Spring is officially here, it’s time to line up you pavement maintenance services. So, get reading with spring paving checklist.

Well, being ready with a proactive plan can really be beneficial in paying off to the longevity of asphalt. Usually, this involves the assessment and schedules of maintenance job in this season.

Timely asphalt maintenance is effective in avoiding minimal pavement damages. First and foremost, this implicates the assessment of current condition of asphalt pavement.

If you don’t have the resources or time to exemplify the pavement and potential issue, call the expert. Main Infrastructure, Toronto’s leading asphalt company knows how to get it ready with intense precision.

Here’s the prominent thing in your spring paving checklist.


Top 3 Things In Your Spring Paving Checklist 

Before you head on to the new season, you need to have your pavement spring ready. With greater customer density, the asphalt subjects to greater damages.

Of course, preparation beforehand can significantly lessen the issues in asphalt driveway pavement.

Here’s what to seek first.

#1: Standing Water

Are you already as asphalt owner, then you would be aware of the part. Water is the most vicious enemy of your pavement. Sipping through crack it find way to sub-base, and compromises the durability of pavement.

Hence, asphalt pavement should be free from cracks. Apart from that, ensure no standing water scene creates over your driveway. In case, it is, removes ASAP.


#2: Fading Or Graying Pavement

Asphalt is directly subjected to the frequently changing weather.

Specifically, constant sunlight mostly hinders the binder leading to asphalt damages. Indeed,  cracks, potholes, color fading, graying,  buckling are somehow result of this.

Getting a new layer of asphalt, or eradicating this issues with asphalt paving services are great way to deal.

In fact, this can gradually reduce the issues arisen due to sun, ice, salt, oils, and other chemicals.

Also, it adds longevity to the pavement, lessening requirements of repair while giving an entire new blackish look.


#3: Faded Or Missing Striping

Well, fading doesn’t only occur to the blackish asphalt but to the stripping to. In case, they are hard to see or missing, it may cause accident, injury or even lead to lawsuit.

To prevent this troubling scenario, restriping your pavement every 2-3 years is best. Moreover, make sure the asphalt pavement and driveway go with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

These prominent factors are top priority on your spring asphalt checklist. In case, you encountered one or two or all, just get the suggest asphalt paving services to make it spring ready.

Asphalt Patching Techniques are a great way to eradicate these issues. Besides, regular asphalt repairs and maintenance can be of great help. Next, have a look in the Maintenance Road Inspection Checklist


Asphalt Work Checklist for Maintenance

Maintenance in the long run can aid in the overall durability and longevity of asphalt. However, achieving it with intricate precision will only work.

Here’s what should be in your spring paving checklist for maintenance.

#1: Visual Inspection

Once winter is over and snow have melt, it’s time to go for a visual inspection of driveway.

Make a list of every small cracks and damaged parts. Of course, these areas need to be in top priority for asphalt repairs.

In fact, leaving cracks and potholes can increase water reaching to the sub-layer. Eventually, increasing the deterioration to the further area of pavement. In such scenario, instead of asphalt repairs, you have to go for asphalt resurfacing.

Not only it affects your budget but add more chores for completion over your head. So, complete these stuff as earliest as possible. Vulnerable area can lead to accidents and injury and chances of lawsuit hovers.

 Simply, visual inspection and asphalt repairs are good to go with. 


#2: Sand Sweeping

Excess sands and debris?

Sweep these plowing season leftover is the finest way to begin the spring season.

Not only it refines the look of the entire property, but also reduces dust clogging A/C condensers and ventilation systems. Moreover, it also helps in functioning of drainage system properly with nothing to clog it.


#3: Striping  

Are lines and strips of asphalt driveway Toronto fading?

Well, it’s time to refresh it by re-striping the pavement.

Not only it does add to the look and appeal of your parking lot, but it also comply the company with the regulation and safety measures.

As business owner, it is must to ensure fire lanes, parking spaces, no parking zones, handicapped areas, speed bumps and loading zones are clearly visible.

Using long-lasting paint materials, and super technique can further add to the pavement loo and finishing.


#4: Regular Cleaning

Regularly sweeping your pavement should be in your spring paving checklist. It clears rocks, leaves, dirt, and debris from the pavement. Not only it adds to its look but also keep the pavement safer while extending its permanence.

While asphalt sweeping services ensure catch basin are clear on regular basis. Frequent check prevents accumulation of harmful debris clogging drainage.

Eventually, creating perfect cracks and pothole in your asphalt pavement due to standing water as a results of malfunctioning catch basin system.


#5: Fill Cracks

Cracks are really vicious to the durability of asphalt. Having myriads of the reason behind its formation, these are absolutely repairable.

Asphalt crack repair involves adding filler to in the damaged area and rolling it. after which is the turn of hot asphalt application.

Well, rolling provides compaction and elasticity to the pavement. Meanwhile it allows the deteriorated part to respond to thermal contraction. This was for larger cracks for minimal filling asphalt is enough.


#6: Repair Potholes

Did you know?

Potholes are more deteriorating than cracks. In fact, it can affect the pavement quite deeply even to the base layer.

Moreover, these asphalt damages tend to grow faster comparatively. Also, having higher risk to vehicle while driving over them.

Luckily, with asphalt pothole repairs services, you can properly get over this. It involves cleaning the care and application of hot asphalt patch to fix the issues.

When done with precision and expertise, the asphalt repairs last for many years.

Is your pavement spring ready? Or, you require the help of experts?


Keep Our Phone Number Handy

Main Infrastructure offers an extensive range of asphalt paving services required to make your pavement spring ready.

With our extreme precision and extensive excellence, we stored life and longevity to even dead pavement.

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Want to eradicate the nasty asphalt damages?

Our brilliant asphalt services meet all your project specifications.

No matter what your expectation are, our experienced team is always ready with the most innovative and appropriate solution.

Here’s what our top Asphalt Paving services:

  • Pothole Patching
  • Infrared
  • Manhole/Catch Basin
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Vacuum /Hydrovac
  • Sweeping Services
  • Pavement Management

Have you any questions or are you looking for asphalt paving company? Call Main Infrastructure right away to get your asphalt job done right at the best offer.

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  1. You made a good point that striping can fade someday so it’s best to regularly hire pavement striping contractors. I’d like to have such marking for the driveway in my property in order to make things more orderly when I have guests over. That way, there wouldn’t be any problem with my multiple relatives parking their cars during family reunions.

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