When you notice potholes- especially in high-traffic areas, pavement heaving or uneven surfaces surrounding catch basins or rough surfaces in drive lanes, infrared Asphalt patching is the only way from which you can get rid of from those deterioration. INFRARED ASPHALT PATCHING is considered as one of the IDEAL METHOD for patching up the critical problems and asphalt defects including cracked areas, potholes and rough surfaces.

However, this solution is not for all the defects. The defects which are caused by base failures that must be repaired by removing and replacing the existing material from the sub base up through wear course. Below we have shared some more uses of infrared repairs that can be used for asphalt maintenance:

  • Repair trip hazards and restore service cuts.
  • Helps in achieving smooth transition between blacktop and concrete joints.
  • Helps in repairing deteriorated paving seams and railroad crossings.


What is Infrared Asphalt Repair?

It is a POWERFUL SOLUTION in which cracks and potholes of the asphalt pavement are smoothly repaired.

It is a mixture of hot new asphalt and damages asphalt which are applied on damage area and then the area is compressed to get a smooth and seamless finish.

infrared asp[halt patching

Infrared asphalt method is proved to be FASTER when compared with the traditional method of making road.

Asphalt is made up of an absorbent material therefore it is water resistant. Hence, water cannot damage your asphalt pavement surface. It is also an eco- friendly method because infrared asphalt can be recycled.

Why Infrared Asphalt Important?

Infrared asphalt repair is important for your pavement in many ways as it has many benefits such as it is LONG-LASTING, CHEAP and STRONG.

Asphalt is used for making parking lots and roads because it can resist heavy loads and last long if it is maintained timely and properly.

Infrared asphalt repairs the area of your pavement which have potholes. Water gathering is very harmful for your pavement as it give birth to potholes. Asphalt solution stops water to penetrate inside the asphalt solution and gives you a smooth and dry pavement.

So, you should always consider infrared asphalt solution as soon as you watch any cracks or pothole holes in your pavement.

The Asphalt Patching Process: Infrared Patching vs. Conventional Method 


Infrared Asphalt Patching


Conventional Method




It saves time as it requires less than 25 minutes to complete the whole process which means less disruption to traffic

All the steps involved in the process of conventional method can take 4-5 hours to for a typical 5’x5’ repair because it involves sawing, excavating, and repaving.




Requires only 2-3 crew members to complete.

Enough labor is required to handle the trucks and equipment plus do the hand work.




It requires one unit along with one truck.

It requires significant amount of equipment and materials.



1-2 tons lasts all the day.

Large quantity of material is required to replace the excavated material.



Recycles existing asphalt and is more environmental friendly.

There is loud noise of construction equipment & jackhammers.





It is a cost effective method as it requires few materials for patching process which is not so expensive.

This asphalt repairing process is time-consuming as well as expensive.





It requires less time. So, you can easily reopen the road for the traffics.

Takes whole day for its completion which results in traffic interruptions.

How Infrared Asphalt Patching is done?

  • Firstly, the affected area is cleaned up so that all the loose particulates could be removed from that area.
  • Then, the affected surface is heated to 325 degree for 5-10 minutes. The time of heating is based on depth, season and existing aggregate.
  • Once the area is heated at its required temperature, rejuvenator is applied for restoring the oils which losses due to oxidation.
  • After that, proper level of asphalt mixture are applied on effected areas.
  • Once, all the materials are at the right level it is compressed with a vibrating roller giving you a smooth and clean pavement surface.

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