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Would you like to attract more customers to your business? Your parking lot can drive more customers to your business. Whether the Parking lot is for residential purpose or for commercial. Visitors first and the utmost attention will be your parking lot. If you don’t have proper parking they won’t like to visit from next time.

If your parking lot is good, your business will get a recommendation by the word of mouth. A parking lot can be damaged, from potholes to cracks to UV rays to heavy vehicles and many more.

 “It’s natural that asphalt is bound to break down after a certain time.”

These are the reason we’re here to offer this problem an efficient solution. Once you choose us, you can rely on us to get your job done in a potent manner!

There can be multiple factors through that parking lot can break down, but here’re the most common factors….

6 Causes Of Asphalt Parking Lot Breakdowns

For far too long parking was hardly talked about, but today it’s become a top concern because of limited space and ever increasing demand.

#1: Dirt, Debris & Engine Oil

If you’re cleaning regularly then it can protect your parking lot from damage. You’ll often see leaking engines or mobils from the vehicles. And these things can cause severe damage to your parking lot. It creates ugly stains and weakens the parking lot.

Debris and dirt can form a small pond that can harm your parking lot once water stands in that and seeps inside. When this water expands this will create huge potholes and cracks.

We would recommend cleaning parking lot at least twice a month. Remove all the dirt and debris (leave, rocks) from the pavement to increase parking lot lifespan.

 #2: Weather

Weather is one the most important factor why parking lot break down. During paving in cold weather compaction play a vital role for the parking lot durability. During cold weather, all things are equal, the asphalt mat will cool much faster.

And so the freeze-thaw cycle can play a part in the breakdown of the parking lot. Freezing expands the cracks and makes it larger and in warmer days thaw process starts all over again.  UV rays also penetrate the binder that holds asphalt material (rock, sand, & aggregates) together.

For the weather change we prepare special mixture that lower the chances of getting damaged your parking lot even in cold weather.

#3: Heavy Weight

Is your parking lot frequently parked with heavy vehicles or machinery? Parking lots are designed to hold a lot of weight, but to a certain limit.

When heavy vehicles will be parked over and over the same spot repeatedly, the weight causes the asphalt to flex more than actually it should and eventually lead to break down.

Heavy weight can be a problem for your parking lot, not immediately, but definitely. And a silly cracked area can become worse if again heavy weight is parked over the area.

#4: Low-Quality Sealant

Sometimes you want to save money and use a cheap sealant for your cracks or just because of enough knowledge your contractor used low-quality material.

You may panther yourself for that particular time while using cheap sealant, but later you have to pay the cost of it. You’ll end up paying a high amount for the repair of your parking lot.

High-quality sealant doesn’t allow water to seep inside or vegetation to grow and cover from breaking abruptly.

However, consider the size of the cracks before applying the sealant. Fill in deep and wide cracks will extend your parking lot lifespan.

#5: Divot & Poor Drainage

Be more careful when you’re hiring a contractor for Paving. An inexperienced crew can create a flawed design that can’t withstand with the wear and tear when vehicles drive or parks on that specific part of the pavement.

A surface (Divot) can occur from the subbase. This may also be the result of poor drainage. Usually, heavy vehicles will stay on the same spot for a long. They create water puddle that may lead to the occurrence of potholes.

Parking lot sufficient drainage and routine maintenance can avoid costly repairs.

#6: Neglect

Your parking lot should be maintained, just like any other structural entity. Being an asphalt company we know the importance of maintenance. Maintenance is the key to a strong and durable parking lot.

This is exactly why we provide additional routine maintenance to your parking lot to make it durable. You should also provide sealcoating to your parking lot after every 2-3 years to provide an additional layer of protection.

If you’ll want to save your money now without providing your parking durability then you may later end up paying a higher amount for the fixes.

Need Help? Don’t Worry!!

No matter whether you’ve a residential parking lot or commercial parking, Main Infrastructure is the reputable asphalt paving company to provide all your asphalt related solution.

Our different kinds of asphalt patching services include pothole patching, infrared asphalt patching, manhole/catch basin repair, asphalt crack sealing, asphalt paving, etc.

We can recommend the most appropriate solution for your parking lot maintenance. A parking lot is a beautiful thing. Call us, we’d like to see it stay that way!

Whether you need residential or commercial parking lot paving, maintenance, or repair, our asphalt experts are always ready with the solution. We offers safe, reliable, and efficient services that will always be in your budget.

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