Winter has finally passed & Spring is stepping in with the freshness and melting snow. Water and traffic are the main reason behind a damaged asphalt of your parking lot. So, this is the perfect time to for complete inspection of your parking lot and determine if any pothole or cracks has occurred. An earlier preventive parking lot maintenance plan for your driveway can get you rid from all pavement troubles. Spring is the time, you can prepare your parking lot for the upcoming months, this year.

For professional parking lot maintenance you can also hire a company, for better prevention and results. Choose an experienced asphalt paving company that can effectively identify the problem and prevent parking lot deterioration.

“Go For Preventative Parking Lot Maintenance This Spring”



Parking Lot Maintenance

Here we are going to share some parking lot problems that you may collide with and afterwards.

#1. Frost Heaving Asphalt

Frost heaving can became an unwanted distressing headache in winter season. The gap between concrete asphalt pavement in parking lot makes it easy for the water to in filter inside, where it freeze with the degrading temperature, creating ice pocket growing above the surface. Sometime it grows to 2-4” causing extensive damage to its surface. Frost heaving should be instantly resolved for evading any major trouble.

#2. Pavement Settlement

Heavy snowfall and rain in winter, can cause excessive pavement distressed. The surface area may have lightly lower elevation than the surrounding. If not treated at the right time, the only way left will be pavement replacement.

These kind of problem can arise because of poor compaction during construction. It can also occur by the subsurface water washing the underlying base. If not so, the asphalt surface can be restore with a thin surface patch.

#3. Raveling Asphalt

The thin upper layer of parking lot pavement breaks down to form smaller stones resulting in raveled asphalt. It gives the pavement a very rough appearance. If not opted for any effective solution, the problem can be intensified, especially in winter.

Raveling can be controlled, if encountered earlier and treated from the grass-root- level, by different parking lot maintenance plan.

#4. Cracking

Water and traffic are the main reason behind most of the surface distress you can encounter in your parking space. Two most visible and common problems are of cracked parking area surface and parking lot potholes. This can lead to an entirely damage and devastation of the pavement. In fact, these are usually encountered just after the winter. So, the best time to resolve all this trouble is spring.

“Where There Is a Problem, There’s A Solution!”


Maintenance Tips for Parking Lots

Parking Lot Maintenance
Here we are sharing some preventative tips for parking lot maintenance, so that you could avoid any major disruptions and eradication in your parking space.

#1. Regular Inspection Is the Key

Keeping a regular check on your surface of your parking area can help you eliminate any major problem for future. Maintain a record of encountered problem and repair it on a regular basis.

If you leave a small pothole or crack, it can appear as one of the huge risk to your entire parking lot surface. So, it’s better to deal with tiny problem to avoid a major one!

#2. Getting a Professional

Parking lot maintenance can be done by self, but for an effective maintenance that will last you should hire a professional company. Having an experienced and skilled team offers best Parking Lot Maintenance service.

#3. Asphalt Crack Sealing

Got a crack in your garage surface? Don’t avoid it and let it take a massive form. Go for Parking Lot Asphalt Crack Sealing! Crack can let water and debris enter to the subgrade layer of surface. The best way to resolve this is asphalt crack sealing.

In this process rubberized asphalt crack sealers are applied to seal the pavement to stop its further expansion or contraction. It is heated and applied to bonds the edges and walls of crack to seal it completely.

#4. Pothole Spray Patching

This is one of the specialised process of getting rid of Parking Lot Potholes.  In this process pothole is spray patched, which contains hot emulsion of asphalt and crushed aggregate. The hot mixture is forced with air and injected at the required area for repair to be done.

It is economical and long lasting Parking Lot Preventative Maintenance. Pothole spray patching can also be done in other pothole problems like alligator cracks, cubbed cracks, raveling etc.

#5. Check On the Drainage System

Water is the main hurdle in your of parking lot maintenance service. You need to check if the catch basin in your garage is working properly. If the drainage system is not working properly, it will let standing water in your parking area leading its surface damage. Numerous problem like cracks, potholes etc. will be common, if the catch basin is out of its mode.

#6. Asphalt Paving

Having a great quality parking lot is essential for the professional look of your property’s exterior. At Main Infrastructure, we will create a premium parking lot for you that will minimize long term wear and maintenance.

For a professional finish and long lasting result, choose a specialized parking lot repair company which provides you best asphalt patch services.

“Enhance Your Property With Our Parking Lot Asphalt Paving Toronto Services”


Need Help? Don’t Worry!!

Get Best Parking Lot Maintenance Service With Main Infrastructure!

No matter whether you’ve a residential parking lot or commercial parking, Main Infrastructure is the reputable asphalt paving company to provide all your asphalt related solution.

Our different kinds of asphalt patching services include pothole patching, infrared asphalt patching, manhole/catch basin repair, asphalt crack sealing, asphalt paving, etc. We can recommend the most appropriate solution for your parking lot maintenance.

Whether you need residential or commercial parking lot paving, maintenance, or repair, our asphalt experts are always ready with the solution. We offers safe, reliable, and efficient services that will always be in your budget.

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Parking Lot Maintenance

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  1. This is some really good information about installing a parking lot maintenance. It is good to know that you should think about sealing up cracked asphalt. Having a parking lot with a good seal coat put on it does seem like it would allow your parking lot to last longer. thank u for such info!

  2. Thanks for the commercial parking lot maintenance tips. I like that you said that regular inspection is key. I think it would be smart to start getting inspections and maintenance done on it not long after you had the asphalt paved so that you could make sure to keep it in good shape for longer.

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