As a homeowner, you’re always in charge of the maintenance of your property. But one thing that can severely damage its overall appearance is potholes in your driveway.

Most often, these tend to appear during the winters and heavy traffic overload can worsen the situation. No matter how deep or shallow a pothole is, there are ways to fix it.

Repairs become even easier when you’re vigilant and invest in repairs on time. Moreover, not fixing a glaring pothole early on can lead to bigger problems in the future.

It can widen and, maybe, you’ll even have to replace the entire driveway.

So, it’s important to look out for damage signs and get in touch with a professional asphalt repair company. They have experts in using different Pothole Patching Methods to fix the potholes within your budget.

Though, some situations can make Driveway Pothole Repairs even more sticky. Here we are going to list some of those common pothole repair challenging situations.

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Common Asphalt Pothole Repair Challenging Situations

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Most commonly, pothole repairs are not a cause for concern when you hire the right contractor. In fact, that’s precisely the reason why you need to hire a qualified Pothole Repair Company.

With that said, here are some of the most common challenges faced during the repairs of potholes:

#1. Cold Weather

Well, cold weather is one of the leading causes of pothole widening. Plus, it also makes conducting a pothole repair job tougher for the Pothole Repair Contractors.

The predominating reason for this is the short work duration. During the wintertime, days become shorter in comparison to nights. And this poses a challenge as now the job has to be completed within the limited hours.

Plus, wintertime makes it particularly hard to achieve the best quality asphalt cement compaction. The thing is asphalt cement has to be above a minimum temperature for it to flow for proper compaction.

In lower temperatures, it’s hard to maintain the consistency and the asphalt cement becomes thicker. This becomes a hurdle in proper  .Only an experienced asphalt contractor with the best Pothole Patching Machine will be able to cope with the challenge.


#2. Finding the Best Asphalt Patch Materials

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Another problem is finding the ideal Pothole Repair Material during the cold weather. Generally, cold asphalt is the best way to fix a pothole during winters if you’re after a quick fix. Plus, the weather is not warm enough for the use of hot asphalt.

However, finding a high quality cold asphalt material is not an easy feat during winters. They usually go short in supply because of the demand hike.

In that case, only local Pothole Repair Companies know where to find the Best Asphalt Patch materials.

Moreover, if you do want to wait out the winters to use hot asphalt, there is a bigger risk of the potholes getting wider and deeper.

 The best case scenario would be to ask a local company for suggestions on finding the best Asphalt Patching Material.  


#3. Soft Subgrade

Well, the subgrade holds an important place in the stabilization of a driveway or pavement. Contractors committed to quality usually invest a lot of time in proper laying of the subgrade layer for structural strength.

Though, if the subgrade is soft, it usually indicates that it lacks the appropriate granular materials.

In such a case, a simple Asphalt Pavement Pothole Repair solution may not be enough. The workers may have to remove the entire pavement to fix the subgrade with granular material such as sand and gravel.

After that, repaving is done to smoothen the area entirely. A soft subgrade is essentially a more challenging thing as it may need more time and efforts to restore the pavement in its original condition.

 Hire an Experienced Contractor to Address Pothole Repair Challenging Situations 


#4. High Traffic

Pothole repair challenging situations

This is another pothole repair challenging situation you may run into. High traffic allows less freedom to carry out repairs at any given time.

Most importantly, no one wants to restrict traffic for long periods. This is especially true for businesses not wanting to put a stop on their visitors’ traffic.

So, what can you do in such a situation to get quick pothole repairs?

Hire Pothole Repair Contractors who can offer their services during low traffic periods. Usually, evenings, nights, or early mornings offer a good time slot to carry out pothole repairs without interrupting the traffic rush.

Moreover, Pothole Spray Patching is an efficient method for quick asphalt repairs. So, you will have an easier time getting back to the regular traffic.

These were some of the most common pothole repair challenging situations. Remember an inexperienced contractor does not have the required expertise to find solutions for these issues.

On the contrary, some contractors offer a subsidized price on Asphalt Pothole Cost for repairs.

Don’t fall for such offers as these companies don’t use the best Pothole Repair Machines and they don’t have the required skills.


Hiring Professional Pothole Repair Services

As much as early pothole repairs are essential, it’s also important to hire someone who follows the industry’s best repair practices.

These companies are mostly licensed and certified. So, you don’t risk losing your money on substandard repairs.

Potholes are enough of a headache. You don’t want to invest your money in such a company that doesn’t have the required skill to repair it.

Moreover, a clear sign of a company you should invest into is whether they operate in your local area or not. A local contractor is more aware of the permit requirements.

Plus, they can get the Best Asphalt Patch materials at the right prices.

The most important thing to consider here is going for asphalt repairs as soon as you detect even the smallest signs of damage.

Postponing the repairs will make it harder to find a fix later on. Further, it will pile up the Asphalt Driveway Cost for repairs due to prolonged damage.

 Early repairs also offer better chances of getting solutions for all pothole repair challenging situations. 


Are Potholes Ruining the Look of Your Driveway?

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We are one of the best asphalt repair companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Our years of expertise in the industry and qualified operators enable us to meet the dynamic nature of the construction industry.

Furthermore, Main Infrastructure follows the Best Practices for Pothole Repairs in Canada. We use the most economical and long-lasting solutions to repair alligator cracks and all the other areas that are raveling.

Additionally, we also provide crack sealing services to fix the damage even before it has the chance to develop into a pothole.

Why Should You Choose Main Infrastructure for Pothole Repairs Toronto?

  • Use of fast and cost-effective Pothole Repair Methods
  • Modern and state-of-the-art Pothole Repair Machine
  • Experts to repair potholes and cracks in any weather conditions
  • Minimal traffic interruptions and fast completion of repairs
  • Fully licensed and insured asphalt paving company
  • Proven track record of safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction
  • A trained team of drivers, support staff, and site officials

Plus, our range of asphalt paving services include:

  • Asphalt Paving
  • Pothole Spray Patching
  • Infrared Asphalt Patching
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Pavement Management Planning
  • Manhole/Catch Basin Repair
  • Vacuum/Hydrovac
  • Sweeping Services

Our representatives are present to discuss any and all Driveway Repair Toronto issues you may have.

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