Asphalt is one of the most versatile and durable paving materials. While asphalt can resist a number of stressors, premature wear or severe harm to asphalt surfaces that may be encouraged by certain circumstances.

Whether you build a house or own an apartment complex, you have a lot of estate logistics to manage such as parking lots, and driveways.

Prioritize protecting your parking lot from risks that can transform your lot into an unsafe and unsightly detriment to your property rather than an asset as well as taking care of your construction itself.

Unsightly cracks in an asphalt driveway or parking lot can leave your neighbors with the wrong impression.

In this blog, we will look at various causes of recurring harm to the residential parking lot that we have seen over the years.


6 Reasons That Damage Your Residential Parking Lot Paving Areas

#1: Age

As asphalt grows older, the pavement may become more fragile and thus more susceptible to cracking.

Although you cannot prevent your parking lot from getting older, you can remain up-to-date with maintenance and consult a paving specialist to maintain the pavement as long as possible intact.

#2. Caustic Chemicals

While asphalt can handle harsher circumstances than many products, the corrosive impacts of your parking lot remain susceptible.

Paint thinner, gasoline, ice melt or salt on the driveway can cause pitting and wear.

Dilute and wash away the substance with water as quickly as possible to minimize harm from any chemicals spilled into your parking lot.

#3. Ultraviolet Rays and Its Effects

Asphalt is formed by binding cement from multiple rock and sand sediments. The driveway can literally fall apart when the rays of the sun break down this binding.

If you see lots of loose gravel, that’s a sign it’s time to call an expert.

#4. Hail

Hailstones struck with a difficult effect surprisingly. This precipitation can leave little divots in asphalt pavement in regions where hailstorms are common, which ultimately turn into cracks and potholes.

To decrease the impacts of hail, plan a paving contractor’s seasonal maintenance with local climate knowledge.

#5. Oily Liquids

While in your asphalt, caustic substances can consume, oily liquids flow into the pavement. This saturation makes your parking lot sticky and impacts the natural way the asphalt is expanding and contracting with changes in temperature.

If you notice a spill of engine or food grade oil, soak as much of the liquid with sand as possible before wiping it off.

#6. Over-sized Vehicles

The pavement underneath them takes a heavier load when over-sized vehicles move more slowly.

If you often have delivery, garbage or dump trucks in your parking lot, earlier rather than later, your asphalt may demonstrate signs of excess weight.

You can have a contractor lay down profound asphalt to compensate for the weight of these trucks if you realize you expect heavy vehicles.

#7. Pools of Water

Asphalt is constructed on a base layer that offers a blacktop surface to which you are effectively adhering. Unfortunately, water flows through the blacktop and readily penetrates the base layer, particularly when it stands for a long time in one place.

The intrusion of water reduces the power of the pavement and contributes to wear and tear like potholes.

#8. Inadequate Previous Repairs

By merely reapplying a top layer of asphalt, a lot of amateur contractors could attempt to solve a pothole.

These types of “band-aid” fixes are just short-lived alternatives to fundamental structural issues.

We suggest you choose Main Infrastructure, the best Asphalt Paving Services Company to correctly solve any significant harm experienced by your driveway and parking spaces.

#9. Temperature and Climate

One of the reasons asphalt is so durable is because as temperatures change, the material expands and contracts readily.

The warm summer sun leads the asphalt to expand and contract in parking lots, causing cracks again, particularly in the concrete joints.

It can also lead to problems with cold temperatures. As stated above, water extends that freezes under the highway in the soil, leading to significant breaks in the pavement.

Hire services for residential Asphalt Paving Toronto to evaluate the harm if you think this is the case for your parking lot surface. Catching it early can reduce the cost of fixing it.

Now let’s see how maintenance of asphalt parking lot can be performed….!!


Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

Read more about few asphalt patching techniques to keep your parking lot in good condition.

1: ASPHALT CRACK SEALING: Repairing parking lot crack is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend your pavement surface life. During crack sealing, in a special reservoir on site, the crack fill material is heated in a kettle at a temperature of 185 ° C (365 ° F). The material is poured into the crack fill pots once the sealer is melted and applied to the required areas. Then the crack sealer cools and contracts with the pavement flush, hardening back into its rubber shape almost immediately. In a few minutes, it’s prepared to ride on. Route and seal are also referred to this method.

2: ASPHALT PATCHING: If the pavement has already deteriorated, it may be necessary to replace the damaged pavement. Isolated problems can be solved by patching from time to time. If there are less than 15 percent of the total number of damage fields on your pavement, spot repair and patching are suggested.

3: CATCH BASIN REPAIR: Water can be a challenge for most property owners to dry correctly and effectively in any parking lot. As water is one of the major causes of asphalt deterioration, it is essential to drain water efficiently from your parking lot. Catch basins are generally one of the first parking lot issues locations and can readily deteriorate. Repairing damaged catch basins will benefit your entire parking lot and decrease the likelihood of vehicles being damaged.

If your parking lot has already been subjected to harmful substances or conditions, contact Main Infrastructure!! We are professional Pothole Repair Company that will help you get the superior quality finish and durability of pavement.


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