Did you know the average parking space takes up 180 square feet?

Oftentimes the parking lot is limited to the size it has. However, what plays a crucial point here is the making of the driveway.

You need to utilize the right paving material in order to get the proper finish. In fact, the size of the concrete parking lots matters in the long run too.

In case, it needs repairs or replacements, having adequate space will keep it functional. However, for restricted space, this won’t be possible.

Installing pavers or using concrete can determine the shape significantly.

But, what would be perfect for your project?

Well, that depends on the various requirements of your projects. Our blog on Pavers vs Concrete Differences and overview will help in determining the right choice.


Common Pavers vs Concrete Differences

Firstly, checking the common characteristics of both paving materials can get you basic details. Obviously, whether it’s Concrete Repair or Pavers for the parking lots, they have their own pros and cons.

Looking after them carefully can support you in taking the right decision.


Both paving stones and concrete pouring provide brilliant durability. Once the installation process completes, there is no requirement or resurfacing parking lot for quite sometimes. In fact, these paving materials go for decades.



The weather has huge effects on the longevity of your pavement, irrespective of the paving materials.

Well, concrete doesn’t work well in a cold climates. In case your area has extreme temperatures, a concrete parking lots are likely to crack different pavement issues.


Poured Concrete is sturdy but inflexible. Hence, when the temperature rises or falls, it is unable to expand and contract. Eventually, this leads to several construction issues like mercury dips, shrinking, which leads to unusual cracks.

However, Concrete Pavers For Parking Lots are a little different. Evidently, the interlocking stones have space in between enabling them to contract and expand. Hence, the chances of cracking or heaving are pretty less.

The plus point is, if a stone cracks or heave, you can replace it without the use of expensive repair or traffic blockage. Nonetheless, this feasibility isn’t available with poured concrete requiring significantly larger effort to repair.


Consider Ease of Repair

When it comes to repairing and fixing parking lot issues, pavers are more promising than poured concrete.

Obviously, it is relatively easy to repair a driveway with paving stones as fundamental units. In the case of cracks, you can directly replace the affected stones without many difficulties.

Nonetheless, this isn’t the same with poured concrete. It requires professional repair services. The filling can work but it won’t match the pavement color. In case of heaving, the entire concrete slab requires replacement.

Undoubtedly, this would be costlier and even troubling. Concrete is strong enough to outperform different paving materials. For heavy traffic, paving stones are sustainable and feasible.


Maintaining Pavers vs Concrete

pavers vs concrete

Repairs are one part of maintenance only. In fact, after parking lot installation, regular maintenance is a must. This can reduce costly repairs in the long run.

Certainly, not every functional and well-designed maintenance service can avert the impacts of bad weather. So, the requirement of concrete repairs service is inevitable.

Still, good care of the parking lot can prevent the intensity of the damage. In short, it can reduce the impact of driveway deterioration.

So, What’s the right way to maintain the pavement?

Sealing can significantly lower repairing requirements. However, this is required to be done on a regular basis. It is capable of preventing damages and invisible stains from forming.

Concrete is likely to stain. Some can go away by washing with a power washer. Still, some stubborn stains remain. These are tough to hide from the upper surface. 

As mentioned earlier, it is tough to match a color. Particularly, it is most difficult when the pavement has a custom color. For hiding stains, the last option is to resurface the entire affected part.

Contrarily, pavers are less prone to staining. These are capable of hiding stains properly. While installation patterns of alternate color can help in masking stains.

Moreover, weeds are less likely to be a bigger issue with paving stones. The space between interlocking stones has sands and plants.

However, this might not be visible in high traffic areas. Hence, you need to check how busy the traffic in your area is.


Installing Pavers vs Installing Concrete

Another pivotal question is whether to install paving stones or concrete.

Certainly, installing concrete is a professional job. In fact, the process of excavation and grading requires expert precision to lay the foundation of the concrete driveway. Improper installation can lead to an encounter of crack or heave.

Moreover, setting forms and poured concrete are also best left to the professionals. After the process of concrete pouring is complete, it must be left to dry. Absolutely, the process can take several days to complete before opening the pavement for use.

Is the paver installation easier?

Most clients look for “how to install pavers” or “how to lay pavers.” Most think it is a great DIY job for the parking lot.

Nonetheless, like concrete pavement, pavers are best to leave to the professionals. The process requires extremer precision to provide durability and high performance.

Firstly, the process requires excavation and grading of the project area. Next, comes the turn of compact sub-base. Further, the preparation of the base begins. After that comes the turn of compaction and preparing the sand.

Once every step completes, finally comes the turn for pavers laying. Here border cutting can be tricky for a cleaner and perfect finish.

Still, there are a few other steps left in the process. This includes the final compaction of the stone and sealing them. Undoubtedly, after going through the steps and works involved, it appears to be left to professionals only.


Pavers vs Concrete Cost : Which Is Cheaper?

Whether it is residential or Commercial Parking Lot Paving, the last key sticks at price only. Pavers vs Concrete Driveway Cost.

Certainly, having a pre-planned budget plays a deciding factor in making or a parking lot. However, if you have a saving mindset, you might be tempted to go for the lowest price. In addition, if you look for extreme specifications, the price can go to the peak.

Undeniably, concrete and concrete pavers have higher price tags compared to Asphalt Paving Costs. Moreover, they are durable and have a longer lifetime. So, they are worth it.

Evidently, this is the reason why you have to choose between these paving materials. However, when it comes to the cost of Concrete pavers or poured concrete, it is going to differ with project specifications.

Also, the project area plays a decisive role in determining the final cost of your projects.

The best way to get a précised cost would be consulting with top pavers and poured concrete dealers.


Pavers vs Concrete Driveway — What’s Best For Your Project?

Whether it is pavers or concrete, the final goal is to get a strong and long-lasting concrete driveway. However, pavers vs concrete difference is likely to confuse you.

Nonetheless, the experts know the right way to deliver excellent concrete and pavers with a resilient and long-lasting finish.

Main Infrastructure, the leading concrete paving contractor offers the best deal on your residential or Commercial Paving Parking Lots.

Whether large or small, our team has the caliber to get similar top quality and long-lasting finish. In fact, we have expertise in the art of installing every kind of driveway, pavement, and parking lot.

Our Services Includes

  •             Pothole Patching Services
  •             Infrared Patching
  •             Manhole/Catch Basin
  •             Concrete Repair
  •             Asphalt Paving Services
  •             Asphalt Crack Sealing
  •             Vacuum /Hydrovac
  •             Sweeping Services
  •             Pavement Management

Main Infrastructure offers a cut above and top of the line concrete services at a reasonable price. We have pledged to deliver the best consumer experience while meeting the dynamic demands of your projects.

Whatever your requirement is concrete or asphalt repair, with our top-notch service quality, we will satisfy your requirement. Well, we use cutting edge material and our expertized installing process to deliver the best concrete solutions

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