Pothole RepairPothole may don’t seem like a problem but it causes a great annoyance. It can become troublesome for drivers, facilities manager and pedestrians. Your car can suffer serious damage from potholes in the road.  It can cause car imbalance, a problem in wheels of the vehicle, a pedestrian to stumble himself getting injured etc. This can catch you legally at least to put a stake down on your reputation. So, it’s better to get rid of potholes!

Basically, potholes are cracks on the roads, which are worn away giving formation to an underground cave-like structure on it. This can be termed as a pavement structural failure. This underground cave is the result of the erosion of the upper layer of asphalt.

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Pothole Repair

Generally, the formation of a pothole is due to moisture or we can say that the presence of water and high traffic at the same time. The water on the above surface of the road sips down to the layer below the asphalt, in winter it freezes which result in expansion and the road seems to bump above which forms cracks on the road.

But as the temperature rises, the water comes to the same form and when a vehicle moves over the cracks changes into an underground hollow structure which we term as a pothole.

How To Prevent Potholes In Your Pavement?

Pothole damages your vehicle but sometimes they are unavoidable. It’s better to prevent pothole formation than to repair one. The longer you prevent potholes the more profitable and accessible your pavement will be.

Avoiding potholes can often feel like an uphill battle. Isn’t right? So, we are sharing some easy ways to prevent pothole damage and asphalt.

  • Survey the Pavement Regularly

The best way to prevent pothole is to survey the pavement for potholes on a regular basis. This will make your report about the condition of the road. And you will be able to take action before the pavement is endangered.

  • Drainage System

For preventing pothole, your drainage system needs to be well enabled to keep the water off the pavement. The parts of drainage system like storm sewers and ditching should be properly working. This would not let the rainwater accumulate on the surface of the road, resulting in the prevention from the main reason behind the pothole.

  • Maintenance & Cutting Down The Utility

It’s better to maintain the pavements in preventing way.  You should let the water migrate, prevent water penetration on the road, maintaining the thickness of the road and its integrity. You can prevent the roads from pothole by cutting down or reducing its utility also.

“Prevention is better than cure”

How to Repair Pothole & Asphalt Cracks?

Once potholes form, the only way to get rid of it is best asphalt patch & repair. The asphalt repair of the potholes can either be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary.

It depends on the weather in which the repair has to be made. As we know, no permanent repair can be made in unfavorable weather, so in that season you have to opt for temporary solutions.

#1: Throw and Roll Pothole Repair

pothole repair

It is one of the most basic asphalt patching techniques. It is a temporary solution that can help you get rid of a pothole. In this process, you need to put the aggregate and other asphaltic patch materials in the affected area.

After that, you need to roll it down with any heavy vehicle like bulldozer or truck. As the name suggests “throw the materials and roll it down”.

Like it, a temporary repair, keep in mind that the problem is going to come back. So it is better to go for another method because they will be effective as their cost.

#2: Edge Seal Pothole RepairPothole Repair

Edge seal pothole repair, when done after throw-and-roll pothole repair, can produce an effective result. This can be done in the following steps:

  • First follow the steps of throw and roll pothole repair
  • Let the patch dry
  • Now, place a ribbon of asphaltic tack material, just over on the patch so that it overlaps the patch and the pavement.
  • Apply a layer of sand over it, so that it could be prevented from the tracking of any vehicles tire.

#3: Saw Cut and PatchPothole Repair

In this method, the affected area is cut down and remove. After sawing out, the same area is replaced with hot asphalt mix in accordance with the depth of cut and the grade of pavements materials.

This is almost a permanent solution to repair a pothole damage. This can put in the semi-permanent repair solution.

#4: Milling and PatchingPothole Repair

This is one of the environment-friendly options for pothole repair as it recycles the removed layer. Milling is done first, in which the affected area is ground according to the required depth. The removed layer is loaded in the truck to recycle.

In the next step, a new layer of asphalt is added, same as the thickness of the removed surface. Milling and patching seem costly but it allows one to choose the depth for repair which makes it cost effective.

#5: Infrared Asphalt PatchingPothole Repair

Clear from the name, this method uses infrared rays to patch the area affected by the pothole. Infrared asphalt patching is one of the methods which can be used in any weather or season.

First of all infrared rays are used to soften the affected part which is removed later on. After which required aggregate mixtures is replaced and again infrared is used to dry up the layer. It not only saves the time but works faster and it is one of the permanent solutions to a pothole.

#6: Spray-Injection Patching Pothole Repair

Pothole-spray-injection is used to repair the pavement defects. It is a semi-permanent repair which is effective in repairing small pavement defects. The process is completed in the below-mentioned step:

  • The patched area is cleaned with the help of compressed air for the removal of debris and loose materials
  • Hot coat of asphalt emulsion is applied over that area
  • Aggregate and a hot emulsion is blown up over it with compressed air
  • The above step is followed up by a layer of dry aggregate

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