Is your asphalt pavement showing signs of damage lately?

The best cure to fix all pavement issues is using asphalt to fix it.

But should you repair or replace asphalt pavement?

There are a number of crucial factors you need to keep in mind while deciding the answer to this question. Well, the key to determine the best cure for asphalt damage always lies in the proper inspection of the surface.

Either you choose to carry regular checks yourself or call in pros to do that for you. What’s important is you do consider the difference between repairing and replacing an asphalt pavement.

The age of your pavement, the damage, and your budget are some of the critical factors you need to take into account.

Determining the right asphalt solution is all about being informed.

Thus, this blog aims to establish certain factors you should consider before deciding whether to go for asphalt repair or replacement.


Should You Repair Or Replace Your Asphalt Pavement? [Crucial Factors]

repair or replace asphalt

People automatically gravitate towards an aesthetically pleasing asphalt surface. However, cracks and potholes can tarnish its look.

Asphalt repairs to fix these damages most commonly include patching and sealing. Plus, the biggest advantage with repairs is its affordability. Getting an asphalt pavement repaired doesn’t require too much of your investment.

But how can you be certain that repairs are enough to fix the damage?

While repairs are the first thing that usually comes to mind, not every crack is fixable with repairs. In such a case, you do have to replace the entire pavement and start over.

Read on to find some of the most important factors that help you establish whether you’ve to repair or replace asphalt pavement.

#1. Is Your Asphalt Pavement Past Its Prime Age?

An asphalt pavement can easily last up to 20-25 years in the presence of proper maintenance.

Though, most people are so busy with their lives, they lose track of the time their pavement has been withstanding the load.

If your pavement is past its age, it’ll naturally begin to show signs of severe damage. In fact, it will lose the luster and the polished look it had when you first installed it.

As the pavement grows old, water and other foreign elements take its toll on the asphalt surface. The resultant damage is always past the possibility of repairs.

What can you do then?

The only remedy in such a situation is to call in a professional Asphalt Paving Company. These companies usually have years of experience in installing and repairing asphalt pavements.

As a result, they know how to assess the damage and determine whether the pavement needs repairs or replacement.

Choose the Best Asphalt Paving Company to Get Instant Support


#2. What is the Extent of Damage?

The second most important factor to establish whether you need to repair or replace asphalt pavement is looking into the magnitude of damage.

Changing weather conditions and freeze and thaw cycles cause the asphalt surface to lose its structural integrity.

As a general rule, opt for repairs in case the damage is under 30%. Otherwise, replacing the asphalt pavement is the best option.

Well, patching and sealing can prolong the life of the pavement until you decide to replace it. But, in many cases, replacing the pavement works best in case there are alligator cracks and widespread potholes.

Opting for repairs in case the pavement needs replacement will never work in the long-term. Plus, it’ll just add up costs on asphalt maintenance.


#3. What Lies Beneath the Asphalt Surface?

repair or replace asphalt

The basis of a strong asphalt pavement is its foundation. Best Paving Contractor usually look into the base thickness and compaction to ensure proper installation of an asphalt pavement.

In case the foundation is not stable, the upper asphalt layer will not be able to hold its strength. Naturally, it will not last years for which the asphalt pavements are known for.

If the sub-base layer has been compromised, you have no other option but to replace the pavement. No amount of asphalt repairs will be able to fix a weak foundation.

Furthermore, a properly installed sub-base layer also protects the pavement from winter damage. This extends the lifetime of the pavement even more.

Professional asphalt contractors implement the best Asphalt Paving Methods to ensure a strong foundation.

Fix the Foundation of Your Asphalt Pavement


#4. How Deep Are the Cracks?

Depth of cracks in the asphalt surface also determines whether you should repair or replace asphalt pavement. Usually, repairs are useful when the cracks are new and have not deepened much.

Cracks wider than an inch and a few inches deep need immediate care and attention. The best asphalt paving contractors in the industry will advise you to fix the damage by replacing the pavement.

Remember the costs can multiply in case you opt for repairs even when the pavement needs replacement.

At least the section of the pavement with cracks will need replacing to maintain the strong structure of the pavement.


#5. Is Recycling Possible?

Recycling asphalt reduces the new oil required in the construction process. Plus, it saves money on material waste as all the recycled material is used in new projects.

Furthermore, recycling the mineral particles also conserve natural resources. That’s the reason people should go for recycled asphalt for repairs whenever possible.

There are many Asphalt Paving Companies offering the best eco-friendly services. Hiring such companies assures you save environment as well as your money on installing an asphalt pavement.

Hence, always ask a professional if it’s possible to go for environment friendly asphalt pavement repairs.


#6. Do You Need to Call in the Experts to Know for Sure?

When in doubt about the right asphalt solution, call in the experts to sort it out for you. In fact, it’s best to seek advice from a professional asphalt paving contractor when you’re not sure whether to opt for repairs or replacement.

This should be your first step at the time of encountering first signs of asphalt damage. And a pro asphalt contractor will be able to assist you in deciding whether to repair or replace asphalt pavement.

Remember the time you waste at self-diagnosing the damage can be used to select the best contractor for the job.

Additionally, these professionals also assist in the right estimation of Asphalt Paving Cost.


Unsure About the Right Asphalt Solution?

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repair or replace asphalt

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  1. I agree that eco-friendliness is one thing to look for in commercial asphalt paving services. I think an asphalt driveway would be a good addition to my rural property someday. Having a sturdy ground for vehicles will help them not be affected by the surrounding farmlands.

  2. It’s really helpful to learn that recycling can be done when handling asphalt materials. Considering how much of this we would end up using in the long run, hiring an expert that knows how to properly dispose of and reuse that material will help the environment quite a lot. I’ll start looking for any asphalt experts I can call regularly so I can have a clear conscience when working on my driveway.

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