Winter – sounds terrible? Exactly, it is!! This is the season when your asphalt surface gets distressed and major deterioration. Even if your surface was smooth enough before winter still chances are there it’ll get potholes after freeze and thaw cycle.

If you didn’t maintain your surface, you need to replace or minimize deterioration level in order to maintain a good pavement. Repeated freeze & thaw cycle can create large potholes and cracks in the asphalt surface pavement which enables weeds to grow and the foundation to deteriorate.

Don’t Worry! Winter is getting over & Spring is the best time to check your pavement for any damages that have inflicted on your asphalt surface.  Check for any cracks or potholes or any small damages in the asphalt surface pavement. These situations may require immediate repairs or general spring asphalt maintenance tips to fix it.

At Main Infrastructure, we recommend asphalt pavement maintenance a key component for cracks and pothole free surface.

“Asphalt maintenance helps your surface to become durable and withstand any wear and tear.”


Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Pavement with Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Asphalt Maintenance Tips

It might be hard to believe when you look out of your window that spring has come. But, along with everything else on your “to-do-list” now is a notable time to maintain your surface.

Tips #1: Clear Winter Debris

When winter is over you’re most likely to clear all those debris and storm water left on the surface.  This debris may include dead leaves, road salt, asphalt cracked materials, etc.

It is utmost important to clear snow debris to minimize the impact on the surface and ensure it doesn’t clog up your storm water management system.


Tips #2: Flush Catch Basins

You would want to flush the catch basin once you’ve cleared winter debris. Your draining system would get prevented from the silted catch basin by road salt, gravel, and other snow debris.

You’ll need to flush catch basin with a high-pressure water source. And this isn’t something that anyone can do, you need an experienced professional to do this job. Our team of experts at Main Infrastructure will provide catch basin repair and cleaning services.


Tips #3: Fix Asphalt Cracks & Other Damages

You have to make sure that you’ve removed all the snow piles and heavy equipment’s if it’s leftover, it’ll cause damage to your asphalt surface. Asphalt surface can also get damaged by the regular passing of heavy vehicles.

If you notice even a small crack in your surface, you need to repair it with best asphalt patch or else you may need to replace the complete surface. You should repair all the cracks & potholes for better driving experience. This provide your surface a long lifespan & also helps you with less expensive repairs.

NOTE: You should also give a proper look at the edges, curbs, and water valves for any damage as these would affect your property.


Tips #4: Repair Water Breaks

Just like other factors, you should also give a check to the water break. Sometimes you don’t give much attention to check and repair underground pipes. These pipes will sometimes freeze and break during the winter that can cause damage to your asphalt surface.

Sometimes, these pipes get a very small hole and water leaks from that hole causing major damage to asphalt paving. So, this is something that can’t be neglected to avoid future damages.

Our experienced crews will take care of all the maintenance aspect and provide it good routine maintenance to lower your future repair expenses.


Looking for pavement maintenance experts?

Main Infrastructure is a dedicated pothole repair company which provides your surface routine maintenance with the asphalt paving services. We’ll give proper care to your surface and repair it in advance before the cracks become larger and need surface replacement.

Our potential experienced crews are very active and can analyze any odd surface before it become a crack or pothole. We’re the one stop solution for all your asphalt paving need. So, don’t think much, visit us or call us to know more about asphalt maintenance. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and recommend an optimal strategy for your pavement maintenance.

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Spring Asphalt Maintenance Tips

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