Eliminate Pothole & Other Road Problems with Long- Lasting Solutions!!

When it comes to pothole patching, you probably feel like you are beating your head against a wall. So, Are you facing the same potholes again and again but are not able to offer a viable and long lasting solution?

Don’t Worry!! We are here to tell you that there is a BETTER WAY!!

Potholes are considered to be one of the most often reflection of insufficient or deteriorated pavement base. However, there are most of the pothole patching methods that are just used to simply fill the potholes, seals the cracks or damaged area or cover with an overlay.

These pothole repair solution provide TEMPORARY FIXES that never addresses the fundamental base problem, so it’s just matter of time before potholing is likely to reappear.

It really seems like an awful lot of effort and man-hour just to shove rocks in a hole and tamp them down.  That’s why pothole patching machines are required to perform all those tasks efficiently.

Pothole Patching machines help to IMPROVE the base by pulverizing potholes and surrounding areas that will allow you to save money while keeping your streets and road well maintained.

These asphalt patching techniques will allow you to make long lasting patches using standard asphalt mixes that will lead to improve the stability. These high-performance machines are designed for road maintenance, repairing broken edges and other sealed road surface damage including potholes, road depressions, edge breaks, cracks, fissures, alligator areas and utility cuts.

We at Main Infrastructure use the best pothole patching machines & top quality materials to enhance surface performance and lifespan.  

Pothole Patching Machine

There are two methods of pothole patching which is categorized into two distinct methods: (i) Temporary (ii) Semi-Permanent to Permanent.

Temporary Patching Repair is a SHORT TERM measure best suited for weather conditions that allow to make the road safe until a permanent repair can take place.

Permanent patching methods require more care in reconstructing and sealing the perimeter of the failed area. These methods are a much better and longer term solution relative to both future failure and cost, plus they are more commensurate with the original design of the road. There are a few other random methods for pothole repair, but they are less productive and generally higher in cost.

Modern Pothole Patching Machines for QUICK & SEAMLESS Repairs!!

#1. Asphalt Paving

pothole patching machines

Asphalt paving is considered the most practical and cost effective method for all your pavement repairs. We at main infrastructure provide paving services whether small or large including: residential neighborhoods, municipalities and commercial parking lots.

we use modern heavy equipment combined with highly experienced expertise for paving to ensure that every project, no matter what size gets done properly and on time.

So if you are looking out for a reliable asphalt paving contractor for all your asphalt paving needs in Toronto, choose main infrastructure. We keep our rates competitive and complete all work efficiently.

We’re one of Toronto’s most reputable pavement repair companies; no problem is too big or too small for us to handle with our trademark expertise.

#2. Infrared Asphalt Patching

Pothole Patching Machines


Infrared asphalt patching is an alternative, less permanent solution for asphalt patching which involves infrared technology for repairing the surface.  This type of asphalt repairs is ideal for many commercial and residential applications and can be used to repair slight defects or road depressions in the asphalt pavement.

The infrared asphalt repair allows for a deeper asphalt repair so that the existing pavement around the pothole is workable without causing further damage. Infrared repairs are thermally bonded to the surrounding asphalt to create a fused repair that beautifully blends after seal-coating.

In this method, the old asphalt is removed and new hot mix asphalt is installed, raked to grade and compacted.

When it comes to mend your pavement, the combination of the latest technology is the only choice to make asphalt restoration.

#3. Pothole Spray Patching

pothole patching machines

Pothole spray patching machine uses a unique method to repair potholes, alligator cracking, shoulder problems, utility cuts and other pavement failures which provide long lasting repairs.

Spray patching is considered to be one of the fast and cost- effective method that offers a permanent repair solution.

The patching machine uses high volume forced air to clean the lose debris from pothole surface area, followed by an emulsion truck. Then, the aggregate and emulsion are blended and sprayed into the pothole. If the pothole is particularly deep or the underlying material is loose, a compacting roller may also be used.

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We at Main Infrastructure will provide you with all your asphalt Patching needs both large and small. We provide commercial and industrial services throughout Toronto GTA.  We provide the best:

Equipment- Main Infrastructure has the equipment to get your next asphalt project done right. We specialize in both commercial and residential patching projects. we uses latest and up-to-date equipment for pavement.

 Well- Operated- We take pride in our work, your assurance that every job will be done right from start to finish! We will do everything possible to ensure the highest quality work while maintaining the most competitive pricing possible.

Experienced Professionals – We offer highly skilled contractor & trusted professional who work on fast and detailed proposals and secure exceptional insurance for our customers. We have the experience to handle any patching project large or small.

Fully Licensed and Insured- Main infrastructure is fully licensed and insured to work on even the most demanding commercial and residential asphalt patching projects. Also, We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and certified with extensive experience in all types of paving repairs

Unsurpassed Service – Our experts will guide you throughout your project from start to finish offering you the highest quality service available. This means you can be rest assured that our team is here to provide you with quality and unsurpassed services.

Asphalt Patching is the best choice for Seamless Repairs!

Looking for an expert for Pothole Patching in TORONTO?  Let us help you out!

If you are interested in our services for Asphalt patching in Toronto please feel free to call us.  Main Infrastructure is dedicated to help customers and maintain the appearance and function of their asphalt surfaces for many years to come. WE OFFER SAFE, INNOVATIVE AND RELIABLE SERVICES.

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  1. It’s interesting to know that asphalt patching is done by spraying the material onto the pavement. I’m thinking about hiring that kind of service for my driveway soon because some of its asphalt have warped these past few years. Getting minor repairs from time to time would be a huge help.

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