Potholes are inevitable when you have traffic and moisture. And, as it seems, we’re probably not getting rid of these natural phenomena anytime soon.

As a result, fixing potholes becomes an unavoidable expense you need to take care of as soon as it appears.

But how much will it cost you?

Pothole Repair cost will always depend on the extent of damage. But most property owners already know that.

So, what else should you consider?

This blog will deal with the most essential factors you need to account for when thinking about pothole repairs. Because as it’s clear from past experience, just knowing the damage level is not enough.

There are many more things that factor in when we’re talking about Pothole Repair Cost. Interestingly, the costs can dip as low as $300 or go as high as $3000.

Everything depends on your specific project and the complexities involved in it. Read on to assess the situation and get the correct solutions to repair potholes.


Average Pothole Repair Cost | Essential Factors to Estimate the Expense

pothole repair cost

Each pothole begins with a crack. And crack development can be the sign of something bigger going on beneath the asphalt surface.

In fact, more times than not there can be sub-base failures which worsen due to heavy traffic. If you were to fix these cracks, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $100 to $500.

But when these develop into numerous large potholes, you may have to think about asphalt resurfacing. And the Cost to Resurface Asphalt Driveway is much more than fixing a minor damage.

So, you see how being informed can help save your pocket!

Here are some other Pothole Repair Cost factors that help you design your budget for repairs and maintenance.

Let’s begin with the most obvious one.

#1. The Size and Depth of Damage 

Professionals from a Pothole Repair Company usually inspect the area to check for the damage and how deeply rooted it is. The most important things to look for here are the number and depth of potholes.

Further, different repair methods suit different kinds of issues. Pothole Repair Methods may need a special equipment or material. The contractor will decide that for your particular scenario after inspecting the area.

Usually, the charge will be on the basis of per square foot area that needs repairing. This Asphalt Repair Cost Per Square Foot can go anywhere between $3 to $6 for a single pothole.

Remember that the final costs will always differ based on how deep the pothole is and the area you reside in.

Different repair providers will charge you differently. So, it’s important to talk to a professional or you can book a company for a site inspection just to assess the costs.

Now, on to other factors and more complex ones that are often not considered before hiring a paving contractor.


#2. The Material Used for Pothole Repairs – Cold Patch or Hot Patch

Using cold patch and hot patch asphalt materials are the two most common ways to repair potholes and cracks. Let’s see how both of these help in pothole repairs and how the use will impact the final Pothole Repair Cost.


This is previously mixed asphalt costing you significantly less per pound bag. Most often, a cold patch is useful during winters when the weather makes it difficult to use hot asphalt patches.

These are poured into the pothole opening without any significant difficulties. And the solution should last you for some time before you can get a permanent fix.


This is a more extensive damage solution when compared to the use of cold patch. In fact, the use of hot patch is perfect when the fault goes way deeper beneath the surface layer.

Using Hot patch material includes excavating the area around the pothole and filling the material into the opening. Thus, this may cost you extra on labor and the use of machinery. And you can’t do it on your own. That’s a given considering the complexity.

 Get Assistance for Choosing the Best Pothole Repair Material from a Professional 


#3. The Type of Pothole Repair Used – Conventional Methods vs Infrared Asphalt Patching

Traditional methods to repair potholes include throw-and-roll and semi-permanent pothole repairs.

Both of these methods are fairly quick and involve just throwing in the patch material and compacting it. While easy, these are not at all long-lasting and will lead to quick pavement failure.

On the other hand, a more innovative and cost-effective method is Infrared Asphalt Patching. It does cost more than a simple patching. But it’s more cost-effective in the sense that it prevents damage in future as well. Thus, saving you on recurring repairs.

Infrared Pothole Repair involves fixing the surface with the use of existing asphalt added to new hot mix asphalt. Then, the contractors compact the area for a smooth finish.

The process needs less new asphalt and leads to less wastage as well. So, it makes better sense to go for this method. Further, you get a seamless finish that prevents water seepage in future.

Always opt for this Pothole Repair Technology as it’s more affordable than large patching jobs. Though, the cost can vary depending on the size of the pavement.


#4. Sealing of the Asphalt Surface

After the completion of repairs, you should probably think about sealing the surface. Rather than a direct repair strategy, it’s more of a preventative measure to protect the surface.

You can choose to go for a single or double coating depending on your budget. A single coat extends the lifetime of the pavement by up to 2 years. And expect the duration to be 4 years when you go for a double coat.

Asphalt Patch Cost Per Square Foot will obviously determine the costs for sealing as well.

The main advantages of investing in sealing after initial repairs are:

  • Future prevention from damage and cracks
  • Sealant against foreign elements and changing weather conditions
  • Prevents asphalt from drying out
  • Protective coat against damage from daily traffic overload
  • Enhances the overall look of the surface

So, while the sealing of the surface will require additional investment, there are its advantages as well.

In any case, you’ll be in a better position to save money on major repairs for at least a few years with sealing. Consider it as an investment towards the future of the pavement or driveway.

Well, these were the top four factors you need to consider when estimating the pothole repair cost. Though, there are some other points that can impact the final expense.

Let’s have a look…

Other Factors Influencing Pothole Repair Cost

Whenever you think about pothole repairs, it becomes essential to consider costing keeping your requirements in perspective. The location you’re living in also plays a major role in deciding the Average Cost of Potholes repair.

So, here are some of the additional factors to help determine the Pothole Repair Cost:

  • If there is need for any prior preparation before commencing the repairs

This depends on whether your pavement has any underlying issue or not.

More often than not, potholes do cause substantial damage, especially when you’re late in repairs. This may cause sub-base issues. And fixing them may need digging out the surface.

Moreover, an asphalt contractor may have to use extra labor to replace the underlying gravel which will increase the costs for you.

  • Ease of transportation to the site

This is also a factor that may cause a hike in the final labor costs. The contractor has to transport the material from the plant to the project site.

So, if your area is difficult to access by a truck or vehicle, then the costs will increase significantly. That’s because the contractor may have to hire additional labor to fulfill the unique needs of your project.

This cost will add up in the final Pothole Repair Costs as it’s a part of carrying out the repairs successfully.

  • If there is a need for installation and repairs of manhole

Usually materials used in constructing manholes and catch basins begin to degrade with time. This leads to more damage and cracks due to water penetration in the surrounding asphalt.

In such a case, the best option is to contact a professional asphalt repair company offering the service to install and repair the catch basins.Plus, they adjust the unevenness around the catch basin for better functioning and preventing asphalt damage.

These factors, combined with the above four main influencers, will determine the final pothole repair cost in your particular case. Remember not to avoid the damage in fear of these costs.

And a Pothole Repair Calculator is probably not enough to estimate the expense. So, you need the personal assistance from an asphalt contractor.

If you’ve been seeing cracks and potholes in your asphalt pavement lately, take swift action and contact a professional. This will prevent huge expenses in future before the damage gets more severe.


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pothole repair cost

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