Well, a business owner has a lot to deal with at any given time.

But, in addition, maintaining a clean and debris free parking lot should also be a part of your business budget plan. This blog will help you out with the whys and hows of parking lot installation when it comes to asphalt construction.

In current times, one of the most important aspects of keeping customers interested in your business is focusing on aesthetics. That’s actually something your customer will look at first when entering the premises.

And a well-groomed parking lot can be the perfect starting point for enhancing the curb appeal of your establishment.

However, there are some things a business owner needs to know before jumping on to the decision to hire someone for parking lot construction.

Even if you’re just replacing your old asphalt parking lot, you need to consider its do’s and don’ts. Without it, you’re actually putting yourself in a position to ruin the whole process of transitioning to a smooth asphalt parking space.

So, let’s jump in and see what you should know before going for an asphalt parking lot installation.


Asphalt Parking Lot Installation – What Business Owners Need to Know?

parking lot installation

Asphalt Parking Lot Construction may seem like a daunting task at first. Especially for those business owners who have just started out. But an experienced business person knows the importance of catching their customers’ eyes before offering them their services.

Not having a clean and properly maintained parking lot is a sure shot way to drive away potential visitors.  

Moreover, people are naturally inclined to visit businesses with more curb appeal. Plus, it shows more responsibility on the part of its owners.

With that said, you must be ready to get an asphalt parking lot if you don’t already have one. Let’s see what you should consider when you do decide to get a new asphalt parking space.

#1. Acknowledge How Green You Want the Asphalt Parking Lot To Be

One of the most impressive things about an asphalt parking lot installation is the flexibility it offers in terms of recycling. In fact, asphalt is an eco-friendly material in the manner that many waste products are commonly repurposed in asphalt pavements.

Business owners have the option to go for porous asphalt, which is way more permeable than other materials.

A porous asphalt parking lot surface prevents water runoff. As a result, such pavements prevent water pooling that automatically protects the surface from damage.

Furthermore, it also acts as a filtration material as the water easily flows through to reach the soil where it’s intended to be.

So, always ask the Best Paving Contractor to use green asphalt solutions whenever possible.


#2. Evaluate the Expertise of the Asphalt Contractor

Now, this is a no-brainer. You need to hire someone who knows how to do the job to get the parking lot installation done according to your requirements.

Ascertain that the contractor has experience with similar projects of the same size. Plus, you need to know for how many years they have been operating in the industry.

Furthermore, parking lot zoning laws vary from city to city. And you may need to get the required permits before moving further with the project. A professional asphalt contractor would be happy to offer you the details along with the New Asphalt Parking Lot Cost.

In addition, also try to find out if they’ve a portfolio of previous work. Their official website should also look professional if they’ve been in the business for quite some time.


#3. Consider the Durability of the Sub-Base

While you want the surface of the parking lot to look smooth and pothole free, the foundation lies in the subgrade layer. In reality, you need to pay attention to proper installation of the base. This ensures the structural integrity and protects the parking lot from any drainage problems.

Thus, enhancing the lifetime of the parking lot and offering more ROIs on parking lot installation. Additionally, the sub-base should be able to withstand changing climate conditions, particularly freeze and thaw cycles of the winter climates.

Experienced Driveway Pavers usually know the correct procedure to ensure the proper installation. Plus, they can also offer correct information on Cost to Resurface Asphalt Parking Lot in case you do face problems later on.


#4. Leave the Parking Lot Alone for Proper Curing

As a responsible business owner, you need to ensure there is no traffic on the surface till proper curing of the asphalt. The thing is asphalt needs some time to harden, cure, and bind properly.Not allowing this time can waste all the efforts and compromise with the strength of the construction.

As a matter of fact, asphalt parking lots tend to get ready for regular traffic fairly earlier. But always follow the advice of the contractor for proper curing time.

So, after parking lot installation, the next thing on your mind should be to prevent customer traffic. You can use tapes to inform your visitors about the same.

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#5. Conduct Regular Asphalt Inspections

One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of an asphalt parking lot is to focus on regular maintenance.

What this means is you talk to your contractor to carry out annual check-ups of the parking lot. This will help in determining any damage beforehand and prevent it from expanding further.

Furthermore, you should also ask your contractor for proper maintenance steps you can carry out on your own.

In fact, many of the preliminary cracks will be evident to you from a single inspection. And then you can call in the asphalt company to talk out the further action steps to fix the damage.

Taking these points into consideration beforehand will help a business owner plan the annual budget. And the help of a professional asphalt contractor is indispensable.


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