While a troublesome part of asphalt maintenance, potholes are more common than you think. Even worse is it can be just the start of some severe damage in the asphalt surface. Well, that is if you don’t fix it on time. This blog will deal with the essentials to avoid pavement replacement through pothole repair.

You may be wanting to get an asphalt replacement if it’s full of BIG POTHOLES. But the good news is potholes are preventable and very much fixable too.

In fact, when you pay attention to the damage and fix a pothole on time, it may save you many dollars. That means you’ll not have to replace the pavement for at least some time. Not to mention you also extend the lifetime of the pavement substantially.

First, let’s take a look at some facts about potholes to understand it better.

Pothole Facts

Before fixing the occurrence of potholes once and for all, you need to understand some basics about it. Many people are actually unaware on many of the important aspects about Pavement Pothole Repair.

Understanding the phenomenon better will help you avoid pavement replacement through pothole repair.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the facts about potholes:

  • Potholes formation is more suspectable in an area where the drainage system is poor along with heavy vehicular traffic.
  • Potholes are known to cause massive damage to cars. These can include Bent rims, suspension damage, engine damage, and tire puncture.
  • Potholes are notorious for causing major accidents due to steering getting out of alignment. This can give rise to personal injury lawsuits, which are expensive to property owners.
  • There are many contractors offering Pothole Repair Options after careful investigation of the site.
  • As soon as you suspect a damage in your asphalt pavement, get in touch with a contractor to have a thorough report of the damage.


What Causes Potholes?

potholes occurred on a road


So, what is the reason behind pothole formation?

These seem to emerge mostly in the winter season. But that doesn’t mean potholes can’t happen because of other reasons. Wet and warm climate can also cause big potholes. Plus, wear and tear can be the reason behind the occurrence of potholes.

Some major reasons for pothole formation are:

  • Freeze and thaw cycles during winters
  • Poor drainage
  • Wear and tear with time
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Excessive heat deteriorating the asphalt surface

Out of all these causes, the most troubling is fixing the winter damage in an asphalt pavement. Some places like Toronto especially find it hard to cope with potholes. Homeowners are constantly questioning the ways to fix these to improve the aesthetics of their home.

The most common question from these people is Can You Repair Pothole?

We say it’s definitely POSSIBLE if you’re vigilant enough to undertake regular inspections of the asphalt surface.

Toronto Pothole Repair will in fact cost you much less than Replacement for Asphalt. Not to mention it’ll also take much less time and you can go back to normal traffic fairly quickly.

NOTE: Potholes get worse if your area is also receiving rain. When combined with freeze and thaw cycle of snow, rain can further damage and weaken the asphalt. Read on to know how you can fix potholes before the situation gets out of hand.


How Do You Repair a Pothole? 

Pavement Pothole Repair

It’s certainly possible to fix a pothole with innovative asphalt maintenance solutions. The first action step is to call in an asphalt expert. There are many Pothole Repair Contractors skilled enough to fix pothole damage before it leads to asphalt replacement.

Best Pothole Repair Material is undoubtedly using the hot mix asphalt. Plus, it’s the most common type of material contractor use to fix potholes no matter what the size is.

Coming to the methods used to fix potholes, Pothole Spray Patching is quite a well known and cost-effective way to fill potholes in your area.

So, what is pothole spray patching?

This is a specialized process where a Pothole Repair Company uses hot asphalt emulsion and aggregate for repairs. The potholes are filled using forced air.

Furthermore, it’s a permanent repair and traffic can return to normal in less time. Thus, making pothole spray patching time saving as well.

A tack coat of hot emulsion prior to making the repairs also ensure that water will not be able to get back into the repaired area. This essentially prevents any further damage.

Rest assured, when you hire an expert contractor, you don’t have to worry about the expense. Professional Asphalt Companies take care of the project design. Moreover, they offer you the correct estimate for Asphalt Pothole Cost.


The Process For Asphalt Pothole Repair Toronto

Well, pothole repair is not a really time-consuming process when you hire experts. These basic steps, when taken according to a plan, helps to avoid pavement replacement through pothole repair.

Following are the four steps contractors take to fix pothole damage:

#1. Cleaning the pothole to remove dust and debris. The strength of the new repairs can weaken considerably due to the introduction of any foreign particles or fragments of the broken pavement.

#2. Heating the pothole to remove any moisture and soften the area for the application of new asphalt. At this stage, Pothole Repair Contractors can reshape the pothole.

#3. The addition and compaction of the new asphalt layer is the next step. Here, the contractors use hot mix asphalt for application. After that, they compact the area to create a bond between the old and new asphalt pavement.

#4. After the proper cooling of the repair area, any left-over debris is removed. Traffic can be allowed immediately after sufficient cooling.

Following the right mechanism can significantly lower the chances of further damage. This helps many property owners to avoid pavement replacement through pothole repair.

Remember asphalt pavement maintenance plan should be a mandatory part of your home budget. It’ll just take minutes for a professional asphalt contractor to walk the area and determine the best solution.

Otherwise, you risk losing a large sum of money if you don’t take the right step at the right time. Diligence is everything when it comes to pothole repairs.


Get Potholes Fixed Before It Becomes a Bigger Problem!

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  • Pothole Spray Patching
  • Infrared Asphalt Patching
  • Manhole/Catch Basin Repair

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