A newly paved driveway can increase your property value. In fact, a property with new pavement attracts more visitors and even increases selling value.

However, calculating the exact expenses can become a pain in your neck. Still, sticking with an old nasty looking driveway is absolutely a thumb down for everyone.

Certainly, an asphalt driveway is a noticeable factor of your property either creating or affecting the impression on your visitors. Thus, it is crucial to keep it in condition through Driveway Paving or by resurfacing.

Nevertheless, everything ends up at one point— Driveway Paving Cost. Besides, it’s incomparable to the value it adds to your business and the clients it attracts.

Go through the blog to know the relation between the repaved driveway and the value it adds to get the max out of it.


When It’s Time to Repave Your Asphalt Driveway

repave your driveway

The repaved driveway can add value. That doesn’t at all mean you should go for it without thinking twice.

Not every pavement requires such services. This is applicable out of condition and deserted pavement.

However, how to know it’s time to repave it?

The following checklist of different driveway condition signals out for repaving.

#1: Dirt Driveways

A dirt driveway isn’t at all a driveway in any way. In fact, it’s an insecure pavement spreading dust with every use. Moreover, after rainfall it gets wet and the vehicles are likely to stick.

On drying, hard ruts appear making it impossible to drive. Driveway Replacement Options are best favorable in this condition. Not only it improves appears of the pavement but increases functionality and prevents the constant need for Driveway repair

#2: Gravel Driveways

These driveways are far better than the above one. It not only has a better appearance but also engages in good traffic.

However, with time the gravels are likely to shift requiring manual efforts for reposition. Thus, long term Driveway Resurfacing is considerable.

#3: Stained or Damaged Pavement

One of the worst appearances of pavement can be because of excessive cracks, stains, or other damage. Certainly, the repaved driveway is a much better option in such a condition. The first impression is the last. And a glance of a potential customer on such pavement probably affects your business.

In any of the above conditions, driveway replacement with a fresh pavement is much suitable. Not only is it appropriate for attracting new consumers, but it also prevents frequent repairs.

Nonetheless, read a comparison of Asphalt Resurfacing vs Replacement to understand which one is more favorable


Driveway – When It Has Lowest Value?

Undoubtedly, a repaved driveway yields maximum in the above condition. Similarly, in some condition, going for driveway resurfacing isn’t at all worth.

#1: Rustic and Rural Residential Space

Residence in the countryside with gravel driveway offers the best appearance. Also, with lesser traffic, it doesn’t put stress on repairs. in contrast, a repaved pavement in such a natural setting affects the look of the property.

#2: Cobblestone Driveways

In fact, when it comes to enhancing pavement, nothing can beat cobblestone. It’s the crème de la crème of paving materials. Undoubtedly, for a property with an existing cobblestone driveway, resurfacing or replacing pavement would be the worst decision.

Still, it isn’t a long-lasting driveway and requires reinstalling. At that point, driveway resurfacing is less expensive.

#3: Very Large Pavements

Driveway material costs depend on per square foot area. For large projects, driveway resurfacing is a comparatively larger expense than gravel.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean at all repaved driveway won’t add value to your pavement. Instead, it seems like a call for heavy expenses unnecessarily.


Types of Driveway: What’s Best For Business?

Primarily, there are two-driveway paving materials to prefer from. However, they differ from each other on different aspects and are beneficial in different conditions.

Here are the top two pavement options to select.

#1: Concrete Driveways

driveway paving materials

Though expensive, a concrete driveway offers longevity and durability while improving the entire look of your property.

In fact, it complements the sidewalk making it highly preferable.

Still, in comparison, it is a bit challenging. Firstly, the concrete work requires greater setting time. The traffic needs to halt for a longer time. Although a temporary downside for a running business it might emerge as a major issue.

Concrete pavements are prone to damages, easy to crack, and tough to repair. Moreover, in extreme climates, it can be the worst option.

The reason is salt can’t be used for it, so ice will clog over it for longer. Plus, using a shovel can damage the pavement.

Lastly, the driveway material is easy to stain and tough to clean. Hence, it requires comparatively higher effort to get rid of pavement glitches like drips of motor oil and debris.

#2: Asphalt Driveways

asphalt driveway

Asphalt is the top preferable driveway material among clients. Not only it’s cheaper compared to concrete, but the driveway paving services and repairs are inexpensive. Plus, it is suitable for different climates while offering longevity and strength.

Using salt or different deicing product won’t damage asphalt at all. Cracks and potholes can be removed with inexpensive asphalt repair services while restoring durability. Moreover, its super black finish makes stains no big deal.

Our guide on repaved driveway ends here.

Driveway resurfacing can add value to your property. Still, it’s favorable in every condition.

So, think twice before making any decision because it requires a huge investment and you won’t want it to be in waste.


Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing | The Best Service In Toronto

The repaved driveway can either add value to your property or destroy it if you don’t hire the right driveway paving contractor.

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In every situation, a paved driveway adds value to your property, and we ensure you get most of it!

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