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Main Infrastructure offers compete residential asphalt paving services in Toronto area with experienced team members that will work together with you in recreating a beautiful entrance to your home.

From asphalt paving to parking lots, front yard & backyard landscaping to interlock paving, we do all the paving Toronto residents need. We will also take care of your maintenance needs that will allow you to ensure longer life and added safety.

Professional Residential Asphalt Paving & Construction In Toronto

Residential asphalt paving is considered to be very easy and cost effective way of paving that will help you to make your home look beautiful and attractive backed by our written guarantee. Main Infrastructure offers the paving services we offer for residential clients which include:

  • Asphalt Paving Toronto
  • Resurfacing & Repairs
  • Interlock Paving by expert bricklayers
  • Preservation of landscape features during the paving process.

Let’s Pave Your Residential Property

Get a Safe, Smooth & durable surface at home or business with asphalt paving services from main infrastructure.

#1: Asphalt Paving

residential asphalt paving

Don’t let an old, cracked and aging surface lower your property value? If you are noticing these signs of aging on your pavement the, it’s time to contact the experienced professionals at Main Infrastructure.

Asphalt surfaces is considered to be one of the best choice for pavement because it can be repaired and preserved through a variety of methods.  Asphalt paving offers you a perfect solution that will allow you to get a safe and smooth surface for residential and commercial traffic.

This paving method will allow you to add a new layer to your existing asphalt surfaces or completely replacing the asphalt.  Whether it’s small or big residential & constructional paving, asphalt pavement is an exceptional choice for all types paving project backed by its written guarantee.

Our asphalt paving and repair services includes:

  • Excavation of existing material
  • Installing base gravel and grading of surface.
  • Installing asphalt
  • Excavation Work
  • Pothole repair
  • asphalt crack repair and many more.

It is also one of the fastest paving process to install due to its durability and versatility and will only take few days to complete the project. No matter what your needs may be, Main Infrastructure offers speedy response, competitive prices and quality results.

#2: Interlock Paving

residential asphalt paving

Give Your Property the Curb Appeal It Deserves with Interlock Services!! Interlock paving is one of the best alternative to traditional brick, asphalt or concrete paving which is easier to maintain and repair. Interlock paving is more corrosive resistant which will help you to avoid cracking related with interlock surfaces.

Interlock paving is generally made of natural stones that are fitted together to form a beautiful landscape design. The sand material which is used for the purpose of interlock paving is accounted for holding the pavers together.

Interlocking Services Tailored to Your Needs

There are wide variety of options for interlock paving that can be used to make your property beautiful and attractive. These include:

  • Patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Retaining walls,
  • Walkways & sidewalks
  • Front yard & backyard landscaping
  • Stamped concrete and more because of their many impressive features.

These impressive features are that:

  • It offers you different colors, shapes, mixtures and sizes.
  • It is very strong, durable and can last for a lifetime.

An interlocked paved surface is much stronger than concrete driveways because it helps you to avoid cracking which is a result of pressure or weather changes that leads to deterioration of the pavement. This is what which makes interlock paving a cost-effective alternative which helps you to make the landscape around your home just as welcoming, functional and beautiful as the inside.

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We at Main Infrastructure will provide you with all your asphalt paving needs both large and small. We provide residential and commercial paving services for a number of large developments throughout Toronto GTA.

Take Your First Step Towards Better Asphalt Paving & Maintenance Repairs!!

We provide the best:

residential asphalt pavingLatest Equipment – We uses latest and up-to-date equipment’s for pavement so that your asphalt work is done in the right way. We specialize in both commercial and residential paving projects according to your requirements.

commercial asphalt pavingFully licensed and insured – We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and certified with extensive experience in all types of paving repairs. Main infrastructure is fully licensed and insured to work on even the most demanding commercial and residential asphalt paving projects.

commercial asphalt pavingExperienced Professionals – We offer highly skilled professional who work on fast and detailed proposals to handle any paving project whether it is large or small. We ensure that all your paving works should be completed in a timely manner.

residential asphalt pavingUnsurpassed Service – Our experts will guide you throughout your project from start to finish offering you the highest quality service available. This means you can be rest assured that our team is here to provide you with quality and unsurpassed services.

Looking for an expert for residential asphalt paving in TORONTO?  Let us help you out!

If you are interested in our services for residential asphalt paving in Toronto please feel free to call us.  Main Infrastructure is dedicated to help our customers and maintain the appearance and function of their asphalt surfaces for many years to come.

Whether you need commercial asphalt paving, parking lot paving, or interlock paving, we are proud to serve. We have a team of professionally certified technicians who can perform most maintenance and repairs at your location.

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