Homeowners have become more careful and deliberate nowadays in embellishing their properties. They want to create the perfect and very attractive driveway to the passers-by.

Concrete is generally used to modify driveways as it can generate a smooth, pleasant-looking aura and can be expensive.

But the homeowners knew little that there is now a more advanced and sophisticated way with low price to develop driveways.

One of the many developed ways that have been popularized and implemented globally to modify driveways nowadays is to interlock stone pavers.

Before you decide to hire a contractor for interlocking pavement installation, it is very important to understand what interlocking pavement is, why to choose, installation of interlocking paver, and guide to maintain and repair the interlocking paver.


What are Interlocking Pavers?

Interlock paving

Interlocking pavers are most commonly made of concrete or cement and tend to simulate the impacts of paved routes.

These are one of the most common residential landscape design material choices. Through the use of sand, interlocking pavers attach together and can cover any patio, deck, driveway or passageway.

Why we should opt for interlocking concrete pavers?

We should choose interlocking concrete pavers because of the following reasons such as:

Reason #1: Appearance

It comes in a variety of forms, colors, textures, and patterns to complement any home style.

Reason #2: Construction

It can be installed mechanically, saving time and money on construction. The prefabricated concrete paving units are prepared for traffic instantly because there is no waiting for curing.

Reason #3: Cost-effective Reduced Site Impact

In addition to reducing drainage expenses, it is a space saver to interlock paver. Instead of consuming soil as separate areas, pedestrian and vehicular pavements are coupled with detention.

It is possible to use the spared land for green space or homes and buildings.

Reason #4: Durability

It is made of high strength, compressed concrete resistant to abrasion, freeze-thaw harm, and salt deicing degradation.

In the coldest environments, the interlocking concrete pavement has been demonstrated. During freezing and thawing cycles, it does not heave and stays stable.

Reason #5: Longevity

If carefully built and maintained, it can provide 20 to 25 years of service.

Reason #6: Low Impact Development

In order to decrease environmental effects and preserve water and air resources, many municipalities are turning to low-impact growth (LID).

Storm water is infiltrated on-site as a cornerstone of LID.

Interlocking pavement can be the main element in decreasing runoff in residential LIDs and residential and commercial restructuring of high density.

Reason #7: Snow Removal

As with any other pavement, the interlocking concrete paver can be plowed. Ice building is virtually eliminated as the snow melts and drains into the permeable surface and does not re-freeze. There is a reduction in slip risks and potential liability.

Let’s have a look at how to properly install interlocking paver…!


Installation of Interlocking Pavement

Besides selecting the design for your property enhancement project using distinct pavers, you should also understand how to install them correctly.

These are the following steps to be noted when installing paver materials.

  • Plan the paved area
  • Calculate the needed pavers
  • Excavate the area where the pavers are going to be placed
  • Lay the base materials
  • Place edgings
  • Apply the sand bedding
  • Lay down the pavers carefully
  • Fill up the joints with dry, fine-grained sand

Installing pavers will surely bring a lot of great benefits to property owners. Interlocking Pavers are extremely versatile and used in several applications such as:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Courtyards
  • Garden paths
  • Parking areas
  • Walkways
  • Pool and view decks
  • Garages
  • Sitting walls

Based on research, when mounted in good ground, concrete interlocking materials can last for a long time.

Such concrete interlocking installation, however, needs maintenance so that you can make the most of it.


Important Ways to Maintain & Repair an Interlocking Pavement

Let’s see the important ways to maintain an interlocking pavement.

  • Remove oil stains: If you see oil stains coming from vehicles and other oil-producing products on your pavement, it is advisable to wash it immediately before it penetrates deeper.   With detergent, you can brush off some surplus oils. You can pour the stained region on warm water if the stain is  very difficult to remove.
  • Take away the unwanted weeds: Weeds may grow in between pavers from wind-borne seeds. You can remove these manually or by using herbicides.
  • Erase the white whiskers: In most hardened concrete products, the presence of efflorescence otherwise known as whiskers is predicted. Some installers have their way of decreasing the probability of developing efflorescence on their installed pavers, and one of them is by adding certain chemicals such as cleaning acid. You can also wash it with pressurized water to remove this whitish substance. Be extra cautious when using        chemicals as it may discolor your pavers.
  • Sealers: Apply sealers to the pavement to keep the sand together. If it is powerful and stable, it will also hold other factors such as weed and dust to accumulate deep within.
  • Clean it: Regular cleaning and repairing would play a major part in maintaining your pavement as good as it should be.

As you know, the most versatile, decorative, and durable building and landscaping materials you can use for your commercial or residential property are interlocking pavers.

They have a lasting quality that will give you many aesthetic and practical advantages well beyond decades if correctly maintained.


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Interlock Paving


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