Is Pothole Damage Really More Common During Winter?

Potholes can pop up any time of year and are a common sight on roads. There are several reasons behind the formation of potholes which can be caused by nature and by road construction.

Most of the parking lots often develop deep divots and pockmarks in spring as a result of freeze and thaw action that follows winter.

Where Do Potholes Come From?

In winter just because of temperature fluctuation asphalt expand and contract. If the smaller holes or cracks are not filled, this is more likely to form potholes.

Most winter potholes are formed when water seeps inside the surface foundation. The water freezes inside and pushes the pavement of the surface upwards.

When the temperature rises, ice melts and creates a hollow space between the pavement and the sub-base. An empty space significantly weakens the asphalt pavement. The weaker the pavements, the more likely potholes will develop.

Some of the other factors that increases the risk of potholes are:

  • Overloading asphalt with heavy trucks & vehicles.
  • Improper & Irregular maintenance.
  • Use of de-icers, especially on surfaces that were poured less than 1 year prior.

We at Main infrastructure are always dedicated to give our best service for your asphalt paving and pothole repair job need.

We provide the best material and keep a maintenance track to prevent your surface to form potholes. We use the material in appropriate quantity so that it doesn’t cause harm to your existing surface.

Are POTHOLES Dangerous?

YES!! Potholes are dangerous, if it is not repaired especially when masked by snow and ice. You might not think that a small pothole can cause much damage but even a minor damage to the road surface could lead to bigger accidents such as: misalignment, loss of Control, tire & wheel problems.

Asphalt Paving Mistakes

Once you noticed a pothole, it can grow up to a depth creating a trap for vehicles. Repair the potholes on time which reduces the chances of accidents.

The best way to stay safe is “STAY AWARE”.

How Can We Prevent “POTHOLES”?

The best way to fix the pothole is to take care of the small cracks before they becomes a larger pothole.  However, a pothole repair company may be able to fix the pothole using cold patch until it is cold enough.

potholes during winter

Once the snow melts you are more likely to hire asphalt contractor to fix the potholes. You can also use the added layer of protection to protect asphalt from UV rays, rain, snow, and automobile fluids. You can also give a periodic maintenance to your surface to prevent them from forming pothole.

How Can We Repair Potholes in Winter?

Fixing Potholes during winter is a CHALLENGE!!

There are several ways that you can do to repair your roads in an effort to prevent  numerous potholes from forming up in the midst of winter.

#1: Hot Patching: Cold patching isn’t a permanent solution to the pothole repair solution. Pothole can be repaired when the weather is warm enough to install hot mix asphalt. This is more expensive, but its is a better solution, one that lasts longer.

#2: Asphalt Crack Sealing: Asphalt crack sealing prevents water from penetrating the sub-grade and stone base of the asphalt.  Learn how effectively asphalt crack sealing extends pavement life by minimizing crack expansion.

Don’t let minor cracks & potholes damage become out of control this winter!!

Let our asphalt pavement professionals at Main Infrastructure get your pavement looking its best again.

Our asphalt contractors can repair any minor damage after the winter ends and help keep the structural integrity of your asphalt pavement intact. Our experienced crews have potential ability to prevent your surface from forming potholes even in adverse weather condition.

If you have more questions about winter paving or would like a free quote, contact us or visit our website.

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potholes during winter

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