Pothole Repair Season Has Returned!

You must be familiar with the term “Potholes”, which has been a huge nuisance for everyone.

Potholes are generally created when water penetrates the top layer of asphalt through road cracks.

After the moisture freezes, it expands and leaves a void once it melts.

When vehicles drive over that void, it breaks the asphalt and generates a pothole.

Freeze + Thaw = Potholes

Snow and ice are the worst weather conditions to exacerbate existing road defects due to the repeated freeze-thaw process.

Therefore, we can say temperature is one of the major factors that causes a lot of road damage in the city and thousands of potholes.

With potholes apparently multiplying by the day, drivers are wondering how quickly their highways or roads will be repaired.

The city has repaired more than 12,165 potholes so far in 2019, and it costs about $25 to fix each one.

Let’s know why are the most wintertime Pothole Repairs temporary…?

Why Are The Most Wintertime “Pothole Repairs” Temporary?

  • Repairing potholes when the temperatures are cold is very difficult.
  • Moisture, snow, ice, and water naturally collect in the holes and cracks make it hard to fix the potholes in winter.
  • The solution used in most locations is to add looser, temporary cold mix asphalt into holes to minimize potholes for at best a few weeks.
  • For most asphalt mixtures, the existing pavement requires to be dry to “tack” to form a strong, permanent bond.
  • The highway crews return to lay in a more permanent warm mix when hotter and drier circumstances prevail.

So, these are the reasons that make Pothole repairs temporary in wintertime.

Now, let’s have a look at why spring and summertime are permanent for pothole asphalt repairs….!

Why Pothole Repairs Are Permanent During Spring & Summer?

  • Summer has arrived! The outside climate is beautiful and sunny, which can only mean one thing: the season of construction.
  • Weather can cause some severe harm to highways and driveways. Now is the time for repairs.
  • You might be aware that cold mix asphalt is not a permanent solution for fixing potholes.
  • As soon as the weather allows, you should substitute a cold mix asphalt fix with a permanently warm mix asphalt fix.
  • Warm mix asphalt is an eco-friendly alternative that is good to use during the hot spring, summer and fall months.
  • The main difference between cold mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt is that warm mix asphalt is a more permanent option to potholes than cold mix asphalt.

That’s why for most of the country, spring and summer are asphalt road repair months. Before this job is accomplished, drivers need to be alert and drive with caution.

How To Minimize Potholes Damage?

Pothole repair

The Sun is stronger, and the days are getting longer.

While seasonal climates are warming in areas of Canada, this indicates the return of weekend trips and family vacations.

It also indicates potholes return. We propose the best way to attempt and decrease the harm they can cause to your vehicle.

Here’re a few tips to minimize pothole damage as follows:

#1. Hold Your Vehicle Control

Ride control, or the ability of a vehicle to stop, turn and manage, is essential for convenience and stability. Remember, a “bounce and jounce” test is not enough, so get your ride control verified by a licensed technician.

#2. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

If you see the pothole ahead of time, it makes sense that you can prevent it completely. Keep your eyes ahead and follow the responses of other cars. A pothole can affect car stability, which can jeopardize your capacity to respond in time, so remain on top of your ride control parts.

#3. Take a Break on the Brakes

Although it feels natural to hit the brakes at the first sign of a pothole, it can cause more problems. Braking causes your wheel to lock when it strikes the pothole, causing a backward force on the wheel and resulting in broken struts. Instead, slow down and maintain your ride control elements functioning properly.

#4. Over, Not Around

Did you know that you can effectively drive over a pothole? You will prevent the pothole completely by straddling the pothole with your wheels. This will stop your tires from falling into the pothole, minimizing costly repairs.

#5. Preventative Maintenance

The best way to minimize harm is, first of all, to ensure that everything performs at its finest. Keep your tyre stress at the right level, get periodic checks and keep track of your vehicle’s condition.

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