When planning for installing a pavement that lasts, nothing could be better than Asphalt in durability and efficiency.

However, you obviously need to take care of a few things to make your pavement ready to counterattack the adverse effects of different seasons.

Moreover, many factors decide how your pavement shapes up, and the most important factor is none other than the time of the year you install it.

Seasons also have a pivotal role in regulating how the pavement will take up appropriate depth, drainage, and the asphalt repair services.

But there is nothing to worry about, as when special care is taken, asphalt paving can actually be done under adverse weather conditions.

Hence, here we bring you a guide that will help you take care of your Asphalt repair and maintenance in adverse weather conditions.

So let us first start with analyzing whether your asphalt is ready for winters or does it need some asphalt paving company’s retouch!


Is Your Asphalt Ready For Winters?

Winter can have a great impact on your asphalt pavement and thus requires proper protection and maintenance.

Now you must be wondering what sort of damage can be brought in by winters?

Well, let us answer you that by pointing out three major factors that cause serious damage to asphalt paving post-winter:

#1. Salt and Deicers

These two make sure that they make the conditions of pot holes in your asphalt pretty serious by causing the water to remain in the liquid form at low temperatures.

#2. Removal of Snow

Any scraping done on your asphalt paving might cause serious damage. Most damages associated with paving’s are because of the high machinery used for removing snow.

#3. Water

In winters, water is a grave threat to your asphalt paving.

Altogether, post winters your parking lot will definitely need some asphalt pavement repair methods.

However, these methods will vary depending on the type of maintenance your asphalt needs, but if you choose to ignore the damage over winter will be much worse.

Thus, to help you with some maintenance and repair methods,  we present you with the following section that deals with Asphalt patch repair methods along with some tips, to prepares your pavement for winters.


Methods Used To Patch Asphalt Pavement Repair

Preparing your pavement before winters can help you protect the pavement from the adverse damage that it brings.

While you cannot dodge away from the problems like potholes during winters but preparing it can definitely reduce the major and costly damages.

You can follow in the below tips to prepare your pavement for reducing fall damage.

Make sure to:

  • Seal those pavement cracks
  • Fill in the already formed potholes
  • Install snow markers around stationary objects
  • Document the broken curbing or asphalt damages before the snowy season
  • Snowplowing contract and plan is kept in place

Next, we talk about the different asphalt patching methods ways that you can repair your asphalt pavement.

#1. Asphalt Crack Repair

The crack repair requires filling and sealing which are two different processes complementing each other.

Crack Filling – Small cracks often lead to deep troubles. Thus, crack filling is done where filler material is inserted in a clean void. The filler material has little elasticity and is rigid and brittle.

However, if the sealing is not done it only turns out to be a temporary fix.

Crack Sealing – Sealing is done with the help of a rubber material that flexes with the movement of the pavement. Though it can be placed inside the crack, most of the time it is over the top and extended for about 12 inches from the crack.

The whole process that involves the filling and sealing is quite long-lasting.

>>> Read more in details about Crack Sealing vs Crack Filling.

#2. Patching

There are many Asphalt Patching Techniques that you can go for:

Infrared Asphalt Restoration – The damaged area is heated for softening the pavement, additives are added, new asphalt is mixed and finally, the patch is compacted.

Traditional Patching – Damaged pavement is removed then new layers of asphalt are added and compacted.

Throw-and-Go Patches – Asphalt is poured into the potholes and left as it is.

#3. Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing

All of the asphalt is removed and ground into gravel-like pieces so that it can be used for creating a stronger aggregate.

The stronger aggregate formed is then used for the resurfacing process. Once the process is complete, you get a shiny new looking pavement.

#4. Asphalt Paving Repair

Sometimes when the pavement is entirely damaged, the above methods don’t work and what you need is some asphalt paving methods.

Asphalt paving removes the damaged area and replaces it with new paving.

This solution gets you rid of the problem permanently and makes your road strong and durable.

However, many of you must be wondering where will you get access to such methods and services?

Well, we have it sorted for you!


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  1. It’s great to know that traditional patching removes the damaged pavement then adds and compacts new layers of asphalt. My dad will repair the damaged asphalt pavement in his garage but might need professional services since he doesn’t have the right tools. I’ll share this with him since there are other methods he can do. Thanks!

  2. I like that you mentioned that the right finishing, asphalt can have a nice shiny finish. I’d like to know more about asphalt repair services because I’d like to give my driveway a new look. A shinier appearance will surely be something I would love to have.

  3. Thanks for explaining how snow can also damage asphalt over time. I’d like to know more about broken asphalt paving services because I want to make my driveway look a lot better. Hopefully, that will help a lot in boosting the curb appeal of my home.

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