As you know, potholes are serious problems in the parking lot and roadway areas. Repairing potholes before liability problem arises can prevent frivolous lawsuits and excessive injury settlements.

It can form in any season. So before causing serious injury or damage, it should be repaired immediately.

If you want to eliminate this problem without any adverse effect to customers and employees, then choose Infrared Asphalt Repair. It is ideal for any pavement liability issues.

Infrared Asphalt Repair is a cost-effective way to eliminate further damage to vehicles and pavement-related problems.

Infrared Asphalt Patching is among the best pothole repair methods to repair potholes even during winter time. Due to this, it has gained popularity among asphalt contractors nationwide.

It also provides you the chance to maintain your driveways, parking lots, and highways in pristine condition regardless of temperature.

Infrared Pothole Repair Year-Round

infrared pothole repair

While infrared technology can be used to repair many asphalt flaws, such as uneven surfaces around catch basins, it is most commonly used to repair potholes.

While potholes are unwelcome throughout the year, they are particularly challenging in winter because the expansion and contraction of water below the surface of the lot can cause them to grow.

It is important to fix potholes as quickly as they arise and treat them with seamless restoration to avoid further moisture from entering the pavement area.

Prevent Liability

Potholes are not only unsightly, but they also present potential liability for clients navigating your company in the winter. Snow can obscure ground irregularities, and ice can render them even more parlous.

So, it’s very important to use infrared asphalt method as soon as they start to expand.

Year Round Service

Despite low temperatures that may be too cold for hot mix, you can use Infrared Pothole Repair throughout the year.

This method recycles some of the initial asphalt and makes it a cost-effective solution. This is particularly useful in winter when it is prevalent to see the asphalt price increase because more equipment is required to maintain appropriate material temperatures.


Infrared Asphalt Repair is also time-efficient because it takes less time to perform than a traditional repair job. Most importantly, it guarantees a truly seamless solution.

By fusing the initial surface together with the seam of the patched surface, infrared technology removes the chance of water penetrating the surface and avoids resurfacing issue.

Let’s find out how this Infrared Asphalt Technology Works…!

Choose Infrared Pothole Repair Process To Fix “POTHOLES”

We’ve described the various steps which illustrate how fast our Infrared Asphalt Repair Method can repair asphalt.

Just look at the following steps:

#1: Heat Up the Asphalt To Soft

The infrared panel is lowered to a place just above the pavement after removing any water or debris from the region with strong blowers.

This method heats the asphalt to more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated region is considerably larger than the repair region. We do this so no cold spots and no seams are available.

Due to the highly effective heating elements in this unit, this method requires only a few minutes.

#2: Picture Frame and Rake Area to be Repaired

This enables the crew to set a perimeter to remove any failed asphalt and rake the entire region.

A rejuvenator is applied to the area and new asphalt is then mixed in the original asphalt so that the area can be graded and compacted properly.

If you add hot asphalt to a cold pothole by traditional methods, then they do not create a seamless bond. Eventually, it allows moisture to slide between the old and new asphalt and a failure occurs.

#3: Add Rejuvenating Oils

Before adding fresh asphalt, we add rejuvenating oils and then rake the region carefully. This step binds the repair together and helps to protect it from the elements.

Without this step, the repaired asphalt will become fragile and probably fail in a much shorter time frame.

#4: Add New Asphalt Mixture

Hot asphalt makes it possible for the method to be effective to be better compacted.

To enhance the quality of the rejuvenated asphalt and also to upgrade the repair, this new asphalt is added to the repair region.

Without this, there would be a low place and a definitely undesirable puddle would form.

#5: Proper Hand Grading & Mechanical Compaction

Carefully raking the asphalt smoothly and leveled to the surrounding region. This method requires a hand that is steady and experienced.

The repair will be ready for compaction once the new asphalt is raked and level. It is then compressed with a vibrating roller which gives you a smooth and clean surface of the pavement.


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