant might cause staining.

  • Smoothing down surface

Using the right finishing trowel, you need to smoothen up the crack till the ground level. Do not try smoothening it with your bare hands.

  • Let the filler dry

Wait for the filler to dry before using it.


#3.  Replacing the concrete pavement

concrete pavement replacement

If your driveway is extremely cracked, then it’s a serious problem and needs a replacement as usual filling won’t help.

Moreover, ignoring this structural deformity will be quite dangerous for both walkers and drivers.

For replacing the pavement, the first step is to remove the concrete and prepare a foundation before pouring it into the new mixture.

  • Put up the safety equipment

It is very important to stay protected from asphalt and all the other processes done while replacing a pavement.

  • Removing the concrete slabs

Use a shovel to remove small areas of earth from different regions of the pavement. Get rid of all the loose pieces and all of the old concrete.

Make sure you don’t use any of the old pieces of concrete.

Dig out space that goes 4-5 inches deeper than concrete.

  • Preparing ground for concrete

Once all the broken pieces of concrete are removed, lay down the gravel and compact it well. You can do so by using a spirit level as it will make the gravel even.

  • Lay down the frames for containing concrete

Provide a frame using a wooden form by placing a stake every 3 feet. Make sure that the forms are at the correct levels before you apply the lubricants.

  • Preparing concrete

Mix the concrete well and pour them down the forms. Use a screed to smoothen out the concrete.

  • Allow the concrete to set

Use a plastic sheet to cover the newly poured concrete and keep it covered for almost a week. After a day, remove those wooden forms and with a hammer pull out those forms.


The above process might sound easy to you, but it’s an extensive task and thus we recommend you to go for a paving services company as they would give you the right results.

This is because concrete is difficult to work with and might need some special equipment which would cost much more than the companies Cost for repairing a driveway.

Moreover, a professional contractor, can asses the damage better, have a better approach and relieve you from getting your hands messy into the fixing process.

You must be wondering that finding a perfect contractor for the same would be tough?

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